Getting A Little More Fun On Your Lips- How To Do It Right

admin May 10, 2018
Updated 2019/11/26 at 1:42 PM

We all love our lipstick and from time to time have gone without makeup but always remember to apply a little bit of shine to our lips. Well you have to watch out before your lips become so boring and monotonous. Here are tips on how to spice it all up without having to buy a whole set of lipsticks since you are probably on a diet and here’s a nice catch, you will probably be the only one who knows about all the drama playing there.

This tip will help you compensate for your lack of lipstick collections while still ensuring you get a whole list of new touché, making it so much fun.

Spice up your red

Every woman loves Red and will happily rock it at any time of the day. It’s a symbol of sexiness and passion. You can add a bit of deep and intimate effect to your lips by adding a bit of black or brown lip liner. All you have to do is line your lips with your lip liner and then add up your red lipstick stain for that nice effect.

Faded Ombre

For a lighter nude like lips, you can try this out. All you have to do is fill your lips with some moisturizers. Next add a bit of your nude lipstick (any shade you desire) and lastly line your lips with a suede lip liner. This look is quite perfect for all occasions.

Go Nude

Natural looks are so awesome, if played right. All you need is apply a touch of brown pencil across the tip of your lips and then complement with a bit of your favorite nude lipstick. Complete the look with a touch of lip gloss for a nice glowing effect

Purple Ombre Lips

Purple is so great and is fast becoming quite popular among us all but you wouldn’t want to come off as looking to slutty. ( except that’s your purpose),here’s how to rock your purple lipstick with style: Use a purple lip pencil as foundation round your lips  and then apply a bit of pink or nude lipstick at the middle, blend properly so your tips look darker and the middle of your lips looks lighter. Next, define your lips with the purple at the tip to get everything in, uniformly and you are all set for a good time!

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