Kirk Frost Net Worth, Biography and Career

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Kirk Frost Net Worth

Kirk Frost Net Worth, Biography, Career, Personal life, Family, and Controversies, among other information, have been disclosed here in this article.

Who is Kirk Frost?

The name would surely ring bells to some people, and to others, “Kirk Frost” is a fairly unknown name. Now, Kirk Frost is an American songwriter, singer, and rapper. He is most famous for being a utilized cast member of the VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Kirk Frost is also the founder and owner of D-Lo Entertainment.

Kirk Frost Early Life

Kirk Frost was actually born Kirk Frost in Atlanta Georgia, United States, on May 25, 1969. Other than his birth date, Kirk Frost hasn’t disclosed quite enough information to fill in about his parents, upbringing, siblings, early childhood and teenage years, and also his educational background.

There is also almost nothing known about his qualifications to the mainstream media to date, but we do know much about his wealth, fame, and strongly booming career as a modern entertainer.

Kirk Frost Career

According to the records, Kirk Frost started his career as a rapper with the hip-hop trio Da Kaperz, which also comprised his now-wife. His first ever platinum-selling single jam with the artist popularly known as KP, one other member of the hip-hop group Da Kaperz, was the hit jam titled Shorty Swing My Way. 

His songs have also been featured in films as well, including The fog, Beauty Shop,  Paul Blart: Mall Cop, and most recently Day of Wrath.

Some of his songs in various aspects have made it to a good number of television series well, including the likes of CSI Miami, Lincoln Heights, MTV’s Cribs, and What Chilli Wants. Alongside Momma Dee, he featured in the much-acclaimed movie   Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Most of Kirk Frost net worth is from his music career and he has been really fortunate in terms of having his work featured and publicized. Some of his songs have found their way to Sony’s Play Station releases.

He is among the cast members that featured the VH1 reality television show, known as Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, alongside popular American rapper Momma Dee.

To this day, in addition to being a successful and famous song composer and singer, Kirk Frost is professionally known as a television personality, fashion designer, and highly sought-after consultant for many artists and record labels. At the moment, he is focused on song placements and licensing music.

Kirk Frost Marriage & Children

Kirk Frost is a happily married man. He is the husband of popular American rapper Rasheeda who was also part of his rap trio group Da Kaperz. His wife, Rasheeda, is a famous rapper, television personality, and fashion designer as well.

Rasheeda is also a businesswoman known to have been very supportive of her husband and family since they tied the knot in 1999. Mr. Kirk Frost has two sons with Rasheeda. Their names are Ky and Karter Kirk.

From his previous relationships, Kirk Frost has four other children named Cherry Nicole, Kelsie Frost, and another two children whose names aren’t known, bringing his total number of children to six.

Kirk Frost Rumors & Controversy

If we were to conclude that fame and success are usually accompanied by rumors and controversies, then we would be fair regarding how many top icons are haunted by this “plague”.

Like several other notable famous people, Kirk Frost has also been involved in controversies and unpalatable rumors which we shall dish out below. The American rapper, Kirk Frost has been dragged into the unpleasant side of the news time after time.

  • He was drawn into a widely circulated controversy regarding a relationship that was deemed “incestuous” with his relative, Hubby Kirk Frost.
  • A lot of rumors about him having extra-marital affair have often found its way into the media space. There has also been speculation that his wife, Rasheeda who is a very popular rapper and businesswoman has left him over the cheating rumors.
  • Recently, Joseline Hernandez, a stripper, made a shocking confession, stating that Kirk Frost is cheating on his wife by having an affair with Jasmine Washington.
  • Various sources have claimed that Kirk Frost is gay. Most recently, there was a spat between him and rap star Nikki Minaj also regarding the subject ‘Gay.’ It all started when Nicki Minaj sent out a tweet raising the question regarding Kirk Frost’s sexuality. Kirk Frost responded to the accusations, expressing anger over trash-talking without knowing about him.

All the rumors about Kirk Frost caused a lot of feuds between him and his wife but he always did the best he could to support her, showed her affection, and kept his marriage and family intact.

Kirk Frost Net Worth

Although his exact salary figure is unknown, Kirk Frost net worth is valued at $600,000. There is a lot of evidence that suggests that the primary source of his income is his music, through the selling and marketing of his songs, and also from the amount of money he earns from appearing in television shows and reality series.

His earnings also come from D-Lo Entertainment, a company he formed and currently owns. His first ever platinum-selling single which he titled Shorty Swing My Way also made valuable additions to his financial figures.

In addition to being the manager of globally recognized rapper Rasheeda who he is also married, Kirk Frost consults for song placements and licensing for different labels and various artists.

From all that we have learned about the rapper, his career, and also the amount of money he takes home from his career as a professional entertainer, record label owner, and manager of some notable American artists, we will go on to conclude that Kirk Frost net worth is a well-deserved sum which is comfortable enough to have afforded him a nice house, luxury cars, and amazing lifestyle, both for himself and his entire family.

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