Major-General Umaru Muhammed has been found guilty of stealing $1.476 million by an Army Court Martial.

admin October 5, 2023
Updated 2023/10/05 at 12:34 PM

The Nigerian Army Special Court Martial, located in Abuja, has declared Maj-Gen Umaru Muhammed guilty of stealing $1.476 million.

Previously, Muhammed served as the group managing director of the Nigerian Army Properties Limited (NAPL). During the trial, the accused pleaded not guilty and presented two witnesses.

The court determined that Muhammed had stolen $1.04 million between May 7, 2019, and June 24, 2021, while in his position as GMD of NAPL. Additionally, the accused was found responsible for instructing Maj. Usman and an accomplice, who is currently at large, to collect money from ship owners in dollars.

Maj-Gen James Myam, the president of the court, clarified that Muhammed was not found guilty of count 7, which involved conspiring with Yusuf Abdulahi to forge a document.

However, the president of the court stated that he was found guilty of forgery in relation to counts 8 and 9, which involved stealing $430,800.

Additionally, the court found the general guilty of conspiring to forge documents and selling the company’s property for N200 million after he had left his position at NAPL.

He was also found guilty of dishonestly taking N74 million from the company’s account on August 22, 2019.

Regarding counts 14, 15, 16, and 18, which pertained to criminal misappropriation, the court ruled that the accused could not account for N2.5 billion that belonged to the company.

However, the court concluded that the prosecution did not provide sufficient evidence to prove the allegation of withdrawing N750 million from the company’s account, as stated in count 17.

The Special Court Martial, led by President Major General Kames Myam, consists of seven additional Major Generals as members and a Brigadier General serving as Judge Advocate. The court is scheduled to announce its verdicts for the accused by the upcoming Tuesday.

During the proceedings, Major General UM Mohammed was presented in court using a wheelchair. However, President Major Gen Myan assured that the accused underwent all required medical examinations, which confirmed his fitness to participate in the trial.

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