Jack Graham Net Worth, Biography, Career, Wife & Kids

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Jack Graham Net Worth

Jack Graham Net Worth     $10 million

Popular Name:Jack Graham
Real Name:Jack Graham
Birth Date:30 June 1950
Birth Place:Conway, Arkansas, United States
Marital Status:Married
Deb Graham (m. 1980)
Years active:1970 Till Date
Net Worth:$10 Million
Last Updated:2022


Jack Graham is a popular American pastor famous for his Prestonwood Baptist Church, one of the largest, most dynamic congregations in the nation.

He is also recognized as a member of the Religious Advisory Council of President Donald Trump.

Asides from earning decent pay from his ministry and from appointments, Jack Graham net worth in 2020 has received contributions from the sales of his numerous books, including Unseen, Man of God, and so on.

His sermons and passionate, biblical teaching are broadcast across the country and all over the world on PowerPoint Ministries.

Jack Graham’s Early Life

Graham was born in Conway in Faulkner County, central Arkansas, United States, on 30 June 1950. He received his baptism as a professed believer of Jesus Christ at First Baptist Church in Conway, his hometown.

From that point, young Graham’s life took a steady course into Christian ministry which continued during his growing-up stage in Fort Worth, Texas.

In 1970, when he was 20 years of age, he was ordained pastor of a church. He eventually got married and earned a bachelor of science degree from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas.

Pastor Graham and his wife, Deb, welcomed their first child in 1976, and he was associate pastor of Fort Worth’s Sagamore Hill Baptist Church pastored by G. Fred Swank.

In that same year, he completed his work for a Master of Divinity degree from Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. Four years after, he earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in “Church & Proclamation”.

Jack Graham’s Career

After he was ordained as pastor of his first church in the year 1970, Jack Graham started his pastor’s life by working in Sagamore Hill Baptist Church as an associate pastor.

He began his ministry in Callahan County, Texas as a pastor of East Side Baptist for a year until 1971. For three years from 1972 to 1975, the young pastor went to Sagamore Hill Baptist Church for an associate pastorate.

From there, he went on to serve as a preacher at First Baptist Church in Hobart, Oklahoma from 1975 to 1978. He then served at First Baptist Church in Duncan, Oklahoma for a small number of years.

For 8 years from 1981 to 1989, he served at the First Baptist Church situated in West Palm Beach, Florida.

In 1989, Prestonwood Baptist Church which had a membership of over 11,000 called Jack Graham a pastor.

The reason behind his appointment by the church was the resignation of its founder, Bill Weber, following an extra-marital affair.

In no time, the church’s congregation started increasing rapidly which made them build a bigger worship facility and ministry complex in west Plano. In 2006, the church had a second branch in Prosper, near Highway 380 and Dallas Parkway.

In the same year, the church constructed a new children’s wing and upgraded its facilities for PowerPoint Ministries, including an update to High Definition (HDTV).

By 2018, the Prestonwood Baptist church had a membership of more than 43,000 in the United States alone where the regular attendance was an average of 17,000.

Jack Graham has also served as Honorary Chairman in the 2015 National Day of Prayer. He also participated in the country’s Prayer Service which took place at the Washington National Cathedral.

Jack Graham’s Books

As an author, pastor Graham has published the following books:

  • Powering Up
  • A Hope and a Future
  • Life According to Jesus
  • Power for Daily Living
  • Sunset Chasing
  • Courageous Parenting
  • Are You Fit for Life
  • A Man of God
  • Diamonds in the Dark
  • Lesson from the Heart

Awards & Achievements

There’s really not much in this section for Jack Graham who has come very far from being a young boy preacher to becoming one of the most respected pastors in the entire United States of America.

After his ordination as a pastor of his first church in 1970 when he was only 20 years of age, his character and ability to deliver the work of God made him appointed as pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in 1989.

Under his watch, the membership of the church has increased to over 40,000 from the 11,000 members it had when he was called pastor.

The church has since expanded and upgraded its facilities to accommodate and serve the increasing congregation that has come to love pastor Jack Graham and his works.

Personal Life & Family

Pastor Graham has been married to Deb Graham since 1970. She is reported to be Jack’s first and only girlfriend.

Moreover, the pair met during their teenage days when Deb never imagined she would one day turn into the wife of a pastor. The couple co-authored the book titled “Courageous Parenting”.

In his marriage with Deb, Graham has three married children and eight grandchildren.

Age & Physical Features

Being born in 1950 makes Jack Graham 70 years old as of today. He weighs 70kg and has a height of 177cm.

Jack Graham Net Worth

The Clergyman has been doing the work of the Lord for the past 50 years. He is a pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, Texas, United States. He is also an author of a number of books.

Furthermore, His sermons and passionate, biblical teaching are broadcast across the country and all over the world on PowerPoint Ministries.

Salary & Earnings

His current annual salary and earnings are assumed to be over $1 million annually and he makes his money from allowances from his church, and from the sales of all the books he has authored.

Houses, Cars, Lifestyle

Graham lives a quiet life in the company of his wife, Deb, and other family members in their residence in Texas. The pastor makes use of a medium-range car for mobility, and much of his personal life is left out of public view.

Pastor Jack Graham net worth is approximately $10 million.

His annual salary gathered from the marketing of his publications and salary inflow from his church are responsible for this figure which has been amassed in over five decades of his career as a Christian leader.


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