Top 10 Jobs That Requires Travels And Their Basic Responsibilities

Richard Atang
Richard Atang March 21, 2023
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Jobs Requiring Travels
Jobs Requiring Travels

Some certain open positions necessarily require frequent travel. Some are long-term positions, while others are based on contract positions with breaks in between assignments.

Jobs that require frequent travel may sometimes allow for a more flexible work schedule outside of normal business hours.

If you want to get away from such an office job or have the chance to see the world, you can choose from a variety of jobs in various fields. Here are some of the best jobs that allow you to travel on a regular basis.

Top 10 Jobs That Requires Travels And Their Basic Responsibilities

Train conductor

Train conductors may work on either passenger or freight trains to ensure that daily operations are running smoothly.

They collect passengers’ tickets or payments, supervise passenger boarding and disembarking, and relay critical information to the locomotive engineer on passenger trains.

They must be capable of steering the train, coordinating train assembly, and performing emergency maintenance. Conductors must be certified and should certainly receive extensive training.

 Many railway workers stay in the industry until retirement because they often receive generous benefits such as pension schemes and health care. Depending on the company, train conductors regularly work an unusual schedule.

 Long-distance conductors should work for days on end before taking a few days off. Most conductors work an on-call schedule and may be called in at any time.

You must be observant, alert, and skilled at dealing with passengers’ concerns to be a successful train conductor.

Finally, an excellent train conductor should be capable of communicating effectively with crew members and travelers, as well as exhibit excellent problem-solving and customer service skills.


  • Verifying that all travelers have legitimate train tickets and taking payments from passengers who wish to purchase tickets.
  • Coordination of everyday routines, such as task delegation and staff training, with Railroad Engineers, Yardmasters, and onboard staff.
  • As directed, separate or add additional train cars.
  • Observing and reporting any problems with the train’s interior that may jeopardize passenger safety and comfort.
  • Assisting passengers in locating onboard restrooms.
  • Supervising passenger boarding and alighting from the train.
  • The requirement to become a train conductor includes;
  • Proven track record as a train conductor.
  • Excellent understanding of railway procedures.
  • Communication abilities that are effective.
  • Excellent customer service abilities.
  • High school diploma.

English Teacher Abroad

English teachers who work abroad perform a combination of English as a Second Language and basic English teacher duties, such as teaching students how to read, write, and speak English.

They also create, administer, and grade exams, as well as complete progress reports.

English teachers wishing to teach in another country typically work on contracts that vary from three months to two years.

During their contract, teachers typically work standard school hours.

You can work in a variety of settings, including commercial language schools, schools, and institutions of more and higher education across the UK and internationally.

You can also teach in industry or work for yourself. Even for beginners, classes are usually taught in English.

Truck Driver:

Truck drivers are in charge of operating the company’s commercial vehicles for a number of different reasons.

They must also be able to keep a record of vehicle inspections and ensure that the truck has been equipped with safety equipment.

As shown below, this Truck Driver job description example includes a list of the most important Truck Driver duties and responsibilities.

It can be tailored to the specific Truck Driver profile you’re looking for as a recruiter or job seeker.

A truck driver job description should include a variety of functions and roles, such as:

  • Distribution to manufacturing plants, retail outlets, and distribution centers should be planned and managed.
  • Follow the rules and regulations.
  • Report any flaws, accidents, or violations.
  • Carry out preventative maintenance.
  • Keep track of your work expenses.
  • Plan and adhere to delivery deadlines.
  • Inspect for safety concerns.

The following common skills and qualifications should be included in a truck driver job description:

  • Willing to submit to regular background and drug checks
  • Valid truck driver’s license
  • ability to drive for long periods of time and travel frequently
  • There have been no traffic violations.

Travel Technician

Travel technicians use electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic fundamentals to investigate incoming equipment, repair, calibrate, perform routine maintenance, and undertake performance safety checks on general patient devices and associated equipment.

Travel technicians usually work a standard 40-hour workweek, though this can vary depending on the client.

This position’s responsibilities include the following:

  • On a continuous basis, demonstrates and encourages integrity, strong initiative, and a no-compromise focus on safety and quality of work.
  • To complete troubleshooting and diagnostic tasks, including the use of diagnostic tools, follows a basic structured problem-solving process.
  • Install complete security systems, including end-device wiring, wiring of electronic cabinets and system enclosures, programming, testing, and troubleshooting.
  • Maintenance, diagnostics, major correctives, and assigned duties on a variety of wind turbine brands and manufacturers.
  • Repair wind turbine blades, nacelles, and nose cones with basic and complex fiberglass repairs.

