Investigators say that the glass bridge in Indonesia, which broke and tragically caused the death of a tourist, was found to be less than half an inch thick.

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Busy Bee November 5, 2023
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According to local police sources reported by The Jakarta Post, a tragic incident occurred on October 25 in Indonesia where a tourist lost their life after a glass panel on a suspension bridge broke. The bridge, which stood 32 feet high, was a popular tourist attraction located in the Limpakuwus Pine Forest in Central Java’s Banyumas Regency.

The glass panel gave way while a group of 11 tourists were walking on the bridge at around 10 a.m. A video capturing the incident went viral on TikTok, amassing over two million views. The footage seems to depict a person hanging off the bridge while two others attempt to pull them back up. The video also captures the sound and sight of what appears to be a piece of glass falling to the ground.

According to Edy Suranta Sitepu, the chief of the Bayumas City Police, it has been reported to The Jakarta Post that two individuals tragically fell to the ground when the glass panels of the bridge shattered. Meanwhile, two other individuals managed to hold onto the handles

Unfortunately, one of the fallen persons lost their life, while the other sustained minor injuries. However, it should be noted that Insider has not yet been able to independently verify the exact number of casualties.

Making matters worse, Agus Supriadi, the head of the criminal investigation unit at Banyumas City Police, revealed to The Post on October 27 that the construction company responsible for building the bridge displayed negligence by using thin glass. Additionally, it was discovered that the bridge had not been adequately maintained and had not undergone proper safety testing. Despite repeated requests for comment, Insider has not received a response from the Indonesian police’s public relations division.

According to investigators cited by the Post, it was revealed that the glass used in the bridge was less than half an inch thick. As a point of comparison, the glass panels utilized in the Grand Canyon Skywalk in Arizona are nearly 3 inches thick and possess a top layer that can be replaced if damaged.

Edy Suranta Sitepu, the chief senior commander of the Bayumas City Police, told The Post on Wednesday that Edi Suseno, the owner and manager of the bridge, has been charged with negligence that led to the death of the tourist. Suseno has since been detained, per the report.

Sitepu told Tribun Solo, a local news outlet, on Monday that Suseno had designed the bridge. Suseno faces up to five years in prison if found guilty of committing negligence that resulted in either death or serious injury, Sitepu said. Insider has not been able to independently verify that Edi Suseno has been detained or the name of his construction company.

It’s not the first time a glass suspension bridge has raised safety concerns. In May 2021, a man was stranded on a glass suspension bridge in China after strong winds shattered several of the bridge’s panels. In February 2022, cracks were seen on the panels of the tallest glass suspension bridge in Vietnam, prompting authorities to conduct safety checks.

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