Jackie Chan Net Worth, Bio, Movies, Age, Son and Wife

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Jackie Chan Net Worth
Jackie Chan Net Worth

Jackie Chan Net Worth, Biography, Movies, Awards, Marriage, Family, Children, and other essential information about martial arts artists have been fully covered in this article. Read on to discover how his 68-year-old successful career leads him to amass a sizeable net worth of $520 million.

Who is Jackie Chan?

  • Jackie Chan is a martial arts artist, actor, stuntman, film director, producer, and singer who is of Hong Kong origin.
  • He began to study singing, drama, martial arts, and acrobatics when he was 7 years old.
  • He is most popular in the cinematic world for his acrobatìc fighting style, use of improvised weapons, comic timing, and innovative stunts, all of which he typically performs himself.
  • Jackie Chan has trained in Hapkido and Wushu or Kung Fu.
  • His career has been active since the 1960s, seeing him appear in over 150 films.
  •  In 2016, Jackie Chan was rated as the second-highest-paid actor in the world.

Jackie Chan Early Life

Jackie Chan is a Hong Konger. His real name is Chan Kong-sang, and he was born in Victoria Peak, British Hong Kong on 7 April 1954. He was born to Charles and Lee-Lee Chan who were refugees from the Chinese Civil War. 

He is among the most influential and recognized cinematic personalities in the world. He is also a known philanthropist and has been listed as one of the top ten most charitable celebrities by Forbes.

The martial arts artist is also a trained vocalist, and a Mandopop and Cantopop star, having dropped a number of music albums and sung many theme songs for the films in which he has starred.

Jackie Chan Career

Jackie’s career began at age 5 as a child actor in Hong Kong, featuring in movies such as Big and Little Wong Tin Bar (1962) and The Love Eterne (1963), as well as working as a stuntman in the Bruce Lee films Enter the Dragon and Fist of Fury when he was 17.

His first major breakthrough came in 1978 with the film Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow. A role in Drunken Master in the same year finally propelled him to mainstream success. Soon, Jackie Chan was well established, starring in several roles from the 1990s to 2000 appearing in films including Dragons Forever, Project A Part II, Police Story 2Armour of God II: Operation CondorPolice Story 3: Super Cop, Drunken Master II,  Police Story 4: First Strike, and several more which brought awards, fame and domestic box office success for Jackie Chan.

As a musician, Jackie Chan has released 20 albums since 1984. He has performed vocals in Japanese, Mandarin, Taiwanese,  Cantonese, and English. Often, he sings the theme songs of most of his films, which play during the closing credits.

Jackie Chan Movies

Jackie Chan net worth of $520 million is a result of decades of consistency and focus on his career. In over 60 years of acting, Jackie Chan starred in and provided supporting roles in over 150 movies. This list comprises the top movies Jackie Chan has ever featured in.

  • 2017 Bleeding
  • 2017 The Foreigner
  • 2017 Earth: One Amazing Day
  • 2017 The Lego Ninjago Movie
  • 2017 The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature
  • 2017 Kung Fu Yoga
  • 2016 Railroad Tigers
  • 2016 Skiptrace
  • 2016 Kung Fu Panda 3
  • 2015 Monkey King: Hero Is Back
  • 2015 Dragon Blade
  • 2013 Personal Tailor
  • 2012 Chinese Zodiac
  • 2011 1911
  • 2011 Shaolin
  • 2011 Kung Fu Panda 2: An IMAX
  • 2011 Kung Fu Panda 2
  • 2010 The Karate Kid
  • 2010 The Spy Next Door
  • 2009 The Shinjuku Incident
  • 2008 The Forbidden Kingdom
  • 2007 Rush Hour 3
  • 2005 House of Fury
  • 2005 The Myth
  • 2004 Around the World in 80 Days
  • 2003 The Medallion
  • 2003 Shanghai Knights
  • 2002 The Tuxedo
  • 2001 Rush Hour 2
  • 2001 The Accidental Spy
  • 2000 Shanghai Noon
  • 1999 Sam
  • 1999 Gorgeous
  • 1999 Gen-x Cops
  • 1998 Rush Hour
  • 1998 Who Am I?
  • 1994 Legend of the Drunken Master
  • 1993 City Hunter
  • 1989 Black Dragon
  • 1988 The Inspector Wears Skirts
  • 1987 Armour of God II: Operation Condor
  • 1985 Police Story
  • 1985 Heart of the Dragon
  • 1983 Jackie Chan: Project A
  • 1982 Dragon Lord
  • 1978 Drunken Master
  • 1976 Hand of Death
  • 1973 Enter the Dragon

Jackie Chan Personal Life

In 1982, Jackie Chan married Taiwanese actress Joan Lin. They got married in 1982 and had a son Jaycee Chan in that same year.

In 1999 it was reported that Elaine Ng Yi-Lei, with whom Jackie Chan had an extra-marital affair had given birth to a daughter for him. However, it turned out to be a media scandal. 

Jackie Chan Net Worth

Jackie Chan’s successful acting career has seen him claim a spot on the list of one of the richest celebrities alive. His time in the industry has seen him star in many films which were successful and grossed big time across the globe. Considering how much he has earned from acting in over 150 films, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his estimated net worth is $520,000,000 (Four Hundred and Twenty Million US Dollars).

Jackie Chan’s wealth did not come from acting films alone. In addition to his film production and distribution company, JCE Movies Limited, he also owns or co-owns the following production companies: Jackie & Willie Productions, JC Group China,  and Jackie & JJ Productions. His name is on a cinema chain in China, the Jackie Chan Theater International which is claimed to be the biggest cinema complex in China, having 17 screens and 3,500 seats. 

Jackie Chan launched his own clothing line in 2004. He has a kitchen and Restaurant chain in Hong Kong and has made plans to open other outlets in South Korea and Las Vegas. His other businesses include Jackie Chan Cafe, Gym Clubs, and a line of cookies, chocolates, and oatcakes.

Jackie Chan Charity Works

This article will not be complete without this aspect of the martial arts master’s life. He has dedicated his life to charitable causes, making sure that a percentage of the profits realized from each of his businesses goes to various charities, including his own charity organization – the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation.

He is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador who has championed many charitable works and causes. He has actively campaigned for conservation, and against animal abuse. Jackie Chan has promoted disaster relief efforts for floods in mainland China and the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004.

In June 2006, Jackie Chan an admirer of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s efforts to render aid to those in need pledged the donation of half his assets to charity upon his death.

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