Jerry Springer Net, Worth, Biography, Career and Other Works

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Jerry Springer Net Worth
Jerry Springer Net Worth

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Gerald Norman Springer professionally known as Jerry Springer is a 78-year-old British-American broadcaster, journalist, actor, producer, retired lawyer, and politician born on February 13th, 1944, in the London Underground station of Highgate.

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Popular Name: Jerry Springer
Real Name: Gerald Norman Springer
Birth Date: February 13th, 1944
Birth Place: London Underground station of Highgate
Age: 78 years old
Gender: Male
Nationality/Citizenship: British-American
Height: 6 Meters
Weight: 79 kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Divorced
Spouse(s): Micki Velton (Married: 1973, Divorced:1994)
Children: Katie Springer
Profession: Broadcaster, Journalist, Actor, Producer, Former Lawyer, Politician
Years active: 1991–2018
Net Worth: $60 million
Last Updated: 2022


Jerry Springer Biography

Gerald Norman Springer professionally known as Jerry Springer is a 78-year-old British-American broadcaster, journalist, actor, producer, retired lawyer, and politician born on February 13th, 1944, in the London Underground station of Highgate.

Jerry Springer is best known for hosting the tabloid talk show ”Jerry Springer” from 1991 to 2018,  “ America’s Got Talent”, and the courtroom show ”Judge Jerry” from 2019 to 2022.

Jerry Springer’s father was Richard Springer who owned a shoe shop, and his mother was Margot who worked as a bank clerk.

Jerry Springer’s parents were German-Jewish refugees who ran away from Landsberg and der Warthe, Prussia (presently Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland).

In 1949, Jerry Springer’s parents relocated to the United States and settled in the Kew Gardens neighborhood of Queens, New York City when he was four years old.

Jerry Springer stands 6 feet high and weighs 79 kilograms. He had his education at close-by Forest Hills High School.

Jerry Springer further attended Tulane University in 1965, as a political science major and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. He also bagged a J.D. degree from Northwestern University in 1968.

Concerning his family life, Jerry Springer married Micki Velton in 1973 and they had one daughter, Katie Springer, and in 1994 they divorced.

Jerry Springer Net Worth

Jerry Springer net worth comes from his show hosting, screen appearances, and broadcasting career.

Currently, Jerry Springer net worth is estimated at sixty million US dollars ( $60 000,000).

Jerry Springer Career

Political Career

Jerry Springer emerged as a political campaign adviser to Democratic Robert F. Kennedy, and prior to Kennedy’s assassination, he began practicing law at the Cincinnati law firm of Frost & Jacobs( now Frost Brown Todd).

He partnered in the law firm of Grinker, Sudman & Springer between 1973 to 1985, with former NBA agent Ronnie Grinker (late) and present Butler County, Ohio, magistrate Harry Sudman.

Springer ran for Congress in 1970, he lost to incumbent Republican Donald D. Clancy, however, he took 45% of the vote in a traditionally Republican district.

Springer had in the past spearheaded the calls to bring down the voting age and testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of ratification of the 26th Amendment.

Three days after he declared his candidacy, Jerry Springer at that time was an Army reservist so he was called to active duty and posted to Fort Knox, and got back to the campaign after he was discharged.

In 1971, Jerry Springer was elected as Cincinnati City mayor, and in 1974 he resigned after he admitted to soliciting prostitutes.

In 1977, the city council chose Jerry Springer to serve a year as mayor. He could only serve a year as a result of a political arrangement during that time.

The arrangement required the Democrats to divide the mayoral term with a local third-party group, the Charter Committee, with whom the Democrats governed in an electoral alliance.

During Jerry Springer’s tenure at the city council and as mayor, he supported the local election system being changed so that council members would be elected by districts.

Jerry Springer in 1982  sought the Democratic nomination for governor of Ohio, his campaign TV commercials made reference to paying a prostitute with a check, stating that he was not afraid of the truth “even if it hurts”.

Jerry Springer didn’t win the party’s nomination, he emerged a distant third behind retired lieutenant governor Richard F. Celeste and Ohio Attorney General William J. Brown, and his political career was consequently paused.

