Jack Osbourne Net Worth, Early and Personal Life, and Career

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Jack Osbourne Net Worth
Jack Osbourne Net Worth

Search no further for Jack Osbourne net Worth, Networtharena presents to you exactly Jack Osbourne net worth his early and personal life, and career.

Jack Joseph Osbourne professionally known as Jack Osbourne is a 37-year-old  British-American media personality born on November 8th, 1985, in London.

Popular Name:Jack Osbourne
Real Name:Jack Joseph Osbourne
Birth Date:November 8th, 1985
Birth Place:London
Age:37 years old
Height:5 ft
Weight:76 kg
Marital Status:Engaged
Spouse(s):Lisa Stelly(2012-2019), Currently engaged to Aree Gearhart
Children:Pearl, Andy Rose, Minnie, Maple Osbourne
Profession:Media Personality
Years active:2001-present
Net Worth:$15 million
Last Updated:2022


Jack Osbourne Early and Personal Life

Jack Joseph Osbourne professionally known as Jack Osbourne is a 37-year-old  British-American media personality born on November 8th, 1985, in London.

Jack Osbourne was featured alongside his father, Ozzy,  his mother Sharon, and sister Kelly Osbourne on MTV‘s reality series The Osbournes from 2002 to 2005. Jack Osbourne stands 5 feet tall and weighs 76 kilograms.

His father is the popular heavy metal singer, Ozzy Osbourne, and his mother is Sharon Osbourne. His siblings are Aimee Osbourne, Elliot Kingsley, Jessica Starshine Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, and Louis Osbourne.

For the first six years of Jack Osbourne’s life, he lived in the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire, before his parents relocated to Los Angeles, America.

One year after Osbourne’s family came back to Buckinghamshire then when Jack Osbourne was 11 years old, the family again relocated to Southern California, to Beverly Hills this time around.

However, Jack Osbourne didn’t find the movements disruptive despite relocating so many times at that early age.

The family’s constant movements affected Jack Osbourne’s school life, which made him dislike going to school. Osbourne was diagnosed with a form of dyslexia at the age of eight, and ADHD at the age of 10.

During that time, Osbourne attended a Christian school in Los Angeles and came back to England for one year before he got back to Los Angeles, and enrolled in the special needs Park Century School.

Jack Osbourne interned at Virgin Records, where his mother was the band, The Smashing Pumpkins’ manager at age 14.

After Osbourne’s mother stopped managing The Smashing Pumpkins, he began A&R scouting for Epic Records, where his father, Ozzy had been for several years.

Jack Osbourne had also assisted his mother in managing his father’s annual touring festival, ”Ozzfest”, giving her advice about up-and-coming bands.

As Jack Osbourne marked his 13th birthday, he got drunk for the first time on whisky and at the age of 14, he began drinking more often and as well began smoking marijuana.

Jack Osbourne began partying steadily and heavily, and in April 2003, he made headlines after he was admitted to a child psychiatric ward for an addiction to OxyContin.

Jack Osbourne’s drug addiction almost got out of control after his mother was diagnosed with cancer, then he was as well battling depression.

Osbourne’s self-destructive lifestyle behavior was seriously taken into consideration after he attempted suicide by taking a cocktail of prescription pills.

Osbourne had also cut his hands with shards of glass after he called his girlfriend and heard his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend pick up her phone.

Following the suicide attempt, Osbourne woke up after 12 hours, however, he went on with his drug misuse until he realized that he “never wants to feel this way ever again” according to him.

Jack Osbourne admitted himself into an adolescent psychiatric ward, where he spent 10 days detoxing and was thereafter moved to an adolescent rehabilitation center in Malibu.

At the adolescent rehabilitation center in Malibu, Osbourne enrolled in a recovery program. In June 2012, Osbourne disclosed that he had been diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

For some years, Osbourne had experienced some symptoms including blindness in one eye, numbness in his two legs, and problems with his bladder, bowel, and stomach.

He injects Copaxone medication every day and uses vitamin supplements and hormone replacement therapy. Osbourne has traveled to Europe to get stem cell therapy.

Osbourne has also made several changes in his lifestyle including minimizing stress, exercising regularly, and altering his diet significantly.

Jack Osbourne has spoken of his fear of a quick decline, he also admitted that his doctors have demanded he stops taking part in highly intensive physical workouts.

In October 2013, during his appearance on ”Dancing with the Stars,” Jack Osbourne stated that he did not suffer from “any severe symptoms other than the odd bit of tingling down my leg and the occasional bout of fatigue”.

Concerning his family life, Jack Osbourne 2012, married Lisa Stelly in Hawaii, and they had three daughters together Pearl Osbourne, Andy Rose Osbourne, and  Minnie Osbourne before they divorced in 2019.

Jack Osbourne 2021 got engaged to Aree Gearhart, an interior designer,  and they have a child together by the name Maple Osbourne.

Jack Osbourne Net Worth

Jack Osbourne has gathered his net worth from his TV Business since it has not been made known if he has other sources of income.

Currently, Jack Osbourne net worth is estimated at fifteen million US Dollars ($15 000,000).

