Common Investing Affiliate Programs to Earn From

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Investing Affiliate Programs
Investing affiliate programs is slowly gaining widespread acceptance. And like every other online investment platform, it promises enormous profits incomparable to financial institutions like physical banks.In affiliate programs, people earn by directing traffic to target platforms, or by generating leads in the form of buyers or investors, to such platforms. Affiliates get paid a certain percentage of profits made by those websites or platforms. This percentage of profit they are paid is called commission.Investing affiliate programs works to favor the investors. However, as an affiliate in an investing program, you stand to benefit a lot from working with these companies. Some of these benefits include:
  • being your own boss
  • making money without having to create products for sale
  • not being responsible for shipping

Common Investing Affiliate Programs

There are different programs that you can invest in or work with as an affiliate. Some of them include:

Money Metal Exchange

Money Metal Exchange is a platform that deals with precious metals. They sell all products made with precious stones.Their products are of high quality, and affordable with speedy delivery. In order to increase sales and traffic in the company and the site, the company makes use of affiliates who help in advertising the products and brings clients who make purchases while they earn a commission of $16.In Money metal exchange affiliate programs, the affiliates who sign up with them get a  $16 commission for every sale made irrespective of the price of the products.The company provides a configured link for each affiliate. They also help the affiliates in advertisements by providing advertising materials that aid in making their work easier.When a client clicks on a particular affiliate’s link, it directs the person to the company’s site and if a purchase is made, the affiliate with the link that the client used gets a $16 commission instantly.

Ally Invest Affiliate Program

Ally Invest is a trading platform that serves as an online broker. It offers a low trading fee and also needs no minimum account requirements.It provides simple ways to buy and sell stocks to sites and individuals. They offer stocks for trading at a low cost and their site is easy to use and navigate.Foreign exchange trading is also available on their site and customers earn interest on cash balance, which encourages them to invest more.Ally Invest has 2 investment options for its customers and clients. They include:
  • A managed portfolio trading, and
  • Self-directed trading
A managed portfolio trading requires a minimum of $100 to start an investment. They can help the customer invest depending on the customer’s needs.While self-directed trading is one that requires no minimum account, they allow a $0 investment.Ally Invest affiliate program is a program for affiliates who promote the site with a reward of a certain commission. Affiliates can earn in two ways:
  • An affiliate gets $25 for a generated lead. That means when a client gets to the company’s site through his configured affiliate link, the affiliate gains $25.
  • An affiliate gets $50 when a client sets up a self-directed account using his configured affiliate link.

Golden Eagle Coins Investing Affiliate Program

Golden Eagle Coins is an investment platform. They are dealers in precious metals trading. They buy and sell precious metals at affordable prices.Affiliates sell products ranging from silver bars to gold bars, diamonds, platinum, and so forth They also provide foreign exchange. They exchange precious metals on their online platform with normal metals.Golden Eagle Coins makes provision for people who would love to sign up as their affiliates, promote their products and bring clients who want to purchase the precious stone or who want to make a foreign exchange.The affiliates usually get a commission of $15 for each sale made. The company also gives bonuses to affiliates who promote above $5000. When a client purchases such products, the company offers the affiliate a bonus of $50.

Coinbase Investing Affiliate Programs

Coinbase has one of the largest investing affiliate programs for cryptocurrency. The platform can be used for buying, selling, saving, or transferring digital currencies.Most clients buy cryptocurrencies on this platform and save or store it there while observing the cryptocurrency markets. They sell out when the value of the coin gets high.Coinbase was the first platform to display NFTs, and it has built a credible authority and reliability in the cryptocurrency space over the years. The value of currencies on their sites is usually higher than on other crypto trading platforms. However, their charges and transaction fees are fairly moderate.The Coinbase affiliate program is a platform for affiliates of Coinbase whose sole job is to promote the website on blogs and social media.They drive traffic to the site, generating leads and encouraging more people to complete their cryptocurrency transactions with Coinbase.The affiliates gain a 50% recurring commission when clients perform any transaction on the site using the configured affiliate link.This is one of the few cryptocurrency platforms with the highest payout commission for its affiliates. They also have a 30-day cookie commission.

Zack Trades Investing Affiliate Programs

Zack trades is an online broker service platform. It allows investments that cut across stocks, options, ETFs, mutual funds, and bonds.It has an international reach and allows clients from numerous exchanges in different countries.Although Zack Trade has international reach, it is still a customer-friendly platform. Zack trades also has a trading app for Android and iOS.The platform also favors foreign exchange trading. They allow trading at a moderate cost. Its stock trade cost can go as low as $0.01 and a minimum trading amount of $3.This affiliate program is naturally designed for affiliates of Zack trades.Affiliates in this platform are not paid for lead generation, they are only paid when a Zack account is created by a new customer using the configured affiliate link. The commission of affiliates is $70 for every new account created by a new customer.

Binance Investing Affiliate Program

Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platform. On Binance, just like on every other cryptocurrency platform, you can buy, sell, store, or transfer cryptocurrencies.They have the largest daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies. They have invested so much money into marketing, ‌making them very reliable and popular in the online financial market.The platform has over 600 cryptocurrencies ready for the transaction so customers can trade on the currency which they can afford. Their charges for trading transactions are moderate and that also helps drive traffic to their site.The Binance affiliate program is open to anyone who can promote the site for more traffic.They have a cookie duration of 30 days on the site. Affiliates on Binance earn commissions, which range from 5% to 50% depending on the trading activity performed by customers who sign up using their configured affiliate links.Binance gives a commission based on the number of trades or positions closed by the client. The commission for affiliates is also a lifetime commission. This means that affiliates who continue getting clients for the company are being paid.

Forex Mentor Affiliate Program

Forex Mentor is a mentorship training founded by Peter Bain. This mentorship investment is to correct the wrong impression that people have about foreign exchange.Foreign exchange is the exchange of one currency for another. This exchange is usually for financial purposes. The forex mentorship program is a paid program that serves as a guide for forex trading and they also have an affiliate program in order to promote the forex mentorship program.Forex Mentor affiliate program is a program for affiliates who promote the forex mentorship course or people who wish to promote it.Affiliates get a 30% commission when a client registers for the forex mentorship program. This is a niche that requires lots of work due to the not-so-popular nature of forex trading.


Being an investor on online investing affiliate programs is quite profitable, as there are interest rates on most of the investing platforms.People who sign up as affiliates on these platforms also have a lot to earn as they are paid for clients’ engagement on the site. Affiliate commissions totally depend on the company, so it is advisable to settle with the company whose commission is most favorable for you.There are other important criteria that an affiliate should consider before signing up on any platform. Some of these include how popular the company and the product are.If the investment company is not a popular one and the products are not valuable, you might have a tough time making sales in order to get their commission. Investing affiliate programs are totally worth it in both investment and affiliating.

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