5 Simple But Effective Ways To Make Your Jeans Last Longer

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Effective ways to make your Jeans Last Longer

We do love our jeans; they are quite an indispensable item in our wardrobe. From boyfriend to distressed’s and to straights and to boot cuts, there so much we can get in many shapes and sizes.  But when we do get that favorite one that gives us the perfect elegant finish, we had loved to make it stay forever. The Sad fact is that except we get jeans of very high quality, you can’t really have all of this. But the good news is that we have got amazing tips that will help you stay close to them for a very long time. Here are our top secrets that are guaranteed to help your jeans last longer

How To Make Your Jeans Last Longer

Wash them occasionally

Water and your Jeans are quite enemies. In truth, the air and a little dirt have been proven to be natural elements and found to add a bit of character to your jeans. Therefore endeavor to wash only after several uses.  Too much-washing frays and weakens them as well as make them fade faster.  You should consider this as your best option for retaining them for a long time.

How To Make Your Jeans Last Longer

Wash Properly

When quite dirty and after many uses, you should only wash them with cold water.  Make sure the water is as cold as ever. If washing for the first time, you should add 2 spoonfuls of salts into your washing water. This helps set your dye into the jeans and reduces the amount of dye that will bleed out of it.   Opt out of using the washing machine or dry-cleaning as this will only weaken them. You should use wash by hand and remember use only a half teaspoon of detergent and please wash gently. You can use this method as it proves better:

  • Soak jeans in ½ teaspoon of detergent for an hour
  • then wash without scrubbing

In addition, stay away from using bleach on them including your white jeans as they may become a bit yellowish and fray faster.  Instead, wash off stains immediately after soiling. You can use a bit of warm water for your white jeans but still, stay clear of bleach

Always Air Dry

Hanging your jeans outside under the blazing sun will fade its color in due time. Your best option is by hanging indoors in a well-ventilated area as this will increase their lifetime. After air-drying it may probably be quite stiff, you can now stick it out in a dryer and steam on very low heat for a very little time.

How To Make Your Jeans Last Longer

If your Jeans got  odor, heat it up

Sometimes, after storing them for a little while, they tend to develop a certain smell to them. Well to get rid of this odor, you can steam them up using your Oven to get rid of the smell. This will get rid of bacteria and give them a nice homely smell at the end of the day.


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