Matt Siegel Net Worth, Biography and Career

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Matt Siegel Net Worth
Matt Siegel Net Worth

Popular Name:Matt Siegel
Birth Name:Matt Siegel
Birth Date:27 March 1950
Birth Place:Spring Valley, New York, United States
Marital Status:Married
Maryann Spiegel
Profession:Radio Host
Years active:1972 till date
Net Worth:$4 million
Last Updated:2022


Matt Siegel is an American radio host. He is best known as the host of the radio show “Matty in the Morning Show” on KISS 108 in Massachusetts. The show has earned a legacy in Boston has been airing since 1981.

He has also co-hosted the show with a number of other radio hosts including Bill Rossi and Lisa Lipps. As of 2019, Billy Costa and Lisa Donovan are his co-hosts in “the Morning Show”. Read on for more disclosure on Matt Siegel net worth, biography, career, personal life, and family.

Matt Siegel’s Early Life

The notable radio host was born in Spring Valley, New York, in the United States on 27th March 1950. He first received attention as a high school student when he auditioned to emcee a school talent show.

Matt Siegel’s Career

Matt began to get popular as a high school student. He started to get noticed when he auditioned to emcee a talent show at his school. He did well at the auditions and got the emceeing gig and was eventually described as best suited for the microphone affair.

After completing high school, he worked as a tutor at Stony Brook University. During his time there, a professor was amused by his abilities and directed him to join show business.

Soon, he landed a radio host job at a station based in Oneonta, New York, working on a daytime shift. In 1972, he moved to Tucson to work with the underground progressive rock radio station KWFM-FM. When he quit radio broadcasting with the station, he became a voice-over announcer at Warner Bros Records while at the same time, working as a freelance producer.

In 1977, Matt Siegel decided to go on vacation in Boston. While he was there, he got a job opening with the radio channel WBCN-FM. At this time, a radio Disc Jocker of the “The Big Mattress”, Charles Laquidara, was on a leave, so Matt filled in for him.

After nearly two months into the morning show, Matt was confirmed as a permanent mid-day host on the channel. He worked with the station for about two and a half years.

Matt Siegel came up with a spoof call-in show known as “Dr. Matt’s Advice to the Love Lorn” while he was working with WBCN-FM. This qualified him for a new job at WCVB-TV as the host of the “Five All Night Live” show. Later on, he made a national appearance as a Co-host with Steve Allen on the show “Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments”.

In the summer of 1980, his career took a new direction, as he witnessed what turned out to become a big break in his career when he got a job offer at KISS 108 FM to work on the show “Matty in the Morning”. After getting the job offer at KISS, he started to host the show in 1981.

Since then, the show has been the top FM Morning Show in the whole of Boston as well as the most-rated show on KISS 108. According to Arbitron ratings, the show “Matty in the Morning” consistently ranks #1 for the past 20 years.

All along, his show has witnessed numerous celebrity guests including Bette Milder, Madonna, Lenny Clarke, Oprah Winfrey, Dustin Hoffman, Celine Dion, Barry Manilow, Cher, Christopher Reeve, Michael Fox, Ted Danson, Tom Hanks, Harry Connick, Ben Affleck, Rosie O’Donnell, and many others.

The show serves more than 450,000 listeners every week and has been consistently nominated as one of the country’s top DJs by Billboard Magazine. Through the show, Matt Siegel has been the opportunity to win a number of awards and honors, including radio’s highest honor; “the National Association of Broadcasters’ Marconi Award” as Morning Show Personality of the Year.

Awards & Honors

  • 2001 – Winner of the coveted National Association of Broadcasters’ Marconi Award
  • 2001 – Winner of the NAB Marconi Radio Awards
  • 2001 – January 12th was declared by the then Governor of Massachusett Paul Celluci as “Matty in the Morning” Day
  • 2009 – Winner of another Marconi Award
  • 2012 – Induction into Massachusetts Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame

Personal Life & Family

Matt Siegel is a happily married man. He is married to Maryann Siegel, who was caught in a riptide while snorkeling and almost died on 8th January 2013.

The couple has been blessed with four children, all daughters. Presently, Matt Siegel and his lovely wife Maryann live together in Newton, Massachusetts.

Physical Features

Matt Siegel is currently 71 years old. His hair color can be described as “salt and pepper”, and his eyes are light blue in color. The still very active radio presenter is 175cm tall and weighs 60kg.

Matt Siegel Net Worth

Matt Siegel is an American radio host. He is best known as the host of the radio show “Matty in the Morning Show” on KISS 108 in Massachusetts. This particular show has earned a legacy in Boston having been airing for thirty-nine years since 1981. So how much is Matt Siegel net worth and how much does he earn from his occupation as a radio host?

Salaries & Earnings

According to Celebritynetworth, Matt Siegel’s current contract with KISS FM 108 as the host of “Matty in the Morning Show” lets him bag around $66,000 as salary every month. This means that the renowned radio host carts away with a salary of around $800,000 at the end of every year for his professional services rendered to the radio station.

He has also been featured in a few commercials for which he definitely received paychecks, though, the value of these payments has never been made public.

Assets, Houses, Cars, Wealth

From his Twitter profile, it is known that the On Air Personality bought a beach house in Scituate, although he wanted to buy one in Worcester. However, the cost of this property is unknown.

Matt Siegel net worth is estimated at $4 million. Depending on the duration of his contract with KISS FM 108, this famed multiple award winner may well go on to top up his total worth even before he gets another contract, or decide to settle for retirement.


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