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Mbosso Biography, Career, Songs, Girlfriend, Net Worth And More

Mbosso biography is about a favorite upcoming Tanzanian musician.  His birth name is Joseph Kulungi. He was born and brought up in Kibiti, Tanzania to a mother who was a farmer and a father who was a tout. Mbosso grew up in a harsh environment, so he had to grow up to be tough. His parents were able to train him up till high school level.

Mbosso always had a passion for music during his growing years. Listening to big and famous musicians while growing, he sang with them demonstrating with his invisible musical instruments and microphone imagining himself singing to an invisible audience. Even while going to school, he was still hardworking helping his mother in her farming and also to sell the farm products they harvested.

Mbosso Biography

Due to his love and passion for music, Mbosso urged his parent to allow him to move to Dar es Salaam so he could pursue his dreams of becoming a musician and also be able to provide for his family to which his parents refused because of fear for his survival in a big city without any familiar person. He eventually succeeded in persuading his parents to let him go. Before he left,  his father gave him his shoes, and his mother prayed for his success and preservation.

Mbosso Biography
Mbosso Biography

Mbosso Career    –    Mbosso Biography

When he got to Dar es Salaam, it was not as he thought it would be, he had to struggled to get by every day since Mbosso knew no one in particular there and he had no phone to communicate with anyone. He was however discovered one fateful day by Mbubwa Fela who was the owner of Mkubwa na Wanawe Records, a music record label. Mbubwa Fela helped build him up and brought him together with three others to make up an all boy music band called Wakubwa na Wanawe which was later changed to Yamoto Band after their hit single ‘Yamoto.’  The group comprised of Beka Flavour, Aslay, Enock Bella and Mbosso (who was known then as Maramboso before Mbubwe Fela adviced him to change his name to something shorter). The band later broke up in 2016 due to irreconcilable differences involving money. The members of the band went solo, with Aslay and Beka Flavour’s solo careers taking off immediately.

The Yamoto Band separation hit Mbosso hard as he had not been in the Music Industry for long. This made him to decide to quit music, go back to Kibiti and continue as a farmer. Going back to Kibiti was worse than when he left and due to the scarcity of fertile land and lack of crops to cultivate. He started to indulge in some harmful activities like stealing. Mbosso was urged by several artists to leave farming and return to the music scene which he refused to do. He was later convinced by Rayvanny to come to Dar es Salaam to attend Diamond Platnumz brother (Romy Jones) wedding.

It seems fate was pushing him in the right direction as he was later signed on to WCB Records. It took Mbosso five months to complete an album for him to be recognized as a WCB artiste as is their practice.

During his time completing the album, he got involved in petty crimes due to his low income. It was during this time that he met a woman who fell in love with him so much that she wanted to introduce him to her parents. She was the inspiration to his song ‘Watakubali’ which was a hit when it was officially released. Mbosso was announced as a WCB artiste on the 29th of January 2018. His first single was ‘Acceptors,’ and it was released on the 28th of January 2018.

Mbosso Girlfriend    –   Mbosso Biography

The former Yamoto Band member is not married but has revealed that he has a baby mama, a Kenyan woman from Mombasa. Many rumors have also popped up that he might be sleeping with Diamond Platinumz sister, but he has so far denied all allegations.

Mbosso Biography
Mbosso Biography

Mbosso songs

  • Jibebe
  • Hodari
  • Nadekezwa
  • Nipepee
  • Alele
  • Ziipendwa
  • Watakubali
  • Shida
  • Picha Yake

Mbosso Net Worth

He is estimated to be worth about $ 100,000



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