Medical scholarships in south Korea for international students

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Medical scholarships in south Korea for international students

The Government of Korea has made a Scholarship Program available for International Students, which also includes medical scholarships in South Korea for international students.

It offers “non-Koreans” students and “overseas Koreans” the financing and chance to pursue undergraduate or graduate level courses in universities in the Republic of Korea. Provided they meet specific conditions in South Korea. 

They can get additional financial aid for learning Korean if a university requires it or if the scholarship recipient wants to. Over 3,000 participants across 148 countries have successfully participated in the scholarship program since its inception in 1967.

Why you should consider studying in south Korea

As an international student studying in south Korea, there Several benefits you’ll enjoy, some of them are discussed below 

This scholarship program aims at bringing in top talent from around the world and integrating them into South Korean society and culture. 

Upon being given the scholarship, each scholar typically studies the Korean language for one year in South Korea before beginning a two to four years college program, based on their level of study. In 2015, the scholarship program admitted about 820 students from 162 different nations.

The Korean government offers financial assistance to each scholar in the form of a monthly stipend. Students who are graduates receive about 900,000 KRW per month compared to undergraduate students’ 800,000 KRW. 

Additionally, at the start and finish of the program, NIIED covers students’ flight tickets in and out of the country where they come from. Each person also receives stipends and other benefits. International students have access to good education in Korea. The academic climate is quite competitive. Koreans place a high value on education, especially higher education. 

Academic competition is fierce in Korea, and students take their studies very seriously while still showing respect to their professors. The majority of the prominent universities in Korea are found in Seoul. Achievement in Korean society is viewed as requiring attendance at one of the universities.

For foreign students who are interested in studying in Korea, there are many different academic fields available. The arts and sciences are among the most widely known areas of study in Korea, followed closely by business-related degrees.

There are also a number of cultural- and language-based programs that will take you into the heart of South Korea. That Is  if you are also interested in the country’s culture or language. There are other unusual educational opportunities including a number of summer intensive Korean language programs.

There are Numerous job opportunities that will become available to you if you choose to study in South Korea. Employers around the world place a high value on graduates from Korean colleges. Additionally, you can be sure of having a secure future financially after graduation, thanks to South Korea’s remarkably stable economy.

The technology for Information and Communication in Korea is regarded as having some of the top information and communication technologies in the world. Korea is renowned for its prowess in robotics and information technology. You will be introduced to these technologies as an international student currently studying in Korea.

Providing you a significant advantage above other students once you begin your career. This also makes Korea a fantastic study destination for overseas students who are interested in technology.

Can international students work in south Korea

Working abroad can help push one beyond someone’s comfort zone and teach you how to interact with individuals from various cultural backgrounds. The fourth largest economy in Asia is in Korea, which also has a thriving technology and cultural industry. 

The idea of community and cohesiveness within a group is encouraged by South Korean culture. The workplace has a strong social component. Therefore, the concept of developing trust with coworkers is important to Koreans both inside and outside the workplace, such as during drinking sessions after work. 

In order to stay up with Koreans, you should anticipate going far beyond your own performance standards. Without a doubt, it will be a fruitful path of self improvement to do better. With a D2 or D-4 international student visa, you are permitted to work part-time in Korea as long as you adhere to the requirements set forth by the ministry of education of Korea. 

Continue reading to learn more about some rules you need to be aware of. You must first seek approval from the person in full control of the overseas students at your school before beginning any part time work. 

Then, you must go to the immigration department to apply for a part-time work license. After six months, students in Korea could only work part-time jobs. Pay attention before signing on the appointment letter since there are limitations on the kinds of positions you can accept as a student.

Undergraduates can work for about 20 hours on weekdays, while those taking post graduate courses can work for about 30 hours during weekdays.And there are no limit to the number of hours to work during a break or a vacation 

Students must not misuse their student visas and must not work in Korea illegally or partake in any illegal or unpleasant activities. 

If this is discovered, violators will also have their visas revoked and, depending on the offense, may also face charges in court. Serious cases can also eventually face deportation and a ban on entering South Korea. 

There are types of part time jobs that students can take and some of them are, service industry jobs such as tour guides, Interpretation and translation services, waiters and waitresses in restaurants, office assistants, and salesperson.

There are some types of part time jobs that students are prohibited from taking such as, bars with adult entertainment, construction, private instructors, jobs in casinos, etc.

There are some necessary documents which students applying for a part-time job should posses, they include Application form, passport, and alien registration card.

A recommendation letter for part-time employment, transcript, or attendance certificate are also included. If there is a change in your workplace, you should remember to visit the Immigration Department to notify them of the changes, this should be within 15 days of the change.

Medical scholarships in south Korea for international students

Based on their standing and research in the field, these are the universities in South Korea for medicine that also award scholarships to international students. 

Seoul National University

In 1946, Seoul National University was established. The Gwanak campus in Seoul is the primary location of the South Korean National University. 

It also contains campuses dedicated to medicine and agricultural research and teaching. International and domestic students pay the same amount for tuition, which varies by subject. 

Additionally, international students can take part in a work-study program where they spend 40–60 hours per month working on campus. For undergraduates, campus accommodation is available. 

For more information visit  Seoul National University

Yonsei University

This university was established in 1957. The Sinchon campus in Seoul serves as the primary campus for the South Korean university, which has several others as well. 

International and local students at Yonsei pay the same tuition rates, which vary depending on the course of study. They also offer scholarships for international students.

For more information visit Yonsei University

 Korea University

In 1905, Korea University was established as a private institution. The institution was first known as Bosung College until getting its present form in 1946. They offer different courses and programs in medicine.

There are certain government and university sponsored scholarships available for non-Korean students, and tuition is the same for both native and foreign students.

For more information check Korea University

Sungkyunkwan University

The Sungkyunkwan University, usually referred to as SKKU, was established in 1398 by royal order under the Joseon Dynasty. 

International and domestic students pay the same tuition, which varies according to the academic subject. There are scholarships offered to foreign medical students, as well as academic scholarships from SKKU where the award amount is based on the student’s GPA. 

Both campuses offer university housing for graduate and undergraduate students.

Visit sungkyunkwan university for more information 

Catholic University of Korea

The Catholic University of Korea became a reality in 1855. It is a private, Roman Catholic college of higher learning located in Seoul, South Korea. 

They offer different courses including science and medicine courses, scholarships are also available for international students.

For more information visit catholic university of korea

Eligibility for international studying in south Korea

  • Both the candidate and his or her parents must be nationals of another country. It is not possible to participate in such activities if you are a Korean citizen.
  • To remain in Korea for just a long period of time, applicants must be in good physical and mental condition.
  • Preference may be given to applicants who are currently working as university professors in developing nations.
  • Candidates must be younger than 40 at the time of selection.
  • Grades of 80% or higher from the previous institution, must be maintained by applicants
  • Applicants who are fluent in English or Korean should provide proof.
  • Candidates who apply for programs in natural technology and science might receive preference.

Basic documents you need to apply for a south Korean scholarship

Below are the documents required for applying a scholarship in south Korea

  • An application letter is compulsory , an applicant must endeavor to write an application letter to his or her preferred Choice of school.
  • A letter introducing yourself, go through it severally to correct errors, applicants should go straight to the point.
  • A Recommendation letter is needed, if it is from a prominent and well known person, that would be an added advantage.
  • Medical reports are important so that the state of your health condition will be known.
  • Proof of citizenship and a valid means of identification.
  • Parents proof of citizenship and means of identification 
  • English proficiency test results, it will be an added advantage to application 
  • A recent passport photograph of the applicant 

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