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Lara George biography

When the name Lara George comes to the mind of every Nigerian, the image of a gospel artist is immediately painted. If you are a Christian, it would be very difficult to say that you haven’t listened to any of her tracks.This article covers Lara George biography and other interesting facts about her.

Lara George Biography

Lara George had a very humble background and she was born into the family of Mr. Oluwole Bajomo on the 25th of June, 1978 . Her family resides in Lagos State. She attended Queens College in Yaba, and went on to obtain a B.Sc. in Architecture from the prestigious University of Lagos.

This woman of virtue started singing from the school choir and moved on to join a band group known as Kush; which was made up of other artists like TY Bello, Emem Emma, and Dapo Torimiro. Although the band later broke up but Lara George saw it as a stepping stone to her success. After the breakup, she took a while to think about what kind of music she would like to invest her time in. Then she decided to pick up a career in gospel music.

Lara George Musical Career

She began her music career with her first album in 2007 titled “Forever in my heart” and the album had a single which became a hit titled “Ijoba Orun”. This single brought her to stardom and increased her fan base. The song brought her a lot of awards and people were lucky to see her rise to stardom.  She got so many awards in Nigeria like best vocals female at hip hop world awards, best gospel act at Nigeria entertainment award 2008, the voice of the year. The success of this album made her forge on to produce more singles like “Kolebaje” and “Hallelujah”. For the album, she collaborated with various producers Wole Adesanya, Wole Oni and even with the help of Jeff Taylor who worked with the likes of Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson and many more.  Despite working with renowned producers like these ones mentioned earlier, she also collaborated with notable artists like  Lord of Ajasa and Pat Uwaje King during the recording of her second album.

Lara George explained her music genre  as ethnic contemporary time urban with a little touch of soul music, and Hip Hop.  Thereby explaining her kind of music as something filled with surprise. The videos for her album also received a lot of awards and nominations at the Nigeria Music Video Awards including Best Gospel Video, Best Use of Special Effects and Best Use of Animation. She became totally loved by all her fans with the advent of her next album that also made her one of the best gospel artists in Nigeria. The Dansaki album which was released in 2012 was very successful, thereby making it the classic of Nigerian gospel music. She also got nominated for Crystal Awards in the category of Song of The Year and Female Gospel Artists of The Year. She was also awarded the Female Artist of The Year at the annual Gospel Awards held in London.

Despite the huge successes she had achieved from her previous albums, she still went on to produce another titled “Love Nwantintin” in 2014 and another album titled “A Slice of heaven” in 2017. Apart from being popular for her lovely gospel songs, she also does covers and has even done a cover for Adele’s hit song “hello”.

As of today, she is one of the most sort after gospel artist in the country. She’s also one of the reasons why Nigerian gospel music has become popular and even increased people’s faith in God. She still remains humble despite her huge success in music and she says that gospel music isn’t a style for her but rather a way of life.

Lara George Husband

She’s happily married to a lawyer who happens to also be a music entrepreneur, his name is Gbenga George and they are blessed with two kids, a daughter named Tiaraoluwa and a son named Adeoba Alexander.

She once said that her overwhelming career almost made her not to have kids, but she later learned how to balance career and motherhood. She cares deeply for her family and spends every little second she has with them. Deep faith in God has proven to be a good thing in the life of Lara George and this has given her huge confidence in calling herself a gospel artist and her songs has empowered the word of God in the life of many people. It feels like the woman was made to show people the power of God in several problems and success depends solely on you and your hard work . They have been married for the last 15 years and enjoy a blissful home.

Lara George Albums

  • Lara George
  • The Medley Album
  • Love Nwantintin
  • Forever In My Heart
  • Higher
  • A Slice of Heaven

Lara George Songs

  • Dansaki
  • Ijoba Orun
  • Ko Le Baje
  • Ko Ma Si
  • Halleluyah
  • Higher
  • Mu Mi De Le
  • A Yin O
  • A New Day
  • Eyin L’Oba
  • Forever in My Heart
  • Come and Praise
  • Ti Se
  • Fig Tree
  • God of Breakthrough
  • Oba Ogo
  • Free
  • Rise
  • Imela
  • Jesus You Reign
  • Imela
  • Keeper of My Dreams
  • Chibuzor/Get up
  • I am Glad
  • Nobody Greater

Lara George Awards and Nominations

  • Received nominations for the Best Gospel Artiste at the 2016 KORA Awards
  • Received an Award given by the 2014  BEN TV UK Award
  • Received and won the award for the Best Female Vocalist at the Crystal Awards
  • Received Award for the Trailblazer of the Year at the 2013 Africa Gospel Music Awards
  • Won the Award given by the Gospel Music Awards in 2012 for the Best African Female Gospel Artiste
  • Won the award for Best Gospel Artist Awards given by the 2011 Nigeria Entertainment Awards
  • Received an award for the Best Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2010 Headies Award
  • Won the award for the Best Female Vocalist at the Nigeria Music Awards

Lara George Net worth

Lara George remains a household name for everybody in Nigeria and even a source of motivation for upcoming gospel artists. She is currently worth an estimated $400000

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