In a series of terrorist attacks in Yobe, 37 villagers tragically lost their lives.

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Busy Flies November 2, 2023
Updated 2023/11/02 at 12:52 AM

Yobe state in northeastern Nigeria has been struck by a wave of violent assaults, resulting in the tragic loss of at least 37 lives between Monday and Tuesday.

The initial attack on Monday claimed 17 victims, as armed individuals suspected to be affiliated with ISWAP targeted Nguro Kaiyeya, an agricultural community in Geidam Local Government Area.

The devastation continued the following day as over 20 mourners, who had gathered to lay their loved ones to rest, became victims of another attack. While driving back home, their vehicle was struck by a landmine.

These distressing incidents have left the entire state shaken to its core.

In a display of unity, residents from the nearby Geidam town gathered together in large numbers to collectively bury their loved ones. They attended a mass funeral and offered their condolences to the grieving villagers before returning to their own homes in several open vans.

Tragically, one of the vans unintentionally passed over landmines that had been strategically placed along their route. This resulted in a devastating explosion, causing the loss of more than 20 lives, according to local reports.

Babagana, a resident of Geidam town and a local driver, expressed his shock and horror at the incident, describing it as one of the most appalling attacks by Boko Haram in recent memory.

Upon receiving the shocking news of the attack on Nguro Kayeiya and the loss of 17 lives, we believed we had witnessed the worst. However, the subsequent attack on a burial party, shortly after their loved ones had been taken from them, is unimaginably horrific.

Bashir Idris, a resident of Geidam, provided HumAngle with firsthand information over the phone, emphasizing that Nguro Sayeiya had become the main target. He confirmed, “There is no doubt that the death toll from these two attacks exceeds 40.” He also highlighted that this attack was unprecedented in that specific area.

A distressing video, shared on Facebook, depicted the struggles faced by villagers as they sorrowfully laid to rest and prepared around 17 bodies from the Monday attack in Nguro Sayeiya.

Governor Maimala Buni of Yobe state recently presided over an emergency security meeting in response to the security situation in Geidam villages. During the meeting, Brig. Gen. Abdulsalam Dahiru (rtd), the Special Adviser on Security Matters, revealed that the problem in the area was caused by suspected insurgents infiltrating the state.

In a statement issued by the Governor’s spokesperson, Mamman Mohammed, the security adviser addressed the local media in Damaturu, the state capital.

He highlighted the geographical position of Yobe state, which shares borders with Borno state and the Niger Republic, as factors contributing to the security challenge. To combat the issue, security forces have been deployed to the affected area, and the situation is being closely monitored.

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