10 Best Herbal Treatments For Male Infertility

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male infertility

Infertility problems-inability to have a child, has ruined many homes, made many home to be bankrupt due to some costly medication, have made many to lose their faith by going to places they never believed on. The irony of this is that infertility in Nigeria, is mostly attributed to women, and many infertile men end up abusing their fertile wives. The truth is that infertility can be the fault of either the man or woman or even both. This article however will focus mainly on male infertility issues.

Here are the best herbal treatments for male infertility: before administering any of the remedies below, endeavor to go for medical testing to know the actual reason behind your infertility. This will be a guide to you in choosing from the numerous options available for treatment.

Best Herbal Treatments For Male Infertility

  1. Flaxseed oil: this essential oil is very rich in Omega-3 fatty acid. The oil helps to get rid of impotence by stimulating blood flow and promotes good health of the sperm. You can take 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil daily.
  2. Ginko leaves: this erectile dysfunction remedy, increases circulation of the reproductive organs which is important for sperm and penis health. Take 40 to 80 mg of ginko biloba, three times a day.
  3. Astragalus: this herb belongs to the leguminosae plant family which helps to increase sperm motility.it can be taken by mixing one ounce of astragalus dried root with one cup of water. Heat it for at least 20 minutes, allow to cool and drink it once.
  4. Goji berry: goji fruit help in the treatment of male infertility by increasing the sperm count and motility. This herb can be eaten fresh, dried berry added to soup, smoothies, etc.
  5. Schisandra berry: this herb originated from China and Russia. It enhances sperm production, increases RNA, enzymes and glycogen which are essential for kidney and gonard gland health. The schisandra supplements can be taken as two capsules daily.
  6. Yohimbe bark: the bark of this herb helps to increase the blood flow to the genitals of men. It’s mostly essential for men with low libido. The dosage is 140-540mg per day in three different doses or taking the liquid extract at 30-40 drops three times per day.
  7. Green tea: green tea has antioxidant properties which help to boost male fertility. Again the EGCG (Epigallocatechin) found in green tea is effective in improving the quality of sperm.
  8. Saw palmetto: this herb is very effective in increasing sperm count, treating erectile dysfunction, and has a tonic that nourishes the male reproductive system. It may be taken in about 160mg, twice daily.
  9. Horny goat weed: this has been commonly used in Chinese medicine for infertility treatment. The herb helps to increase sperm production and treat erectile dysfunction. You may take 250-500 mg of horny goat weed supplement daily.
  10. Damiana: this herb in treating male infertility is very effective in increasing sperm count, relieving mental and physical exhaustion, muscle relaxant, etc. The herb may be taken by adding ¼ teaspoon of dried damiana leaves to one cup of water and boil for 5 to 10 minutes. Then strain the solution and may be sweetened with little honey and drink thrice daily.

For effective Male infertility treatment, use a particular option for at least three months and do these during your treatment process; prevent environmental toxins such as smoking, chemical and heavy metal exposure. You may also improve on your diets by eating foods that can boost your fertility rates, ensures regular exercise, takes nutritional supplements and leave a positive lifestyle.


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