Top 15 Jobs That Pay You To Travel, and What They Entail

Joseph Kanu
Posted Joseph Kanu March 2, 2023
Updated 2023/03/02 at 6:44 PM
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Jobs That Pay You To Travel
Jobs That Pay You To Travel

So many people love to travel far and wide and considering the cost of travelling, they resort to looking out for jobs that pay them to travel. If you’re one of such people, search no further, here in this article, we have carefully selected 15 jobs that pay you to travel even as we have done a brief description for all of these jobs.

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Below are the best 15 jobs that pay you to travel

1. Travel Blogging

The first job on our list is Travel Blogging. Travel bloggers are people who travel to various places( cities, states, countries, and even continents) and during their stay there write about their experiences and as well publish their writeups on their blogs. 

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If you have enough money saved to live on, you could use your travel blog to share your journey without worrying about readership or making money.

Travel bloggers can grow their blogs to the point that they can travel anywhere they want while working from their laptops and generating income which usually comes from advertising, affiliate marketing, sales of products, influencer projects, and many other activities. 

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Travel bloggers usually build their audiences, and they make between $500 to $20,000 and even beyond every month.

2. Freelance Travel Writers

Freelance travel writers work in several ways, majorly, they either write their own blog or work cooperatively with an agency or directly with editors to publish their work online or in a magazine. Whichever way, these writers must produce consistent and quality content to build and maintain an audience.

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Freelance travel writers make get paid either per writeup, per month, or even per word depending on their contractors or clients.

3. English Teaching Abroad

The English language is a widely used language both in English-speaking countries and non-English-speaking countries, so the demand for English teachers is high. So if you are fluent or proficient in both written and spoken English you have the chance of travelling to so many places around the world to teach English with very decent pay.

The requirements for this beautiful job would typically include a minimum of a college degree and a TEFL (that is Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, and you can be so sure of travelling and teaching and earning an average salary of  $2000  to $3000 monthly.

4. Local Tour Guides

Local tour guides otherwise known as escorts work at various tourist attractions, such as amusement parks or zoos. They are often employed by travel agencies that offer guided tours to visitors. 

Some local tour guides may work independently and get their payment directly from their clients rather than an employer. By becoming a tour guide, you would travel to several places and in turn, get paid either by your clients directly or by a travel agency. You can earn between $1000 to  $10,000 monthly or even more.

5. Work On a Cruise Ship

Cruise ship workers render services to passengers on cruise ships. Aside from assisting in the operation of the ship, they sometimes serve food and drinks, maintain cabins and public areas, lead shipboard activities, and also make provisions for entertainment.

It will interest you that travelling the world while working on large cruise ships is a beautiful way to see some exotic places, and in addition, food, accommodation, transportation, and insurance are usually taken care of.

As a cruise ship worker, you can be the tour manager, ship entertainer, engineer, housekeeper, cook, and even more while your salary ranges from $1000  to $4000 monthly.

6. Au Pair Traveling Jobs

Au pairs are professional live-in babysitters or nannies usually contracted by families to help their kids learn a new language and do some household chores in exchange for room, board, and a weekly income. 

This very job is a beautiful opportunity to travel abroad and live in a foreign country, and the benefits include learning new languages, and experiencing the culture first-hand while making some cool cash for yourself. 

Some countries like the US pay more than others, however, Au pairs can receive payments ranging from $400 to $1000 monthly.

8. Freelance Travel Photographer

Freelance travel photographers are professionals who travel to different places to take photos which they in turn sell and make a lot of money. These photographers can upload photos in bulk to micro-stock sites or sell them directly to clients for use in magazines, books, brand campaigns, or websites.

So if you choose to become a freelance travel photographer today, you would need to build up your social media audience with time, and you can be sure of being hired for paid “influencer” projects that will fetch you between $1000 to $10,000 monthly.

9. Peace Corps & NGO Work

Peace corps and NGO jobs are jobs that require a lot of travelling, however, they are part of the jobs that pay you to travel.

Starting with the peace corps’ responsibilities typically are to help the people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women and to help promote a better understanding of the citizens of any country on the part of the people served. 

The other paid travellers; NGO workers usually work in traditional roles, such as publicity and fundraising, or going across the world to directly help people in need. 

NGOs are usually non-profit or not-for-profit organizations, and therefore dependent upon donations to fund operations and pay employees

Both the peace corps and NGO jobs are voluntary jobs but there are usually incentives from the government and the owners of the various charitable organizations in addition to sponsored travel, lodging and feeding.

10. Video Blogging

Video bloggers get paid to travel making videos. Some video bloggers sh0ot and sell stock footage, and become popular YouTubers. They also produce highly polished marketing films for tourism boards & travel brands. 

With the knowledge of video, editing, networking, and marketing video bloggers can be contracted, and within the periods of these contracts, they are sponsored to travel across the world to get their contractors the desired results and incredible content, especially from captivating sites in the most treasured parts of the world. 

Video bloggers can earn $1000 to $20,000 and even more monthly.

11. Archaeologist

Another set of people paid to travel is the archaeologists’ scientist who studies human history by digging up human remains and artefacts. These professionals are paid to go round across the world carrying out research and doing what they know how to do best.

If you choose to become an archaeologist today, you would be sure of touring around the world fully sponsored and receive a minimum of $100 monthly.

12. Athletic Scout

Another beautiful opportunity to travel round the world and get paid is to become an athletic scout. Athletic scouts are recruiters for college or professional sports teams.

These recruiters search out and harvest new talent by monitoring sports media and attending sporting events. They also meet directly and discuss with athletes to help both parties I.e. the athlete and the scout to determine whether they would make a good fit for the team.

Athletic scouts travel almost every time of their lives to several cities, states and countries under the sponsorship of the teams they are working for then at the end of the month they receive up to $150 and even more in some countries.

13. Management Consultant

If you want to get paid to travel, you should consider becoming a management consultant.  Management consultants work with company executives and business leaders to figure out organizational challenges, gather information and analyze them, and as well develop and implement solutions.

Due to their role in a company or organization, management consultants travel far and wide to see how the company can be moved forward usually sponsored by their organizations. They receive a monthly salary of nothing less than $125 in some countries.

14. Event Coordinators

Event Coordinators are responsible for overseeing several tasks related to the event planning process across various parts of the world. Part of their job is meeting with vendors at the venue of events to help with set-up, collecting supplies and decorations, and working with staff to ensure the smooth running and completion of every event.

Event coordinators travel across different parts of the world to discharge their duties to clients at the places where the various events are scheduled to be held respectively.

15. Flight Attendants

Becoming a flight attendant is a very beautiful opportunity to travel around the world and get paid. Flight attendants otherwise known as stewards/stewardesses or air host/air hostesses are members of the aircrew aboard commercial flights, many business jets and some government aircraft.

Flight attendants discharge their duties right in the various aircraft and also have the opportunity to see so many tourist attractions. Their monthly payment ranges from $1000 and beyond.


Oyes! Just as promised, we have provided you with the best 15 jobs that pay you to travel, so you now have the room to make a choice of which one best suits you. We believe this article has met your intent, if it has, visit our website at for more articles like this.

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