Guide On How To Apply For Japan Student Visa From Nigeria

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Guide On How To Apply For Japan Student Visa From Nigeria

How to apply for Japan Student Visa from Nigeria is a question most people who would like to further their education in Japan are searching for. That is what we are here to help you answer because when you have the correct idea on how it is done, you will not be scammed by anyone. Ensure to read this article to the end and follow our right guide.

Guide On How To Apply For Japan Student Visa From Nigeria

Documents Required for Japan Student Visa Application:

  1. A completed Japan Visa Application form
  2. Acceptance letter of admission from the Japan school you applied for
  3. Valid International passport with at least six months validity beyond your intended stay duration
  4. duly signed bio data form; this form includes your personal details, purpose of travel and confirmation number
  5. 8 recent color passport photograph on white background having 4cm X 3cm size
  6. Visa application fee payment receipt
  7. Medical history
  8. Certificate of eligibility from the embassy
  9. Your academic documents like transcript, diplomas, degrees, or any other certificate you acquired from your school
  10. Letter of remittance: stating how much money you have in Japan with prove of ownership.
  11. Financial report from your bank to access your capabilities in paying all that are needed for studies and all expenses during your stay in Japan
  12. A written oath from you or your guarantor promising to pay the required cost. .
  13. Proof of you to return back to Nigeria after your study period

Procedure for Japan Student Visa Application Process

  • Pick a school: many good schools exist in Japan but obviously you can’t attend all. That means it’s very mandatory for you to choose a specific school to suit you. From Nigeria, you can select a Japanese school from Japan City or Universities of interest. Once this is done, you prepare for the exams, partake in the write a statement and request for references.
  • Get admission: this is the basic criteria that will make you to apply for student visa. Make sure you pass their assessment and have been offered admission into the chosen school. .
  • Fill in the school’s visa application documents and submit to your school. Upload any document you are asked to

Once the school has checked that your application is complete, they will help to rewrite it and submit it to the immigration authorities in Japan.

  • Get your Certificate of Enrollment (CoE): the immigration authorities will issue CoE to your school about a month before your course starts. Your school will then forward the CoE to you as soon as it is issued. But you must have paid for your first Semester fees. Your CoE will be required in the next step.
  • Apply at the Japanese Embassy in Nigeria; always take along with you all the stated documents above. You can also visit for more information
  • Getting your visa: once your documentations are right, you will be given your visa at the Japanese embassy in Nigeria. Usually within 2 weeks of application.
  • Book your ticket: you are recommended to book for light after you must have been given your Japan Student Visa


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