Top Master’s Degrees For International Students In Europe

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Richard Atang January 21, 2023
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Master degree for international student
Master degree for international student

We have done the hard work and are ready to give you some insight into what degrees students intend to study abroad because we know how important it is to be delighted with your Master’s studies abroad.

We have created a well-seasoned dish of the most popular study options for international students who want to enrol at universities and colleges abroad. Here is a list of the top most sought-after Master’s degrees studied abroad:

Top Master’s Degrees For International Students In Europe

Master In Computer Sciences

Isn’t this interesting? No, not really. Everything nowadays is electronic, viral, or otherwise uninteresting. As a result, most international students understand that a degree in Computer Science can result in full-time work in virtually any industry.

Some of the nations with the most Masters in Computer Science that you might want to look into for your study abroad adventure are:

  • Masters in Computer Science in the Netherlands 
  • Masters in Computer Sciences in Finland
  • Masters in Computer Sciences in the USA 

Masters In Management & Leadership

It appears that competitive in nature and leadership are still basic qualities for international students, as Management, Organization, and Leadership is the most preferred discipline.

Programs in this subject will prepare you to find the competitive edge that any businesses require to accomplish its goals.

These are some of the most popular global locations for this degree:

  • Management Master’s Degree in Germany
  • Management Master’s Degree in the United Kingdom
  • Management Master’s Degree in France

Master In Business Administration

The pinnacle for any business student looking to thrive in the current economy.

Business Administration, the third most popular study area, is the type of degree that will start preparing you to supervise a company’s performance and make big decisions about business strategies.

Try to pursue an MBA in countries such as:

  • MBA programs available in Australia
  • MBA programs in Denmark
  • MBA programs in Spain
  • Masters in International Relations

  Globalization is just the word, we reside in an interconnected world, and how we manage our relationships with other companies, foreign nations, and international organizations will decide our future.

Masters in International Relations are popular among international students because they offer a broad understanding of how political systems interact and their impact on society and politics.

Moreover, International Relations degrees equip learners for prestigious careers in government, diplomacy, and non-governmental organizations.

Keep an eye out for study programs in the following countries if you want to be a political superhero:

  • International Relations Master’s Degree in Germany
  • Belgian Master’s Degree in International Relations
  • International Relations Master’s Degree in France
  • Masters of International Relations in the United States

 Masters In Economics

Masters in Economics are focused on figuring out how and why societies become prosperous.

This discipline is popular among international students because it provides various career options and tends to range from business to research public administration, and even teaching.

Where should you apply for an Economics degree in another country? Investigate your choices in popular student locations such as:

  • Economics Master’s Degree in Canada
  • Economics Master’s Degree in the United Kingdom
  • Economics Master’s Degree in the Netherlands
  • Economics Master’s Degree in Lithuania
  • Masters in Psychology

The human mind is most likely the toughest puzzle to solve. This discipline, which is currently ranked sixth among international students, tends to attract them because it enables them to be a component of a developing science while also helping others.

The countries listed are popular for Psychology degrees:

  • Masters of Psychology in the United States
  • Norway Psychology Master’s Degree
  • Psychology Master’s Degree in the Netherlands
  • Ireland offers a Master of Psychology degree.
  • Master in International Business

 Now let’s get back to business. Subjects in the broad field of Business have seemed to be the most popular among international students. International Business, listed seventh on our list, is a searched degree because more and more businesses are going international.

Acknowledging how to make a company a global success or how to enhance a company’s relationships with foreign business partners is always a valuable asset in today’s economy. Obtain a highly qualified degree in this field in countries such as:

  • Master of International Business in the United Kingdom
  • International Business Master’s Degree in Germany
  • International Business Master’s Degree in Italy
  • International Business Master’s Degree in China

Masters In Biology

A degree in Biology continues to be popular among international students.

There are still large numbers of organisms to be discovered, as well as innumerable cures and medicines that can be developed using Biology.

