Why Your Makeup Never Seems To Last All Day And How You Should Fix It

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Why Your Makeup Never Seems To last All Day And How You Should Fix It

Some mornings, I simply leave the house with only a smear of my favourite purple lipstick and a bit of concealer (if I have the time). Other times, I take a bit more time and effort, to painstaking, define my arch and apply a lovely blend of lipstick. But no matter the time spent in doing all of this, Before noon, I always seem to have lost most of my makeup.

Sometimes, it’s so frustrating that I often wonder why I even try to put on any makeup, but when I look at the great advantages, awarded me by having them on such as the professional allure that keeps my clients coming back to more or the air of confidence that seems to get my employees in line, I keep trying no matter what. But oh so soon, it goes off and I cannot help but wonder how it got off. If you do have this experience, here are some ideas about how l did eventually solve this mystery.

  1. Your Skin has too much layers of Oil

When you have an oily skin, having your make up remain on your face for a long time, may be quite a chore. In addition, some times, this extra layer of oil is not really from your skin, but the heaps of moisturizers you got beneath your skin. All that excess layers of oils are enough to make your makeup smear faster. According to beauty experts, you should consider using water based moisturizer at least 10 minutes before adding your makeup or skip it altogether. You can also use a primer or matiffying product under your foundation to enable your makeup stay in place.

  1. Way too much dead skin cells

Yes, right, never will your foundation look good on a flawed dry skin or one that has too many oils in it.  You should consider exfoliating your skin to have a healthy and young glow, it is bound to have a refreshing impact on your makeup and make it last longer.

  1. Overactive Sweat glands

Definitely a problem especially on a Sunny day and sometimes, you probably do not even know you are making a lot of perspiration. This often arises from having some bits of exercises throughout the day, such as the little throttle up the stairs, lifting your groceries into the house, or trying to get a cab down the street.

Ensuring that you do take note of all of these steps can help you keep that confident radiance enhanced by your makeup all throughout your day. You can also consider checking out our article on how to properly use your makeup, so they last a long time.

  1. The Weather

More often, the weather is the true culprit behind why your makeup doesn’t seem to last all day long. It could be the scorching sun, or the wind, the rain or snow. All this can get rid of your makeup quite faster. To help get rid of this, then you should probably have an umbrella handy for any such scenarios.

  1. Still using your Old Makeup

If your makeup bag has seen far too many occasions; then you should consider having a new set. Whether they are all finished or not, applying a makeup that is too old can have disastrous effects on your skin. Therefore, you should consider changing them now.

  1. Using the Wrong technique

When it comes to using your Foundation, it is important you have the right technique. Every foundation has a specific technique that does the job; some of them are better done with your hands, others require a good blending brush. You can do a little research on the best method that will suit your skin; and ensure that your foundation stays all day long.

  1. Applying your makeup too quickly

Do you often wash your face, moisture and then quickly apply your makeup; then you are using the wrong application method. The Best way to apply your makeup is by waiting for at least 10 minutes; so your moisturizer absorbs properly into your skin before using your makeup


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