In the late 1980s, Jerry Springer had a prominent role in rescuing the historic Cincinnati Union Terminal, and he considered running for the United States Senate in 2000 and again in 2004.

Journalism and Broadcasting Career

Jerry Springer began his broadcast career as an undergraduate at Tulane University, on a progressive format college radio station, “WTUL New Orleans FM”.

Springer continued broadcasting even while he was yet the mayor of Cincinnati, with album-oriented rock radio station WEBN-FM, being noted for its laid-back and inconsequential radio format.

WEBN-FM featured Jerry Springer’s commentaries under the banner “The Springer Memorandum”

Jerry Springer was contracted as a political reporter and commentator on Cincinnati’s NBC affiliate, WLWT, which at that time recorded the lowest-rated news program.

Subsequently, Jerry Springer was named major news anchor and managing editor, he saw the need for a broadcast catchphrase in the model of other notable newsmen.

Jerry Springer with the help of a few others at WLWT created his signature line, “Take care of yourself, and each other”, and Within a couple of years he was Cincinnati’s No.1 news anchor, alongside partner Norma Rashid.

Jerry Springer was the most popular person in the city for five straight years, bagging ten local Emmy Awards for his nightly commentaries, which were usually mocked by Cincinnati radio personality Gary Burbank.

In 1997, Jerry Springer was contracted by the Chicago-based NBC-owned station WMAQ-TV to serve as a news commentator but however turned out to be unpopular among viewers.

Following Jerry Springer’s contract, long-time news anchors including Ron Magers and Carol Marin resigned, and after  Springer did a couple of commentaries he too resigned as a commentator.

The VH1 “celebreality” series ”The Springer Hustle”, looking at how Jerry Springer is produced, premiered in April 2007.

In April 2015, Springer debuted “The Jerry Springer Podcast” on his website,, and it was broadcasted in the UK on Talkradio, on Sundays at midnight.

Jerry Springer aired its last episode in syndication after 27 seasons in July 2018, before it airing reruns started on The CW in September 2018.

Springer emerged as the second American talk show host to travel to Cuba, after Conan O’Brien, for the “Jerry Springer Podcast”. In September 2019, Jerry Springer debuted a new courtroom show, ”Judge Jerry”.


Jerry Springer replaced Regis Philbin and hosted the second and third seasons of America’s Got Talent on NBC, thereafter he left to focus on other projects.

He also hosted Springer on the Radio, a liberal talk show on Cincinnati’s WCKY-AM from 2005 and 2006, Miss World in 2000 and 2001, and the Miss Universe 2008.

Jerry Springer was the guest host for WWE Raw in February 2010, at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa, and hosted “The Price Is Right Live!”.

Jerry Springer hosted the dating game show “Baggage”, which aired on GSN from 2010 to 2015, and in July 2012, he hosted ”Price is Right Live!” in Vancouver’s Boulevard Casino.

Springer also hosted  ”Jack Cincinnati Casino” in 2018, the Investigation Discovery series Tabloid, and “ The Adam Carolla Show” in April 2014, in Adam Carolla’s place.

He was the guest host of the 22nd-season premiere episode of ”WWE Raw” in September 2014, in which he attempted to conduct an intervention with The Bella Twins. In 2015, Jerry Springer hosted “ Jerry Springer Presents WWE Too Hot For TV” on the WWE Network.

A few years after Jerry Springer’s U.S. talk show was broadcast in the UK, ITV met with him, and he temporarily co-hosted ”This Morning” with Judy Finnigan in March 1999 and in 2000.

During Springer’s work for Channel 5 in 2001, he hosted the UK version of Greed and was a stand-in host for The Wright Stuff.

In April 2006, Jerry Springer hosted the opening show for the third series of The Friday Night Project for Channel 4 as a guest, and also “Have I Got News for You” in December 2008.

In 2007, Jerry Springer hosted “Nothing But the Truth”, the UK version of Nada más que la verdad, and covered the 2016 United States presidential election for ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

From 2016 to 2018, Jerry Springer guest hosted three episodes of the BBC’s ”The One Show” alongside  TV host Alex Jones.

Jerry Springer Acting Career


Jerry Springer was featured in an episode of ”Married…” alongside Children as the host of a talk show called ”The Masculine Feminist”

In the Show, Springer advocated for “women getting the men’s bowling night and eventually taking over at a bowling alley”.

