Easy Steps On How To Replace iPhone 7 Plus Cracked Screen

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How to Replace your iPhone 7 plus cracked screen

With the ever growing users of Apple gadgets especially mobile phones, in Nigeria, cut across varying segments of the population, it is only normal that good knowledge about the technicalities and basic repair of gadgets be acquired.This article is focused on providing information on how to change your iphone 7 plus Cracked screen

Not a few consider the Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7plus to be one of the best, if not actually most preferred (in the apple phone segment) maybe for its performance and for some others, an affordable high end for the luxury conscious. Others yet, simply appreciate its lustrous and elegant design.

This article is focused on a basic repair skit for the iPhone 7 plus cracked screen especially for those who need a guide on how to go about a simple DIY replacement.
N/B: The fix seems simple enough but, be advised, many of the essential internal components are very delicate. You would want to be very cautious while making the replacement.

How to replace iphone 7 plus cracked screen


The entire process typically takes an expert phone technician about 30 minutes to properly perform the fix. For first-timers, this might take longer. Take care to,
i. Note the corresponding spots for each screw
ii. Keep your screws organized


1. Purchase a new LCD screen

2. Purchase Smartphone repair tool kit. See here https://bit.ly/2HldfKb

3. A Y000 Screwdriver set

4. Metal phone opening tool

5. Plastic pry tool


Step I – Remove the screws at the bottom of the unit using the Y000 Screwdriver
Step II – Use the metal tool to prop the metal casing and plastic edge of the screen and open up the unit.
Step III – Open the iPhone 7 Plus from the bottom up but do not, pull it apart. It is supposed to open like a book because there are still cables connecting the front and back components, which you will need to take out and set apart neatly.
Step IV – Next, use the plastic pry tool to pull apart the cables connecting the front and back portions together carefully. These are the battery, display, and fingerprint cables.

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Step V: After carefully removing the cables, organize your replacement screen and ensure that the ribbon cables do not get bent in any way.
Step VI: Next, transfer the metal back plate, earpiece and home button, from your damaged screen to the replacement screen. Make sure that all the screws are in their proper places and are not screwed too tight because it may damage the delicate components.
Step VII: Now, put the back and front portion of your phone together by snapping the contact ribbons together. It is advisable to snap on the battery cable last for safety reason

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Step VIII: Great! Everything is set, it is best to first test out if the screen functions perfectly before putting the front and back portions together. If the screen displays random lines or is gray after powering on, it may well be a sign of a loose cable so you may want to recheck if the cables are connected properly.
Step IX: Finally, screw back into place, the small metal plates then put the two portions together and screw the unit shut.
Step X: Good to go! You may need to consider using protective casing and screen guard onwards.

Do not expect your iPhone 7 plus to be waterproof after this exercise. as opening up the unit would peel off the waterproofing adhesive.

So there goes our guide on replacing iphone 7 plus Cracked screen and hope you found it useful.

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