Basic Processes For Importing Cars Online

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Basic Processes For Buying And Importing Cars Online

Importing Cars Online isn’t as difficult as it  looks. Have you ever desired purchasing a particular car model abroad due to specification, design or durability? Or you simply prefer products manufactured from certain countries like Germany, China or America. Then this article is for you.

Getting your desired automobile product delivered to you should never give you sleepless night; or a reason to develop high blood pressure. However it is important to note that understanding the process of  importing cars online goes a long way to saving you the stress involved with commodity shipment.

This steps though not exhaustive are the basic processes involved in purchase and shipment of vehicles into the country; regardless of origin or country where the goods are coming from.

Steps to help you understand the process of importing cars online

  • Search for legitimate dealers:

    The first step to take when seeking for foreign car purchase is to seek out legitimate dealership, as there are several fraudulent dealers and scammers lucking around. It’s important to be double sure in picking out a dealer; and it is highly recommended to ask for referrals from trusted colleagues, friends, relatives or associates; for car dealers that they have previously dealt with and who are reliable. This is because seeing the car online is different from inspecting the car in person. People still get scammed by being sold a bad deal when they inspect cars physically; more less when business is being transacted online. So therefore it is absolutely important to deal with firms that a trusted, reliable and have a reputation to protect when importing cars online.

  • Confirm car details

    Even after identifying a genuine and trusted dealer it is important to be double sure that there are no slip ups by going online to check or verify the car details. There are several websites that will tell you if the car is a stolen one; or if it had an accident by using the chassis number or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Websites like and others can assist in checking a car’s history and details. The confirmation process should also involve checking that the car is within the age range for second hand cars allowed to be imported into the country.

  • Payment Process

    After you have crosschecked you desired car details, the next step is to pay for the car. Without payment, the dealer will not ship the car unless you have another arrangement in place. Payment could be done through bank transfer or through a credit card. In making payment, be sure of the dealer’s details and cross check if in doubt to avoid sending funds into the wrong account or being scammed. Preferably, the account name of the receiving account should be the same name as that of the dealership. Never make any payment without strong conviction that you are dealing with legitimate parties to avoid being defrauded. After you have made payment and it has been confirmed, your bill of lading will be processed; and forwarded to you through email or fax.

  • Shipment and Port Clearance

    The car dealer will ship goods to your port of destination after receiving payment; and it is your responsibility to ensure goods are cleared. It is important to engage the services of an experienced clearing agent; before the car arrives at the port to help you navigate the tedious process of clearing goods; as delay could result in additional charges like excess demurrage. The Clearing agent, with genuine documents can ensure that your car is released within a week of arrival at the port.

In conclusion, importing cars online into the country can straightforward and less cumbersome if we follow the basic processes above.

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