10 Legitimate Ways To Make Money On Instagram

admin August 25, 2023
Updated 2023/08/25 at 2:25 PM
Legitimate Ways To Make Money On Instagram

In this post, I will teach you 10 legitimate ways on how to make money on Instagram. Instagram began as an app for sharing an image but it has gained a lot of traction in modern society that loves self-importance, social networks, and visual media. Today Instagram has become a tool for many famous celebrities, politicians, marketers, and even some excellent businesses. According to some online articles, Instagram is now number (7) out of the Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites.

Also, the site has over 100 million unique monthly users plus over 300 million active users who post photos and videos daily. So if you want legitimate ways to make money on Instagram read on. As I share 10 legitimate ways on how to make money on Instagram right away.

How To Make Money On Instagram

  1. Start building a solid followership

How successful you will become on social media depends on the list of keen followers you have. You need to have a lot of Instagram followers. And if more people see you, then it is easier to turn those followers into sales. Also, there are many ways to grow your followers on Instagram. They include running contests, liking photos in your niche, socializing, and asking people to follow you, and so on.

You should also follow and post many hashtags in your niche. But the best way to increase your Instagram following naturally is to use a growth service called kicksta. This application is created to automate the increase of real followers and engagement. Try it.

The most important step on how to make money on Instagram is to have product links and links that go to your blog. Make sure every image, video, or anything you share includes a call to action that links directly to your blog where they can purchase the items.

Also, put a tag or number to make the item easy to buy. Note that instagram does not support clickable website links so, users have to rewrite the link in their browser window.

  1. Share quality images

Sharing high quality images is vital if you want to entice and monetize your account on Instagram. Entice your followers with beautiful images that will appeal to their sense of sight. So start telling your brand’s story by making spectacular images. For instance, if your business serves Gym and fitness enthusiasts, you could show pictures of muscular yet trim hunks doing their work-outs.

Also, share photos of your newest products. For instance, if you are writing a new book take a picture of the book cover and share it with the date you will likely release the book to your followers.

  1. Use the video function

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words and so it is another tip on how to make money on Instagram. So what is a video that has thousands of pictures worth? Recently Instagram has introduced a 15 second video sharing option.

So, start creating valuable videos with this feature.  You could make personal messages telling your fans the reason they should try your new product. You can also share a 15 seconds accelerated method of how you create your products.

  1. Get your fans involved

Start giving your followers and fans the recognition they deserve and they will endorse your brand. Mention them in your profile and post to engage with them and outsource original quality content.

Allow your followers to submit their photos while using your products, or share their user experience in a video or any way they choose to engage with you. Make the submission competitive by offering to give a discount of your product to the best submission or offer some form of recognition for them using your brand.

  1. Organize contests or events

If you need another way on how to make money on Instagram, then organize contests and campaigns. You can organize a cool campaign or promotion and get people to like your images and follow you. Also, provide exclusive deals for short periods and keep on creating a sense of urgency in them to take action as time runs out.

Also, if you share a special promotion or coupon, you can engage your followers in a contest and turn the leads into sales. Just ask then to double-tap or tag a friend to get their names in the draw box. The most important reason for starting a contest and campaign on Instagram is to allow you to create separate hashtags and then keep all contributions in a central place.

  1. Get testimonials from clients

Ask your most loyal and satisfied clients to upload their pictures or videos of themselves using your products. These kinds of images will no doubt give you the social proof you need as images and videos, tell strong indisputable stories.

  1. Get an influencer on the job to help you

Using influencers is another way on how to make money on Instagram. Look for popular celebrities on Instagram that are accessible.  For instance, if you sell women clothes, find popular online influencers like fashion bloggers, entrepreneurs, or social media experts that have a large fan base.

For example, many blogger models agree to share the brands they wear and why they buy that brand. This will be a big way of generating referral traffic by links to your blog and also that of your branded instagram hashtags.

  1. Use Hashtags

On Instagram people use Hashtags to find your valuable content. So add related hashtags with all of your posts. Also, do research and learn about the hashtags that others in your niche are using. Besides, you should include at least one significant hashtag with every single post. But, you fail to include these hashtags you are missing the chance to gain new followers.

  1. Fill out Your Bio Fully

Updating your bio on is an important method of how to make money on Instagram. You do not have a lot of space to direct followers back to your business or website. So, use the small space you have properly. And note that your account is one out of many others. Therefore, you must do all that is needed to help your audience find you and follow you easily.

To achieve that, update your bio to include all the information that followers would want to know about you. Also add your contact information, if necessary, and a theme or tagline that tell about your content and successfully differentiates you from others. And then include some keywords and appropriate hashtags to help your potential followers find you with ease.


In this article, I discussed the 10 legitimate ways on how to make money on Instagram. The ways are many but the notable ones include filling out your bio, using hashtags, organizing events and contests to engage your followers and fans more. Use these strategies and share your experience here. Also, I hope they help you to make more money on Instagram.

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