Jessica Vanessa Net Worth, Achievement and Career

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Jessica Vanessa Net Worth
Jessica Vanessa Net Worth

Popular Name:Jessica Vanessa
Birth Name:Jessica Vanessa DeLeon
Birth Date:13 April 1992
Birth Place:Orlando, Florida, United States
NationalityAmerican, Puerto Rican
Marital Status:Single
Profession:Social Media Personality
Years active:2013 till date
Net Worth:$2 million
Last Updated:2022


Jessica Vanessa DeLeon is an American internet star, dancer, and actress who gained popularity for posting her videos on the social media application Vine. This article discloses Jessica Vanessa net worth and complete biography, as well as many other interesting facts about this professional twerker.

Jessica Vanessa’s Early Life

Jessica Vanessa was born in Orlando, Florida, United States, on April 13, 1992. As a child, she was shy and hardly interacted with other kids, not talking or dancing in front of anybody. However, everything changed when she got to mingle with a group of children who were extroverted and outgoing.

She was in middle school by this period. By the time she got to high school, she was already a self-described party person. She completed her education and found a job working as a part-time teacher at a kindergarten school. In an interview with ‘Cosmopolitan,’ she revealed that she enjoyed the job and the chance to work with children. However, it was not a financially lucrative profession.

Jessica Vanessa’s Career

Vanessa was a teaching assistant at a kindergarten school in Florida when she began to post her dance videos on Vine. Vanessa quickly gained millions of followers and began receiving payments from advertisers to promote her products.

Vanessa has stated, “What I realize in six seconds would take me five months to make as a part-time teacher”. She was mostly assisted by her younger brother who played the role of the camera person.

On Instagram, Jessica began to create videos of popular hip-hop songs such as “Don’t Sleep” by Dorian, and “Thick” by O.T. Genasis. While most of the responses she has received online to her work have been positive, she shared with “Jezebel” that she has had major “breakdowns” over abusive comments she’s received online.

In 2016, Vanessa transitioned her fame into an acting career as she landed roles in the projects directed by Chris Stokes – “Til Death Do Us Part”, and “Only For One Night”.

Jessica Vanessa’s Film

The internet celebrity ventured into acting in 2016. She has appeared in the following movies since her debut:

  • Til Death Do Us Part
  • Only For One Night

Awards & Achievements

Being a famous Instagram celebrity, Jessica pockets a handsome sum of money from her profession. This has been made through her social media profiles where she has made millions of followers. While she has not won any career awards, she has been doing a great job as a professional.

She is still quite young, so time will tell if there are going to be any prestigious awards to accompany the love and appreciation she receives from fans and followers across the world.

Personal Life

Jessica Vanessa DeLeon was born in Orlando, Florida, in the United States to Puerto Rican parents. While her brother, Joshua, shoots most of her videos, she has the full support and encouragement of her family in the pursuit of her profession. Her father, Rafael DeLeon, is today proud of her achievements despite being initially skeptical about twerking.

She was previously in a relationship with Viner and collaborator Chris Jay. She also had some time with professional basketball player Kyrie Irving. Presently, there’s no information on her relationship and love life.

Physical Features

The 28-year-old dancer weighs 55kg and has a height of 163cm. She has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Jessica Vanessa Net Worth

From all indications, Jessica Vanessa net worth in 2020 has been acquired through her dancing career which see her posts her dance videos on social media platforms.

Since she debuted as an internet sensation in 2013 while being a part-time teacher at a kindergarten school, this model has made a fortune from receiving payments to advertise products and brands to her millions of followers on her popular social media pages. Outlined below is how much she makes from her lucrative job.

Salary & Earnings

Jessica Vanessa simply started posting comedic clips and videos of her dancing on Vine. She became popular in no time and gained millions of followers on the video-sharing app. While Vine closed its services many years later, the famous twerker was smart enough to create other accounts on several social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter which she diverted her followers to.

Seeing the size of her audience, various brands started to communicate with her in order to pay her to advertise their products and services to her millions of followers, and the rest is history.

Through her social media channels, Jessica Vanessa net worth in 2020 is vitalized by her regular earnings of around $1,500 to $3,000 for every sponsored post she makes on her pages. She also gains from her salary as an actress but not much has been disclosed in that regard.

Assets, Houses, Cars, Wealth

With her current bank balance, Jessica Vanessa and her family now live a comfortable life. She resides in Los Angeles in a house worth $600,000 and drives a Bentley.

Jessica Vanessa net worth is estimated at $2 million.


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