Korean University Scholarships

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korea university scholarship
korea university scholarship

Korea has risen to the top of the list of preferred locations in Asia for foreign students enrolled abroad over the past ten years.

It has a lot to offer a novice to revel in and explore, is stylish, and is beautiful. K-pop, Korean dramas, and Korean lifestyle are becoming increasingly popular, creating a “Korea Wave” that is a global phenomenon. 

Korea, among the most advanced nations with a highly Network community, is the dominant force in the modern tech sector, aside from the popular culture effect.

Why should you study in Korea

For a food enthusiast, superb Korean cuisine is freely accessible from its thriving street sellers as well as high-end restaurants. In addition to being reasonably priced, Korean food is also wholesome and delicious.

Additionally, there are several practical advantages to studying in Korea, including lower living expenses than in numerous other developed nations and affordable tuition. 

Modernized Korea, despite its political and economic turmoil, is renowned for its excellent health care and educational standards. It is a secure and safe nation with convenient access to its neighbors. 

Weekend and vacation excursions to Japan and china, and other parts of Asia provide the life and learning in Korea greater context.

When studying in Korea, you’re open to various courses and  you can pick any of the programs you have interest in. Students studying in Korea enjoy well ventilated class rooms, different and well equipped research labs.

The students apartments in the university is comfortable and

less expensive and the food in Korea is rich, varied, and inexpensive. The majority of cities in Korea have 24-hour cafes, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and even hair salons.

Korea has high security rates as it has one of the lowest rates of crime worldwide. Korea is among the safest nations on earth. In reality, you don’t need to worry about your security or your possessions when you walk out at any hour of the day or night.

Korea is very entertaining regardless of how you define a good time, you can be confident that Korea will meet your needs. We promise that living here won’t become boring because of the vibrant nightlife, thriving esports and gaming industry, and year-round concerts and festivals.

Korea has the highest speed internet in the globe, and it is available for free or a very little cost whichever part of the nation. 

Korea University scholarships

There are various scholarships programs granted by Korean universities and even the Korean government are open to international students. 

Many overseas students obtain some kind of scholarship and grants and scholarships when attending college in South Korea because Korean institutions desire more diversity and more people to join their ranks. These scholarships programs are mentioned below 

  1. Yonsei University Underwood International College (UIC) Admissions Scholarship

The scholarship offers Four Years of Full Tuition

Yonsei UIC undergraduate degrees have acceptable courses. 

One of South Korea’s top universities, Yonsei University, just inaugurated the nation’s first English-speaking liberal arts college. It currently has over 200 students form more than 60 different nations and is known as UIC.

The UIC scholarship has the wonderful feature of automatically considering every applicant. The recipients of this prestigious Korean scholarship are selected based on their academic qualifications. After being chosen, the approval of scholarship is sent along with the application materials.

For the next academic year, awardees, like those of other scholarships, must maintain a specific GPA. To apply, visit UIC scholarships 

  1. SNU Scholarships

In 1946, Seoul National University was founded. It is today regarded as the best institution in Korea and among the top universities in the world. There are three campuses currently: Pyeongchang Campus, Yeongeon Medical Campus, and Gwanak Main Campus. 16 colleges, 9 professional graduate schools, 1 graduate school, and 135 research institutions make up its organizational structure.

Many international students have been able to complete their undergraduate degrees at the university for free, thanks to these fantastic Korean scholarship schemes.

For instance, a select few freshmen may receive admission scholarships. There is no requirement for a second application because the awardees are hand-selected based on their merits..

On the other hand, current students can be eligible for the Excellence in Academic or Academic Progress Scholarships. Like with the majority of merit-based prizes, the student’s grant must be renewed each year by maintaining a specific GPA. For more information, check here 

  1. Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP)

The Full tuition for the entire academic program is covered by this scholarship. Applicants should endeavor to have 

Bachelor’s degree if applying for Master’s, master’s degree if applying for Doctoral Degrees 

Private university EWU is located in Seoul, South Korea. Undergraduate tuition for a semester starts at about $3,000, while graduate tuition is about $5,000.

However, as a winner of an EGPP scholarship, all fees for undergraduate or graduate study are fully covered. Along with free housing in dorms, beneficiaries will also receive a living allowance. The prize does not, however, include insurance.

The EGPP is given to female applicants from poor countries. Award winners are chosen based on their academic prowess and leadership potential.