Skills for travel technicians include:

  • Industrial safety practices/protocols
  • Electronic principles in determining equipment malfunctions
  • Applies skill in restoring equipment operation
  • Electronic

Experience as a traveling technician should include the following:

  • Assists with acceptance testing and evaluation tasks such as test execution, data collection, and reporting.
  • A medical practitioner will evaluate successful candidates to ensure they meet weight requirements and other physical requirements for the position at all times during their employment.
  • A minimum of 1-2 years of experience as a wind industry technician is required.


Bloggers write on so many topics, including parenting, cooking, fashion, and automobiles. Marketing, advertising, and product sales account for the majority of a blogger’s earnings.

Freelance travel blogger journeys locally or internationally and writes about their experiences in a distinctive and practical way for a specific audience.

They will share travel tips for each destination in order to educate aspiring travelers about the location.

To be a successful blogger, you should pay more attention to creating and composing original interesting content as well as broadening your readership skill.

You should be imaginative, adaptable, and analytical, with strong writing skills and a distinct voice.

Bloggers undertake certain responsibilities such as;

  • Using advertisements, emails, social media, and other methods to alert and attract new readers to new posts.
  • Increasing site traffic through the use of Search Engine Optimization keywords.
  • To better understand the audience, monitor responses to posts on the website, social media, or other platforms.
  • Keeping up with industry trends to identify potential opportunities to attract new readers or create stronger, more engaging content.
  • Creating, researching, and pitching post ideas.


  • Writing experience with familiarity with specific interests or fields.
  • A bachelor’s degree in English, communications, marketing, or a closely related field is required.
  • Excellent knowledge of the target audience and industry trends.
  • Computer proficiency, particularly with content management software, social media platforms, MS Office, SEO keywords, etc.

Business Consultant

Many business consultants will visit fresh or struggling businesses to offer professional advice and services. Professional consultants will detect issues in a company and create an approach to solve them.

It might involve creating a new financial plan, launching a marketing campaign, and recruiting fresh staff members to enhance employee retention.

Consultants typically stay with a company until the strategy is implemented fully before having to move on to assist a new company.

A successful business consultant has a broad understanding of the various facets of business and market forces.

The best person will also have strong problem-solving abilities and will be able to provide solutions and recommendations that will boost profitability and efficiency.

Business Consultants are engaged in an array of activities on a daily basis. Specific responsibilities are heavily influenced by the company for which they work and their requirements.

In general, Business Consultants attend meetings, help to set benchmarks, provide strategic plans, and collect data to help evaluate project efficiency.

International Operations Specialist

Customers and employees both are managed by international operations specialists. If a business has several locations or corporate offices, the International Operations Specialist will travel frequently overseas to act as the primary communicator between every office location.

They work with employees and customers in numerous nations to guarantee that each company is in compliance with local laws, that relationships between locations are enhanced, and that any necessary restructuring plans to improve each office location are developed.

Essential duties and responsibilities include:

  • Provide backstopping and intermediary support services to aid in the successful implementation of programs and the facilitation of effective management.
  • Guidance, interpretation, and training on IIE policies and procedures.
  • Assist with the annual budgeting and business strategy development processes at IIE.
  • Provide comprehensive operational support to a portfolio of 6-8 international offices.


Travel photographers are commonly freelancers who visit different events and locations to capture significant images.

Couples could hire them to photograph weddings on location in return for reimbursement for their travel in addition to payment for the event itself.

Other photographers may take scenic photographs in various locations and sell them to travel publications.

Event Planner

Depending on the scale of the event, event planners can coordinate the entire event on their own or help in planning and making sure implementation takes place.

They may make the journey to larger events in various nations to help plan, decorate, and clean up after them. Some event planners work as freelancers or are hired by companies to make the journey to a variety of events and occasions on a regular basis.

 Cruise Ship Chef

Cruise ship chefs operate many of the same duties as regular chefs, such as meal planning and cooking, as well as helping with cleanup after meals.

Chefs on cruise ships may spend extended periods preparing meals for both guests and crew.

They typically work seven days a week for several months, with two to three weeks off in between.

To become a cruise ship chef, you must have a high school diploma or a GED certificate, as well as official food service training through a culinary school program.

Most positions also necessitate at least one to two years of experience working in a commercial kitchen, particularly with tasks such as inventory management, food management of waste, cleaning and maintaining a kitchen and its equipment, and menu preparation.

Chefs on cruise ships should have outstanding time-management, organizational, and communication skills, as well as physical stamina and power and understanding of proper food and kitchen safety protocols.

If you want to see the world at a slower pace, consider one of these available jobs, as they will expose you to a wealth of life, work, and travel experiences. If you don’t have a job that requires you to travel, consider one of these.

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