Jack Osbourne Career

Jack Osbourne became highly popular in 2002 after he appeared in his family’s reality television show ”The Osbournes”, which aired on MTV and bagged an Emmy Award in 2002.

Jack Osbourne in the reality show was majorly portrayed as a rebellious teenager who liked to party and fight with his sister Kelly Osbourne.

In a piece of music by Tenacious D advertising ”The Osbournes”, Jack Black sings the line “and he’s got a big ‘fro on his head” in the description of Jack  Osbourne’s curly hair that grew longer until he subsequently shaved it off in the season 3 of the show.

In 2002, Jack Osbourne made a brief appearance in Austin Powers’ show. “Goldmember” alongside his whole family, and later he was featured in a Super “Bowl XXXVI” advert for Pepsi Twist alongside Kelly his sister.

Between 2002 and 2003, Jack Osbourne was featured in the sixth season of Dawson’s Creek, portraying Audrey’s childhood friend.

Jack Osbourne also did cameos in ”The X Factor”  portraying a “Goth rapper who sings “Ice Ice Baby”, and on season 5 of “That ’70s Show” playing a DMV customer and as a dining room guest in season 8 of Hell’s Kitchen.

Jack Osbourne after rehab went on in 2003 and appeared in his own reality show, ”Union Jack” on Channel 4, and in 2004 he had a minor role in New York Minute, a film alongside the Olsen twins, portraying a music promoter, Justin.

In 2005, Jack Osbourne became more interested in fitness through co-hosting the ITV2 show, Celebrity Wrestling, “Bring It On!”.

In February of the same year 2005, Jack Osbourne was featured in “ Extreme Celebrity Detox” in which he took part in t’ai chi and climbing exercises, which possibly gave him the inspiration to appear in his own program, ”Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie”

The program was produced by the same production company, Ginger Productions, as Extreme Celebrity Detox.

Jack Osbourne lost some weight possibly 23 kg in Thailand at a Muay Thai martial arts camp in Pattaya just to get fit enough to climb El Capitan to film the first series of ”Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie”.

The Programme aired on several TVs including  ITV2 in the UK, the Travel Channel in the United States, The LifeStyle Channel in Australia, GOtv in South Africa, and on MuchMusic in Canada.

The Programme, “Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie” centers on Jack Osbourne’s sports training like rock climbing, mountaineering, and a jungle trek in Belize from the Chiquibul Chamber through dense jungle ending at Caracol ruins.

Jack Osbourne flaunted the effects of his weight loss with a couple of half-naked photos shoots for Cosmopolitan magazine in 2005 to create awareness of testicular cancer.

The first photo was taken in June 2005, showing Osbourne sitting on a motorbike, and the second photo surfaced in the December 2005 issue.

Jack Osbourne after the first set of ”Adrenaline Junkie” started stepping in for Stephen Mulhern on CITV’s Saturday morning kids’ show Holly & Stephen’s Saturday Showdown.

Jack Osbourne participated in Sport Relief and faced former singer in the band S Club 7, Bradley McIntosh, in a boxing match of three one-minute rounds raising funds for the charity.

Jack Osbourne some time ago claimed to be considering a career in law enforcement and he thereafter appeared on the reality TV show ”Armed & Famous”.

”Armed & Famous” was lifted from CBS in January 2007, and Jack Osbourne faced a lawsuit from a Muncie, Indiana woman whose house got accidentally raided during filming.

Jack Osbourne filmed a program in Namibia for the BBC’s ”Saving Planet Earth” series and also participated in the Mongol Rally alongside News Corporation director Andrew Knight’s daughter, Amaryllis Knight.

Jack Osbourne reunited with his family through a reality television show on Fox. The Show debuted in March 2009 but was however canceled just after the first episode.

Jack Osbourne created and produced a documentary about his father, Ozzy, originally to be named” Wreckage of My Past: The Ozzy Osbourne Story”.

However, the documentary’s title was changed to ”God Bless Ozzy Osbourne”, and it premiered in April 2011 at the Tribeca Film Festival and in November 2011 it was released on DVD.

Jack Osbourne in August 2010, directed his first music video, for his dad’s song “Life Won’t Wait” from the album Scream, which debuted on 23 August.

Jack Osbourne from February 2013 to early 2014 worked for Fuse News, and also had a supernatural investigation show named ”Haunted Highway” which aired on Syfy for a couple of six-episode seasons, during the summers of 2012 and 2013.

Jack Osbourne from 2016 to 2018 was featured with his father Ozzy in the U.S. global buddy travelogue series ”Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour” on the History Channel.

Jack Osbourne presently owns a couple of paranormal TV shows featured on the Travel Channel, including “Portals To Hell” and “The Osbourne’s Want To Believe” with both his father Ozzy, and his mother, Sharon.


Jack Osbourne would have actually ruined his whole career due to addictions and misuse of drugs, but that God he had a total change of lifestyle.

Jack Osbourne is without a doubt one of the most populous TV Personalities all over the world especially coming from a family of TV experts.

Talking about his net worth once again, with all amount of hope, jack Osbourne net worth will certainly increase in no distant time even as his goes further in his career.


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