5 Tips On Managing And Maintaining Your Car Engine

admin April 25, 2018
Updated 2020/12/06 at 7:27 AM
5 Tips On Managing And Maintaining Your Car Engine

Have you ever noticed your car engine sound slightly different from the normal smooth running sound, have you ever taken your car for servicing; which includes changing the oil filter and others? An automobile engine determines its lifespan. If your car engine is in excellent condition it will serve you, and if otherwise it can definitely be disappointing.

If you find yourself in a situation where your car engine is not functioning optimally and need some tips on how to revive your car engine, then this article is for you.
This article is basically tips and methods of maintaining your car engine to increase its durability.

5 Tips On Managing And Maintaining Your Car Engine


The quality of the oil inside your car plays a vital role in the durability and smooth working of the car. Low quality oil could result in your car being unsteady, leading to more severe engine problems. Bad or old oil is not good for your vehicle and you should go for premium motor oil which cools down the sound of your engine, making it run smooth and work better.


For optimal performance the engine oil of your car needs to be changed regularly. Changing the oil automatically increases the car’s lifespan by lubricating the engine’s motion, thereby eliminating any sound that might occur from its usage.

You are advised to always change your car engine oil after every 5,000 miles kilometers, to avoid causing a major damage to the car. Please also remember to change the oil filter whenever you change the engine oil as the oil filter stops any form of dirt from entering into the engine.


When the engine belt is rolling; it is an indication that the engine is working but this does not state the condition of the belt; which might probably be gradually wearing out. Therefore it is advisable to check your engine belt always to ensure that it is in good working condition; as a bad engine belt can affect the performance of the engine.


It is advisable not to leave your car parked for a long time without warming it. If traveling for a long period, arrangements should be made to warm the car regularly. Allowing a car to stay long without being warmed could affect the engine; as it could rust and develop other issues.


Always be observant when in your car, listening for unusual noises, when starting the engine or driving. Any unusual sound should lead you to the mechanic garage for a fix. Do not postpone any car issues you discover as a small issue could lead to bigger ones if left unchecked.

Also always look at your dashboard when about to start your car; as errors can be quickly noticed on the dashboard of most cars today. Issues like no oil, battery issues and some other car engine problems would show on the dashboard; or give an indication to the problems your car may have.


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