Jamie Foxx had a stroke, according to Mike Tyson

vincity May 23, 2023
Updated 2023/05/23 at 9:40 PM

Mike Tyson, a former professional boxer, asserts that Jamie Foxx, an actor, had a stroke prior to being sent to the hospital last month.

Remember how the Academy Award-winning actor was taken to the hospital after experiencing a “medical complication” while filming his forthcoming Netflix feature, Back in Action?

In the impending biographical TV series about the boxing star, Fox was supposed to play Mike.

In the most recent Valuetainment podcast episode, Tyson discussed what will happen to the program in the wake of Jamie’s health issues. In his words, “Well, it was a possibility. I don’t know what’s going to happen now. But, you know, it’s a strong possibility.”

The legendary boxer offered an explanation for why there haven’t been as many updates on Jamie’s status.

“If we don’t know by now, they don’t want us to know,” he said.

The new executive producers of the program are Tyson, Jamie, Antoine Fuqua, Martin Scorsese, and Scorsese.
After receiving initial care at an Atlanta hospital, Jamie allegedly landed at a physical rehabilitation center in Chicago in late April.

The actor is reportedly “recovering well” at the moment, according to a source who talked with TMZ.
Announcing that her father had been released from the hospital, Corinne, the actor’s daughter, posted on Instagram, saying, “My dad has been out of the hospital for weeks recuperating.

“In fact, he was playing pickle ball yesterday! I appreciate everyone’s prayers and encouragement, Corinne said. The following week, we will also be making an exciting work announcement.

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