In 1998, Jerry Springer was featured in the film ”Ringmaster” as playing talk show host based on himself, he bore”Jerry Farrelly instead of Jerry Springer.

Jerry Springer portrayed the US President in The Defender, directed by Dolph Lundgren in 2004.

Springer starred in various episodes of ”George Lopez” portraying Benny Lopez’s ex-boyfriend Wayne and in  July 2007 he guest-appeared on ”Days of Our Lives” playing “Pete”.

He made a cameo appearance on Late Night alongside Conan O’Brien portraying a “random” audience member.

Jerry Springer was featured in Chicago at the Cambridge Theatre London playing  Billy Flynn briefly, alongside Aoife Mulholland and Leigh Zimmerman in June 2012.

He also had a cameo appearance as Jerry Springer in the second episode of the Netflix show ”Happy!”, and in 1996, he starred in an episode of the ninth season of Roseanne and in” The X-Files” episode “The Post-Modern Prometheus”.

Springer voiced a cartoon version of himself in the “Starship Poopers” segment of The Simpsons Halloween episode, ”Treehouse of Horror IX” in 1998.

In the same year 1998, Springer starred as Jerry Springer on an episode of The Wayans Bros., and the following year he starred in the episode “Mrs. Kraft” of season 3 of ”Sabrina the Teenage Witch” with his talk show.

In 1999, Springer was featured in an episode of ”Space Ghost Coast to Coast”, and in 1999, he starred in Austin Powers, “The Spy Who Shagged Me”, as Jerry Springer during an episode of his show featuring Dr. Evil and his estranged son Scott Evil.

In 2001, Jerry Springer starred as a claymation version of himself in an episode ” of Gary & Mike” with a parody of his talk show, and in 2007, he was featured in episode No. 1301 of ”MADtv as Jerry Springer.


Jerry Springer had appeared as a guest in shows including the  following:

  • “The Paul O’Grady Show” on Channel 4 (November 12th, 2007)
  • “Question Time”( June 19th, 2008)
  • “Saturday Kitchen”( June 21st, 2008)
  • ”Verdict with Dan Abrams” ( June 2008)
  • “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” (twice) in 2003 (from the same taping),
  • “The Jason Ellis Show” (June 20, 2008)
  • “Desert Island Discs”( November 1, 2009)
  • “Hell’s Kitchen”( October 13, 2010)
  • “Drop the Mic”( April 15, 2018)

In 2009, Jerry Springer starred as a guest on the British game show ”Countdown”. He also appeared on the Chris Moyles Show in April 2009, alongside Davina McCall and Alan Carr.

In May 2009, Jerry Springer appeared as a guest on ”The Andrew Marr Show”, he talked about politics and his upcoming projects.

Towards the end of  2006, Jerry Springer contested the third season of Dancing with the Stars, alongside Kym Johnson, his professional dance partner.

Jerry Springer was featured in an episode of BBC One’s television series ”Who Do You Think You Are?” in August  2008, and was a guest panelist on episodes of 8 Out of 10 Cats in 2014, Through the Keyhole in 2015, and also QI (“Noodles”) in 2017.

Jerry Springer was a contestant on season eight of The Masked Singer as “Beetle”, and was evicted on “Muppet Night” with Kat Graham as “Robo-Girl” in 2022.

Jerry Springer’s Other Projects

Jerry Springer recorded the album ”Dr. Talk” under Fiddle Fish Records, which majorly comprised of country music covers in 1995, and in May 2008, he delivered the Northwestern University School of Law commencement address.

Jerry Springer is the executive producer of The Steve Wilkos Show,  hosted by Steve Wilkos. In 2018, Jerry Springer performed 6 songs, beginning from Elvis to the Tennessee Waltz, with the American Roots Music band, “Lazybirds”.


Jerry Stringer over the years has been accorded much respect for his multi-career successes and has received numerous accolades for his outstanding performances and professional work.

Jerry Springer is actually one of the highest-paid show hosts and reflecting on what he’s worth currently, with all amount of hope, Jerry Springer net worth will go higher than what it is now in subsequent time.


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