Jordan Belfort Net Worth, Career, Achievements & Personal Life

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Jordan Belfort Net Worth
Jordan Belfort Net Worth

Popular Name:Jordan Belfort
Birth Name:Jordan Ross Belfort
Birth Date:9th July 1962
Birth Place:The Bronx, New York, USA
Marital Status:Divorced
Spouse:Nadine Caridi (m. 1991–2005), Denise Lombardo (m. 1985–1991)
Children:Chandler Belfort And Carter Belfort
Profession:Actor, Motivational Speaker, And Ex Stock Brocker
Net Worth:-$100 Million
Last Updated:2022


Jordan Belfort is an actor, motivational speaker, and former stockbroker who has a total asset of – $100 million dollars. In 1999, he conceded to extortion and related crimes in connection with stock-market manipulation.

Belfort went through 22 months in prison as part of a deal struck with the authorities where he testified against various accomplices and subordinates in his extortion plot.

He released the book The Wolf of Wall Street in 2007, which was enacted in a film of a similar name in 2013 starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Read on as we give you all the details you need to know about Jordan Belfort net worth, biography, and many more.

Jordan Belfort Childhood

Jordan Ross Belfort was born in The Bronx, New York on July 9, 1962, to a Jewish family. He was brought up in Bayside, Queens. In the holiday between secondary school and college, Belfort and a dear friend made $20,000 via sales of Italian ice from Styrofoam coolers to individuals on the seashore.

He studied at American_University, graduating with a degree in science. He originally wanted to become a dental specialist and so, he studied at the University_of_Maryland_School_of_Dentistry.

He left after just a day when the school dean stated: “The best years of dentistry are behind us. If you are here to make cash, you have come to the wrong place.”

Jordan Belfort Career

Belfort began sales of meat and fish door-to-door in Long Island, New York. He developed his meat sales to a point where he sold about 5,000 pounds of beef weekly.

At 25, Belfort filed for bankruptcy.  After his bankruptcy, one of his family friends helped him get a new line of work as a stockbroker trainee at L.F. Rothschild.

He was laid off after the firm experienced monetary challenges as a result of the Black Monday stock market crash of 1987. This was his first introduction to the securities industry.

Having determined how much cash his colleagues made, he immediately took a decision to move his career further in the industry.

He, in a couple of years, worked for numerous organizations, learning as much as he could, and began to evolve and got better in marketing and convincing skills. In 1989, he chose to go solo.

In the mid-1990s, Belfort kicked off Stratton Oakmont, which was really a boiler room that sold and marketed penny stocks.

He and his workers swindled investors, ripping them off their fortunes. At a particular time, Jordan Belfort had over 1,000 stockbrokers working under him and over $1 billion under his management.

Stratton Oakmont was under surveillance and investigation by the National Association of Securities Dealers. In December 1996, the NASD stripped Stratton Oakmont of its membership and left it bankrupt. Belfort and Stratton Oakmont inspired the 2000 film Boiler Room’s story.

Belfort was arraigned for securities extortion and money laundering in 1999. He served 22 months of a four-year sentence in return for a plea from the FBI authorities for the pump and dump scams he spearheaded that cost his investors well over $200 million.

While in prison, Tommy Chong was his cellmate. Chong urged him to document his encounters in a book.

Jordan Belfort was prosecuted for money laundering and fraudulent activities in 1998. He was convicted and would proceed to spend just about two years in prison.

He needed to repay his customers $110 million of the $200 million that he took from more than 1500 customers. Belfort paid back $11.6 million from the debt.

Most of those assets originated from a plethora of properties Belfort had procured during his high-flying Wall Street days.

Belfort has rehashed himself as a motivational speaker. His inspirational speaking endeavor is taken care of by his business Global Motivation Inc. In 2014, Belfort was spending around three weeks per month out and about for talking commitments.

The fundamental topic of his discourses incorporates the significance of business morals and learning from the slip-ups that he made during the 1990s.

His speaking fees per session have been about $30,000–$75,000; each business workshop he holds generates about $80,000 or more. The principal topic of his workshops is what he has titled “Straight Line System,” a system of sales guidance.

Belfort penned the two books The Wolf of Wall Street and Catching the Wolf of Wall Street which has been distributed in approximately 40 countries and translated into 18 dialects. His journal The Wolf of Wall Street was transformed into a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and Margo Robbie.

Age, Weight And Height

Jordan Belfort is currently 58 years old, weighs 67kg, and is 1.7m tall

Jordan Belfort Net Worth

Јоrdаn Ross Веlfоrtfirst established Ѕtrаttоn Оаkmоnt fіrm where he initially made his albeit illegal fortune. Still, currently, the actor earns hugely from publishing his memoirs and organizing seminars, and giving motivational speeches to attendees.

Due to the fact that he has to pay back over $110 million in debt to investors, he had defrauded in the past Jordan Belfort net worth is an estimated –$100 Million.

In 2001, the government held onto Belfort’s Long Island mansion in order to repay a portion of his extortion victims. Since then, the home has been sold.

In 2017 it hit the market for $3.4 million. In August 2018, the cost was sliced to $2.89 million.

Personal Life

During his years at Stratton, Belfort enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle. He also took drugs, especially methaqualone or quaaludes.

Belford and his first spouse, Denise Lombardo separated during the time he was running Stratton Oakmont. He wedded a British-born, Brooklyn-raised model, Nadine Caridi, whom he met at a party and had two kids with her.

They separated in 2005 after she blamed him for aggressive behavior at home. In 2015, Belfort got engaged to Anne Koppe, his long-time girlfriend.


The Wolf Of Wall Street was on top of the world during his fraudulent days until the law caught up with him. The actor has since turned over a new leaf and continues to advise people against a life of fraud to this day.

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