Is It Best I Leave My Laptop Plugged In At All Times

admin May 27, 2018
Updated 2019/11/27 at 4:57 AM
Laptop Battery - Is It Best I Leave My Laptop Plugged In At All Times

This is a strong question many people battle with, “Should I leave my laptop plugged into a power source even when my Laptop battery is filled up?” There have also been some conflicting recommendations / assumptions by laptop pc users over the years. This article’s intent is to clear such doubts associated with the aforementioned uncertainty.

On Your Laptop Battery

Over time, your laptop battery is bound to wear down over time i.e. the more charge rounds your battery undergoes, the more it wears down. This doesn’t mean you should reduce charging your battery or avoid using the laptop so much; remember different batteries have different ratings. Also, using your laptop under high temperatures can wear down your battery over time; it is best to use it in a place with cool temperature. Noteworthy, it is not good to allow your battery to run down entirely empty on every single use.

Overcharging your laptop battery

Currently, most laptops use either a Lithium Polymer (tagged LiPo) battery or a Lithium ion (tagged Li-ion) battery. It is imperative to comprehend the nitty-gritties of how they function. There’s practically no way to ‘overcharge’ these batteries i.e. once the laptop battery is charged to 100%, the charger will stop charging the battery. The laptop will then run straight off the power cable and will only begin recharging when the battery discharges a little. There’s nothing to fear with regards to the battery being damaged because it is being charged beyond its capacity.

Measures To Keep Your Laptop Battery Always Healthy

  1. Ensure you always use your laptop in a room that has a cool temperature as heat is bad for your laptop’s battery’s health and indeed other components of your laptop e.g. C.P.U which has a vent to churn out hot air and encourage good air flow to cool it’s heated temperature especially when laptop is running heavy tasks.
  2. Fundamentally, whatever you do, your battery is bound to wear down, whether you leave it fully charged or charge and discharge the laptop’s battery through a recurring discharge and recharge cycle; that was how they have been built to work. It is still advised to put your battery on a recharge and discharge cycle to keep your battery active. This also helps battery to hold more energy, prolong battery life and would ensure your battery does not discharge completely putting it at damage risk.

Obviously, when the storage capacity has declined over time, you can always keep using your laptop while plugged into a power outlet. I hope this helps, Cheers!

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