Every year, eligibility would be subject to evaluation and renewal. For more information check here 

  1. Global Korea scholarship (GKS)

The Scholarship Amount includes the Complete Academic Program Tuition Coverage.

Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Degrees from Selected Korean Institutions are the eligible degrees.

The Korean government established the GKS program, possibly the most prestigious scholarship in Korea for foreign students, to encourage worldwide educational exchanges and friendly relations with other nations.

The GKS Scholarship also covers the costs of a living allowance, health insurance, and language training. Participants who exhibit remarkable proficiency in the Korean language will receive a second incentive of KRW 100,000.

Graduate students are also eligible for dissertation printing costs, research funding, and a grant.

Candidates must be younger than 25 years old for undergraduates and  40 years old for graduates to be eligible. Additionally, a minimum 80% GPA from the preceding university is necessary. For more information check here 

  1. University of Ulsan Global Korea Scholarships

This is a fully funded scholarship, it’s eligibility is  Master’s and Doctoral degrees

One of the best universities in Korea, the University of Ulsan is situated in Mugeo-dong, Ulsan, it is dedicated to assisting both domestic and foreign students.

International students will be qualified for the Global Korea Scholarship as soon as they are admitted to the university. This program supports a different number of students depending on enrollment and funding. 1,000 pupils normally benefit from it. 

To be eligible for this University of Ulsan scholarship, you must participate in taking a Korean language  proficiency course for a year, unless your TOPIK score is higher than level 5. The scholarship is funded by the Global Korea program, which will also pay for the student’s living expenses, extras, and tuition. For more information, check here 

  1. Myongji University Scholarships for International Students

The Scholarship Amount is $400 per month in stipend money along with housing and tuition waivers

Both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree are acceptable.

In 1948, a private Christian university known as Myongji University was established in South Korea. 

Higher education is offered in engineering, science, and humanities at this renowned university. This university offers top-notch instructors, cutting-edge facilities, an interesting curriculum, and a wealth of amenities for learners to achieve their full potential.

The university offers a 40% scholarship, housing assistance, and a $400 allowance monthly to international undergraduate applicants. Students can apply for academic scholarships for the remainder of their studies based on GPa performance. For more information check here 

  1. Hallym University Scholarship for International Students

The scholarship Amount is about 50% to 100% of the cost of tuition

Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees are the eligible degrees.

Hallym University is a renowned private university located in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, Republic of Korea.

For their first semester, all undergraduates are immediately eligible for a 50% tuition waiver. If they continue to have a strong GPA, they can raise this to a highest of 60%. Graduate students may be entitled to a tuition fee waiver of up to 100% if they serve as TAs or RAs. For more information check here 

  1. Inha University Jungseok International Scholarships 

Scholarship Amount: 70% of tuition may be covered

Ph.D. and master’s degrees are acceptable degrees.

Private university Inha University, formerly Inha Institute of Technology, is located in Incheon, South Korea. 

In 1954 It was established  as a polytechnic institution and provides a number of merit- and performance-based scholarships.

A five to six TOPIK level or higher qualifies an applicant for this scholarship in Korea, which has a value that is reduced by 70% for entrance and tuition fees. 

The best strategy to get the largest amount is to perform well on language examinations because the higher the evaluation amount, the higher the coverage of tuition fees will be. For more information visit Inha university scholarships 

Eligibility for scholarships in Korea

The eligibility for Korea scholarship are listed below

  • Applicants for undergraduates degree should not be more than 25 years and applicants for graduate degrees shouldn’t be more than 40 years old.
  • Applicants must not be a Korean citizen
  • Applicants should have a CGPA of 80% or more.
  • Applicants’ mental and physical health should be in good State.
  • Applicants’ academic and school records should be excellent.

Requirements for scholarships in Korea 

The requirements needed to apply for scholarships in Korea are mentioned below 

  • A study plan and a letter of personal statement
  • Two recommendation letters from different people, 
  • A scholarship agreement that has been signed
  • Applicants passport photograph 
  • Passport photographs of both parents 
  • Means of identification of both parents
  • Other Official Document attesting to the Applicant’s Relationship with His/Her Parents 
  • Bachelor certificate should be provided by the applicants if the applicant is applying for a masters scholarship
  • Master certificate should be provided by applicants applicants applying for a doctorate degree program

There are scholarships in Korea, some of them are fully funded. You will be open to learning new things and find studying in Korea to be interesting.

Students who are interested in receiving a scholarship should make an effort to read this article in its entirety. Different topics are discussed in this article.

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