Joseph Prince Net Worth, Career and Achievement

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Joseph Prince Net Worth
Joseph Prince Net Worth


Popular Name:Joseph Prince
Birth Name:Joseph Prince
Birth Date:15 May 1963
Birth Place:Singapore
Marital Status:Married
Wendy Prince
(m. 1994)
Profession:Christian Minister
Years active:N/A
Net Worth:$6 million
Last Updated:2022


Guiding the world through his sermons and books, Joseph Prince is the Senior Pastor of the New Creation Church situated in Singapore. Established in 1983, his Church is listed as one of the biggest churches in Asia, and Joseph himself has made it to the list of one of the richest pastors in the world.

Also known for his television program “Destined to reign,” the popular preacher has been able to impress and intrigue millions of viewers from many corners of the world. Read on to find Joseph Prince’s net worth and biography, as well as his journey into pastor hold and the founding of his ministry which has now become one of the biggest and most popular Christian denominations in the world.

Joseph Prince’s Early Life

Joseph Prince was born in Singapore on 15 May 1963 to an Indian Sikh priest and his Chinese wife. He finished his early studies and A-level schooling in Perak in Malaysia, and also in Singapore.

Before starting his career as a preacher, Joseph worked as an IT professional and married Wendy Prince after being delegated as a senior pastor at the age of 31.

Joseph Prince’s Career

Ever since he was appointed as the senior pastor, the church has experienced a massive rise in congregations from around 150 to over 31,000 devoted members flocking to hear him speak.

He runs a non-profit organization called “Joseph Prince Ministries, Inc”. His organization makes the most use of new media technologies and the internet to disseminate and instill people with the dogma of Christ. Being one of the most prominent preachers on the planet, Joseph is a persuasive speaker of this generation’s Grace Revolution.

He aims to make people realize and understand the generosity and love Jesus has bestowed upon us. He puts his trust in people and relates to them with the most patience- how kindness and holiness are the greatest gifts given to man by God.

Through his teachings, many lives have been transformed, and a lot of people have steered towards the right path. Contrary to the traditional condemning style of preaching, which focuses mainly on sin and judgment, Joseph Prince, in his sermons, lays emphasis on God’s goodness and his will to send all his children to heaven.

Joseph Prince is a positive influence on church leaders worldwide. He has been invited to speak to congregations in several countries. To push further the message of God, this minister has produced many books, CDs, and DVDs, which accounts for Joseph Prince net worth as well. These materials explain God’s teachings pragmatically and thoughtfully.

Joseph Prince’s Publications

To push further the message of God, Joseph Prince has produced many books, CDs, and DVDs, including the selected few which are some of his most popular works:

  • Right Place Right Time (2008)
  • The Benjamin Generation (2011)
  • Healing Promises (2012)
  • Provision Promises (2013)
  • The Power of Right Believing (2013)

Awards and Achievements

  • As the author of some really amazing books – “Unmerited Favor”, “Destined to Reign”, and “The Power of Right Believing” to name a few, Joseph has been hailed as Singapore’s “Rick Warren” for the international success of his books.
  • A globally popular Christian publication, Charisma magazine featured the pastor on their cover story
  • He has also been awarded a “Friends of Zion International Relations Award” for his contributions

Personal Life & Family

Joseph Prince is a married man. He married Wendy Prince when he was 31 years old. They have two children – a son, Justin David Prince, and a daughter, Jessica Shayna Prince.

As a much-revered preacher of the word of God, Prince has preached at churches in many different parts of the world, including in countries like South Africa, Australia, Canada, Norway, Great Britain, Italy, Indonesia, the United States, and the Netherlands.

Age & Physical Features

Being born in 1963, Joseph Prince is 57 years old presently. His height is 180cm, and his weight is 76 kg. His hair and eyes are black in color.

Joseph Prince Net Worth

In October 2014, a list which was published by the entertainment website “richest lifestyle” placed the pastor as the 10th richest pastor on earth, with a reported net worth of Singaporean $6.4 million. The New Creation Church came forward and denied the report, claiming that the actual net worth of the preacher was “substantially less” than the figure reported and that it regarded Joseph Prince’s net worth as “personal in nature”. This has left many wondering how much the pastor earns and also how much he’s worth, but we’ve got you covered.

Salary & Earnings

Joseph’s salary from the New Creation Church has been a matter of dispute for a long time, but the church records disprove it. A website “straits times” revealed that the pastor once drew a salary of over $500,000 a year and that his net worth runs into a couple of million.

There’s no underestimating the reach of this man who has already been listed as number 10 on the list of the richest pastors alive. The religious television show that he hosts can be seen in over  200 countries, and is been aired daily on major American television networks including Daystar Television and ABC Family.

He also goes touring around the world speaking in different countries. He has authored at least 20 books, including translations and special editions, and many CDs and DVDs which also contribute to his annual earnings and wealth.

Assets, Houses, Cars, Wealth

With a bank balance of many millions, Joseph Prince is definitely living a fine life with his wife and children. There’s currently no information about his cars or houses, but we do know what to expect from the 10th richest pastor on the planet.

Joseph Prince net worth is estimated at $6 million. Considering his outreach and publications as a Christian minister, this pastor totally deserves this position.

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