Landlord Unleashes His Dog On His Tenant For Owing Him N45,000

vincity May 15, 2023
Updated 2023/05/15 at 6:49 PM

"He Should Be Jailed": Outrage on TikTok as Landlord Releases Dog on Tenant Amidst Argument Over Unpaid Debt

Eyewitnesses claimed that the incident occurred after the tenant politely enquired why he was locked out for over 2 hours.

During an argument which ensued, the landlord who is said to be notorious in the area for being ruthless threatened to unleash his dog on the tenant.

The video, shared by a concerned neighbour, has since gained significant attention on social media 

The landlord carried out his threat after the tenant dared him and also disclosed that he’s been bitten by the dog before.

The young man appeared visibly frustrated as he expressed his displeasure at being locked outside by the landlord for two hours. Tensions rose as their exchange became increasingly heated, with both parties exchanging sharp words. As the argument escalated, the young tenant accused the landlord of a lack of empathy, claiming that the dog had bitten his leg. In response, the landlord sternly asserted his authority, insisting that the tenant should not dare to speak to him disrespectfully, asserting that they are not equals. 

Fortunately the victim was supported by his friends and neighbours who had gathered around, firmly resisting the aggressive canine, pushing him back and protecting himself from harm. They where all dissapointed by the landlord’s actions, the onlookers expressed their outrage and condemnation, labelling him as cruel and heartless. The TikTok video quickly went viral, sparking widespread outrage and sympathy for the young tenant.

Viewers across social media platforms were quick to voice their concerns about the landlord’s inappropriate treatment to his tenant.

Below are some comments gathered from the TikTok & InstaGram video of the story.



  • “The landlord should be jaile.d” 
  • The landlord will not make heaven 😂😂😂
  • “I’mthrilledy the way the guys help their friend discipline the dog . he man is a wicked man.”

@deroyaldennis said:

  • “This is too bad.” 


  • Landlord and dog go collect, landlord go chop him dog then kirkri go chop landlord rubbish

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