Is Unicaf scholarship fake?

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Is Unicaf scholarship fake? The quest to get this riddle solved has been of utmost importance to students who are seeking legit scholarships which they can apply for.

Scholarships have been a live a saver for students all around the world since its inception and introduction to the educational sector.

One of those at the forefront of awarding scholarships to brilliant and well deserving students has been Unicaf, but with the rise of fraudsters within the scholarship space many have been forced to ask the salient question, is Unicaf scholarship fake?

In this article we aim to help you answer this question with the right sets of facts driving home our points, without further ado let’s get this problem solved.


Unicaf was established in 2012, and has it’s headquarter in Europe. It is one of the leading and fastest growing online higher education company in Africa.

The establishment strives to impact positively on education and touch the lives of students especially in the prestigious continent of Africa. The aim is to impact the availability and quality of higher education and the economic development of the various communities which they devote to serving through the introduction of internationally recognized educational programmes, focused on developing professional skills.

Unicaf is continuously expanding throughout Africa via a growing network of university campuses and learning centres to help with the facilitation of blended and open learning options. Currently, Unicaf has a physical presence in 12 countries and has plans on to expand its reach to 5 additional countries within the next two years.

Unicaf partners with various prestigious universities all around the world to help drive its ambition, dreams and visions for the availability and provision of quality education to a reality.

Unicaf, through its partner universities, offers Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in partnership with UK, US and African universities. Some fo unicafs latest and current partnerships include Liverpool John Moores University (UK), the University of East London (UK), the University of Suffolk (UK), and Unicaf University which is a pan-African university with both local and British accreditation.

Through its campus network Unicaf offers fully online degrees, and through the Unicaf University Unicaf also offers a wide range of academic programmesvia the same campus network. In addition to online and on-campus studies, Unicaf offers a wide range of professional short courses.

Unicaf’s scholarship programme been very beneficial to students over the years and has awarded more than $100 million worth of scholarships, through which thousands of qualified students were enabled to study for internationally recognized degrees at almost no cost and positively transform their lives.

Unicaf works closely with its partner universities to develop custom-made services and solutions which includes market strategy and research; marketing and enrolment; technology, programme design and conversion; and institution-wide support. This covers the student’s entire academic journey.

Unicaf has a sophisticated and comprehensive cloud-based digital platform through which universities can recruit, enroll and support students at scale. The platform is also essential to students learning.

Is Unicaf scholarship fake?

Due to varying experiences from interactions with scholarship sites many have fallen prey to schemes which camouflaged as the real deal in their quest to get what they considered the a life changing opportunity.

The same story stands with unicaf, hence why many students are asking the question, Is Unicaf scholarship fake? In order to stay on the safe side while they surf for scholarships and hit buttons.

The bottom line is that Unicaf scholarships are not fake. Their scholarship programmes have benefited several students all around Africa, coupled with the standard of education which they grab many access to at a meager price.

The challenge however remains that many students fall prey to the various online platforms which cover as representatives of Unicaf to plunder students.

It is important to be aware of the numerous fake online institutions who scam individuals and groups, in the name of awarding scholarships. Consequently these individuals behind these actions are not slowing down and neither are they depleting in number but are rapidly growing online hence making it more difficult for legit platforms to be able to establish their presence and stay credible without being dragged in the mud for something they are innocent of.

Why you should apply for a unicaf scholarship

With a Unicf scholarship you can study for an accredited Masters or Doctorate degree, also every registered student receives a free tablet courtesy of Unicaf provided the minimum deposit required has been paid.

Below are some of the reasons you should apply for a scholarship with Unicaf

E-Learning System

You don’t have to worry about convenience because your classes will take place virtually in an online virtual learning environment (VLE). You have the option of logging in at any time and at your convenience.

 Once online, you can communicate with your instructor and fellow students, read assigned texts, and also have access to digital learning materials and the e-Library resources, submit your assignments and comment on other students’ contributions to classes.

Online Instructors

Unicaf gives their students the greatest possible support with dedicated online instructors. All the online instructors are experts in their respective fields and have spent years to harness experiences of the highest standard. Your online class instructor will be available to endeavor that he or she responds to your queries as fast as possible.

Online Classroom

The online learning experience not be boring or dull because it will be characterized by extensive participation, inclusion and interaction with the online instructor and your fellow students.

Develop your skills

Your employability depends on 3 factors which include Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude. This basically implies, what you know, how you use the knowledge at your disposal, and how you choosen to approach tasks at hand. Unicaf programmes allow and help students to develop and further enhance their capabilities and hone their skill set.

Improve your chances

A Master’s degree and other higher degrees obtained from prestigious universities in partnership with Unicaf will shape and position you as a highly sought-after, preffered and favourable candidate for any job interview. Furthermore, as icing on the cake you’ll be at an advantage for positions with a higher salary and greater growth potential.

Contribution to knowledge

A Doctoral programme is a self-directed academic research study, supported by a team of supervisors that will assist you in submitting an original contribution to knowledge. Your work and findings will then be compiled into a publishable dissertation.

Low Cost, High-Quality

With a Unicaf scholarship you can save a lot of money on tuition as Unicaf offsets a larger part of the bill on your behalf. Their online learning platform gives you access to modern education at a fraction of the cost of the chosen programme.

Internationally Recognised Degrees

You will gain a Degrees offered from partner universities which are recognised, and honoured internationally.

Easy, Quick, Registration Process

You can apply easily online, receive an offer and start your studies without delay.

Flexible Studies, 24/7 Online Access

One of the highlights of unicaf scholarships is its flexibility, there are no fixed study hours or ground rules. You are at liberty to adjust your studying schedule to suit your needs. You are however expected to keep up with your deadlines.


To Study online for a recognized degree offered by Unicaf partner universities, and graduate with qualifications of equal value, recognition, and credibility here Is what you need to know about getting in:

  • Firstly, click  to fill in the form on their official page
  • After filling the form you will be contacted by a Student Adviser who will call you to assist you with the application.
  • Afterwards wait for the admissions team will then reach out to you to schedule an interview, to discuss the admissions procedure and to help you with your scholarship application.

Testimonies from scholarship recipients

Do you still have doubts in your mind after having read so much through this article? And does the question Is Unicaf scholarship fake? Still Lingering in your mind? To help clear your doubt here are a few testimonials from a few beneficiaries of the Unicaf scholarship programme.

Esther Jemina Cruz


“Studying in Unicaf through the online mode of MBA has been convenient for me to focus on my work and study at my own pace. I have learned the basics of the business from theories to applying them in my workplace. The modules helped me to go out of my usual deliverables and expanded my knowledge on the industry where I’m currently working.”

Waheed Ullah


“This MBA qualification enables me to compete the best way in getting a good job, as well as assisting in the country’s development progress.”

Christiana Mulwa


“Through the Unicaf Scholarship, I can pursue a Master’s degree from one of the best UK universities and positively impact public health in my country”

Dina Abd Elmaksoud

“I am grateful to Unicaf for giving me this great opportunity to enhance my professional career with a new qualification without upsetting the balance of my entire life.”


Unicaf scholarships have been higly beneficil for several students across the region of Africa since its establishment.

However, it is currently being faced by a lot of cyber related issues which makes it appear to be fake due to the experiences of many individuals who have crossed paths with these sites and individuals claiming to be Unicaf.

To help protect you when you are about to apply below is a link to the official Unicaf site:

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