Lori Lightfoot Net Worth and Biography

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Lori Lightfoot net worth
Lori Lightfoot net worth

This article is centered around Lori Lightfoot net worth, bio age, spouse, and political career as an American politician, lawyer, and serving mayor. On this page, you will find all the vital details concerning Lori Lightfoot, and much other interesting information about her that you probably never knew.

Lori Lightfoot Early Life

American lawyer and politician, Lori Lightfoot was born Lori Elaine Lightfoot on the 4th of August, 1962 in Massillon, Ohio. She is the current serving mayor of Chicago and the 56th in history. Previously and prior to assuming the office of mayor, she worked as a partner in legal practice at mayor brown and held several government positions in Chicago city. She has served as the Chicago Police Board’s president, and the Chicago Police Accountability Task Force chair.

Lori Lightfoot’s mother was a healthcare aide while her father worked at a factory. She has three other siblings. She was raised by her parents in a mostly white neighborhood on the west side of Massillon.

Lori Lightfoot graduated from Washington High School in Massillon, Ohio, where she played trumpet for the school band. She was a Pep club member, yearbook editor, and the basketball team point guard for the high school. She was voted in as class president three times in high school. She helped organize a boycott of her school’s lunch program over its pizza quality. In 2013, the alumni association of her high school named her a Distinguished Citizen.

In 1984, Lori Lightfoot received the Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Michigan while graduating with various honors. In order to afford her education, she had to work seven jobs including serving as a resident assistant, and working factory jobs during summers. Her elder brother was arrested in connection with a robbery incident while she was an undergraduate.

Before she decided to attend law school, Lori Lightfoot took jobs working for Barbara Mikulski and Ralph Regula who are both congress members. She said her decision to attend law school was not because of the legal troubles of her brother, but because she needed a job that offered independence financially.  Her matriculation took place at the University of Chicago Law School where she had a full scholarship. While she was the president of the student body of  University of Chicago Law School, she successfully led the movement to ban a law firm from campus after the law firm sent a recruiter who made sexist and racist remarks towards one of the  students. She served as a clerk for Justice Charles Levin of the Michigan Supreme Court. In 1989 She graduated with her Juris Doctor degree from University of Chicago.

Mayor of Chicago

Lori Lightfoot is a member of the Democratic Party. She is the current serving mayor of Chicago and also the 56th mayor of Chicago in history. She assumed office on the 20th of May, 2019, as the first openly gay and black female mayor of Chicago. 

On April 4, Lori Lightfoot named key members of her team: she named her Manny Perez who served as her campaign manager to serve as intergovernmental advisor. She selected Maurice Classen to serve as Chief of Staff, while Sarah Pang and Ra Joy were to serve as senior advisors. She also chose Lisa Schneider-Fabes to work as  transition manager.

In an interview with Chicago Sun-Times on the 6th of April 2019, Lori Lightfoot said that her staff will spend some time to examine the city’s agreement with sterling Bay regarding the Lincoln Yards development, during her first post-election weekend. A week before her inauguration, Lori Lightfoot named activist and lawyer Candace Moore as the first-ever chief equity officer of Chicago. His job meant that he will focus on dealing with any cases of  racial inequality in the city.

Marriage, Spouse, and Children

Amy Eshleman is the spouse of Chicago mayor, Lori Lightfoot. She is the First Lady of Chicago. The couple have one child, a daughter – Vivian Lightfoot.

Lori Lightfoot Net Worth

The 58 years old mayor of Chicago takes home an annual salary of $500,000. This figure excludes various allowances and entitlement. Lori Lightfoot net worth is estimated at $1.2 million


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