10 Tips You Should Explore To Make Your Makeup Last All Day

admin June 23, 2018
Updated 2019/11/24 at 9:17 AM
long lasting makeup

This article is all about exploring tips and tricks to achieve the much desired long lasting makeup and make your makeup last.

Tips For Long Lasting Makeup

  1. Exfoliate your skin

Before applying your makeup, you should give your skin a refreshing boost. Exfoliation is a necessary evil when preparing your skin for makeup application. You should know that applying your makeup on a smoother surface will ensure to make it last longer. You should try as much as possible to polish your skin at least two times a week.

  1. Use a clever moisturizer

Have you ever wondered why you begin to see creases in your makeup half way through your days? It is actually caused by the hydration levels as a result of many different factors including weather. Most often your moisturizer plays a key role in this reaction. Therefore, you should consider using moisturizers that will help keep your skin form “ageing” thorough out the day and give you long lasting makeup.  You should simply, invest in a water based moisturizer; to make your makeup last all day.

  1. it’s about prime

Primer will set your moisturizer deep into your skin and give you a smooth, even surface for makeup. Therefore, a worthy investment should be made in a good Primer that will ensure you have that all day long shine. There are varieties to chooses from and some Primers are used specifically for your eyelid while others can be used all around your face..

  1. Invest in the right Make up

To achieve long lasting makeup you have to buy the right one.There are makeups that last for a very long time and some of them are so good that they give a budge free outlook to your whole look, without looking too heavy. Do research and purchase the right products in order to make your makeup last a long time on your skin..

  1. Build in some layers

The right technique will ensure the flawless finish; you should learn to work up your makeup layers neatly from the lighter stuffs upward to the heavy layers, so you have a near natural finish.

  1. Set with powder

After applying your foundation and every other layer, you should endeavor to always finish with a setting powder. This ensures that your makeup stays put in all directions all throughout your day. Setting powder can help you achieve long lasting makeup.

  1. Proper lip mapping

Often wonder why your lipstick seems to leave your lips only after 2 hours of application. Well the secret to having your lipstick last longer, is by learning how to frame your lips liner mapping out the cupid bows and corners as well. This will give your lipstick a defined structure and ensure it lasts longer on your lips. Remember to finish up with another layer of lip liner, so the definition is completely achieved.

  1. Get a setting spray

Ever heard about Makeup setting sprays?  You should probably get one as they are developed to ensure that your makeup does not melt down and thus you may not need to retouch them until the end of the day. They work like hairsprays, only in a more sensitive manner as it is your face.

  1. Do not touch your face!

We often find our ever wandering hands, caressing the corners of our face; you never know just how much damage you are actually doing to your skin, much beyond ruining your makeup. Your hands often pick up more germs as the day progresses and thus placing it on your face sure spreads those germs up there. You should try as much as possible to develop better habits and please do not pick on your acne, you are only making it much worse.

  1. Blot, don’t reapply

Sometimes we grow into the habits, of adding more an more makeup on our skin, throughout the day. Well, this only leaves a cakey outlook and in no way makes your makeup looks better. Instead of reapplying, you should consider blotting off rather than reapplying. You should note that too much makeup doesn’t just look ugly, but clogs your pores and may even make them disappear fast (I mean live the areas they were supposed to stay at).

To achieve long lasting makeup, get the right Makeup habits, it will be all worth it.

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