The majority of English-taught Master’s degrees in Biology are obtainable in countries such as:

  • Biology Master’s Degree in Canada
  • Biology Master’s Degree in Norway
  • Swedish Biology Master’s Degree
  • Biology Master’s Degree in the United Kingdom 
  •  Masters in Engineering & Technology

Engineering degrees are also popular among international students.  Engineering, like Computer Science, is a defining and essential industry in our world.

It trains you to make sure that all of the devices and machines on which society relies every day work smoothly and enhance.

Apply to Engineering & Technology programs in popular places such as:

  • Engineering Master’s Degree in Turkey
  • Engineering Master’s Degree in Germany
  • Engineering Master’s Degree in Russia
  • Engineering Master’s Degree in the Czech Republic
  • Masters in Health Sciences

It’s always a great idea to safeguard and improve people’s lives. Health Sciences degrees, currently ranks 10th among the most popular study disciplines, prepare you not only to perform lab research, investigate diseases, or discover fresh treatments but also to provide care to patients in clinical settings.

Consider signing up for a Health Sciences degree program abroad in:

  • Master of  Health Sciences in Canada
  • Masters in Health Sciences in the United Kingdom
  • Swedish Master of Health Sciences
  • Master of Science in Health Sciences in Spain

Master’s Degree Requirements to be aware of before applying for a master Degree Program

There are basic requirements expected by anyone applying for Master’s Degree programs, here are a few requirements you need to  be aware of :

All master’s degrees necessitate the completion of a bachelor’s degree and an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0.

Many schools also necessitate entrance exams such as the GRE or GMAT. Some schools, require a minimum GPA of 2.75 or require you to take an entrance exam if you do not meet the GPA requirements.

Following that, you can expect to encounter a wide range of prerequisites, ranging from no course requirements to highly specific or technical courses that must be completed before beginning a master’s program.

Before applying to some master’s programs, specific bachelor’s degrees or courses must be completed. Other programs are more permissive. Here are few a typical examples of each.

  • M.S. in Accounting: Specific courses in intermediate accounting and auditing are required, but a bachelor’s degree in accounting is not required. 
  • M.S. in Computer Science: Courses in mathematics, operations systems, and computer science prepare students for a master’s degree in computer science. 
  • M.S. in Nursing: Nursing programs typically require a BSN, although some admit RNs who do not have a BSN.

Affordable Countries In Europe To Study A Master’s Degree Program

Obtaining a higher education abroad is a tremendous accomplishment and a life-changing experience, but it is frequently prohibitively expensive.

But what if you could completely eradicate the ‘high costs’ factor? You will find the perfect international location to continue pursuing your Master’s degree while profiting from low tuition and overall low living costs.


Germany is one of Europe’s top study destinations, with German universities well-known for providing world-class education and cutting-edge research opportunities as part of a Master’s program.

In Germany, you will find approximately 300 universities, with over 900 international Master’s degrees to choose from.

The cost of living in some German cities may be greater than in other European cities. Moreso, in terms of tuition fees, Germany is a very affordable country to obtain a Master’s Degree.


France is a popular study-abroad destination, particularly for students who are enamoured with French culture.

France is an affordable country to pursue a Master’s degree abroad, with countless higher education institutions present in over forty cities.


Lithuania, a lesser-known European country with over fifteen higher education institutions that also offer a large number of English-taught Master’s programs, welcomes over 3,000 international students each year.

Universities in Lithuania highlight both the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching, and students can continue pursuing educational, professional, or scientific/practical endeavours.


Portugal has five universities that are among the top 100 in the world, a significant presence for such a small country. Portuguese universities have a lengthy history of research and higher education, and they are a popular choice for international students.


Students can receive a high-quality academic education in Hungary, which offers a diverse range of study options, low living costs, and a vibrant cultural life.


Italy is a cheap place to live and visit, which attracts thousands of international students and tourists each year.

Students in Italy can enrol in a variety of appealing Master’s degrees while benefiting from affordable tuition fees and low living costs.


Signing up for a master’s degree program is a very exciting thing, and as such requires a whole lot of hard work put in to achieve success. In this article, you have been briefed on the criteria for a master’s degree program which you have to carefully look out for before trying to apply.

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