JOHESU And AHPA Suspend Strike After Meeting With President Bola Tinubu

vincity June 5, 2023
Updated 2023/06/06 at 9:10 AM

The indefinate strike by the Health workers under the aegis of the joint Health Workers Union (JOHESU) and Assembly of Healthcare Professionals (AHPA) has been suspended with effects from Tuesday as this was decided after a meeting with president Bola Ahmed Tinubu

As it is recalled that on May 25, members of the JOHESU and AHPA embarked on an indefinite strike following the failure of the federal government to address their demands.

The JOHESU and AHPA, which comprise of healthcare workers, excluding medical doctors, dentists, nurses and midwives, who complained about the unfair treatment and discrimination of its members by the Federal Ministry of Health, with regards to their welfare, including wages and benefit packages, among others.

This was confirmed by the National Vice Chairman of the Joint Health Workers Dr. Obina Ogbonna.

He disclosed this that the plea, assurance and body language of the president, Ahmed Tinubu convinced it’s members to give a 21-day timeline to the federal government to begin implementation of some of their demands according to Dr. obina Ogbonna :



“We have just returned from the expanded NEC meeting. With the level of engagement from the government side, coupled with some of the indicators we have seen so far, and with our visit to the Villa to see Mr President who gave assurances that he is going to look into our issues with the mindset of resolving them, we brought the matter to the Congress.

“With all other assessments that we have made so far, and with Mr. President’s pleas, the Congress now decided that a 21-day timeline should be given to the government to activate and release some of the circulars, and implement some of those items that we have taken to the government.

“On the strength of that, the Congress now said the strike should be suspended with effects from tomorrow when the Congresses in other branches will be called.”

The union’s Vice Chairman disclosed this with full assurance.

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