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mercy chinwo biography

This article covers Mercy Chinwo biography and other facts about her. The award-winning and multi-talented Mercy Nnenda Chinwo popularly known as Mercy Chinwo is a beautiful Nigerian born singer, songwriter, and actress. She is a very graceful lady who rose to stardom as she won the second season of the 2012 Nigerian Idol competition sponsored by Etisalat and Pepsi.

Mercy Chinwo Biography

Mercy was born on 5th September 1990 in Port Harcourt, Rivers state and she is the first daughter in a polygamous home. She lost her dad at a young age and decided to take up her musical career after he died.

This wonderful vocalist didn’t just appear from the blues, she grew up from one stage to another. First singing in the children’s choir, before moving on to the adult choir and then performing as a backup singer for awesome gospel music artists like Preye Odede, Buchi, Sammie Okposo, Joe Praize and Chris Morgan.

She is not known to disappoint her fans with her soul lifting songs even from her very first album she released in 2015 entitled “Testimony”  which was produced by Rotimi Keys. She has so far released other motivating songs like “Igwe”  which was released a year after testimony. In 2017, she dropped some awesome singles that make people become spirit-filled when listening to these songs. Mercy like I said, no dey disappoint.

Her songs; On a regular, No more pain, Eze, Omeka Anaya, Testimony, Love expression, Incredible God etc and her popular hit song Excess love including her latest track Chinedum can all be downloaded online.

Mercy Chinwo Acting Career

Mercy has also featured in many movies. This was began a year after winning the Nigerian Idol Show. She was starred in the multiple awards winning movie, House of Gold and acted alongside major Nigerian and Ghanaian artists including Francis Odega, Yvonne Nelson, Ice Prince, Majid Michael, and Omawumi.

Mercy Chinwo Songs

  • Excess Love
  • No More Pain
  • Igwe
  • Chinedum
  • Omekannaya
  • Regular
  • Bor Ekom
  • Imenem
  • Incredible God
  • Eze
  • Testimony
  • Love Expression
  • Inhedinma
  • Receive it
  • With All My Heart
  • Power Belongs to Jesus
  • I Am
  • Responsibility
  • Receive
  • Akamdinelu
  • Obinasom
  • Na You Dey Reign
  • Onememma
  • No More Pain
  • Udeme
  • Kosi
  • Tasted of Your Power
  • Strong Power

Mercy Chinwo Husband

Mercy Chinwo got married to Pastor Blessed in August 2022. According to her, getting married to Pastor Blessed was the best decision she made after salvation. She went on to hail the cleric as a man “filled with grace and truth”. The singer wrote, “I can’t contain my joy and excitement”.

Mercy Chinwo Net worth

Although she is fairly new to the music scene. Her voice does wonders to your morning devotions earning her a significant spot in the industry. She is currently worth an estimated  $150,000


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  • Thanks a lot for this unique information. I really love and happy for this great and awesome singer Mercy Chinwo. I hope and pray to one day set my eyes on her live that my dream of seeing her will come to pass. I love you very much my beautiful role model.

    • I much agree with you Samuel that Mercy Chinwo is a gifted and prolific gospel artist and she is only getting started.It not so hard to set eyes on her as she performs in a lot of churches and concerts. just look out for when she is coming to your city or location and your dreams will come true.

    • Samuel you are very right she has potentials and passion for singing , and I want to be like her some day ,she has an angelic and natural melodious voice
      I look forward to meet you one day my mentor and role model Keep up
      More Grace,blessing and voice

    • Well we will see how we can help with that. What city are you based in? She tours a lot and ministers in churches within and outside the country. Let us know where you are based so we can try on our own part to see if we could get hold of her itinerary.

      • U really are a gift. Thank u so much for all the Christian songs u sing. Ur voice is wonderful and I pray the Almighty takes u higher as u continue to sing in His wonderful presence.
        Chinedum is a wonderful song, and many others., but chinedum captivates my heart. Thank u. Mercy

    • May God Almighty keep you in life sis. Mercy. You are a blessing to this generation and a generation to come. I’m always bless listening to your soul lifting songs. I pray a God fearing man to marry you.

    • Amen oh. She will definitely go places and this is just the beginning for her. In the next few years I see her becoming one of the biggest gospel artists coming out from Africa.

  • Wow it’s really nice knowing about her I love her so much she was the one who gave me inspiration to write my first song ? I love her so much and I love to be like her I just wish I can see her

  • I love all mercy chinwo music and besides my spirit really connect spiritually her powerful convincing voice really lift me up and break all barriers of negativity….oh how i love her music.I listen other gospel music from all region but there’s none that that feel so connected to me lìke mercy chinwo god sent inspirational uplifting music ;i can listen all day long….morning….evening….night????

  • I call her my mummy and mentor… I love mercy chinwo so much.. For Everytime I listen to her song, there is this atmosphere at that moment……As a young music artist am looking up to her. Will definitely sing with her….

  • I love all Mercy Chinwo’s songs. They are edifying, motivating and inspiring. May God bless you and bless the womb that gave birth to you, amen. You an asset.
    More grace and annointing, l pray. I love you, my sister.

  • Your songs turn’s my spirit on MA, can’t help get emotional when listening to your songs. May God take you higher. I love you. Your biggest fan. Music is my passion.

    • I love her songs. She well loaded with God’s gift I pray for more Grace, Anointing upon her life and career
      God richly bless you
      You are a great role model

  • I call her my role model and i believe someday i will see her, i even have her pictures, i don’t just know o but whenever i hear her songs it always impacts my life. My big sis am seriously training my voice to be like yours and equally praying 4 u that u will never fail and u will never fall . God that has started this good work in your life he will complete and i also pray that all heart desires the lord will answer them all. Love u role model.

  • I love her songs. She well loaded with God’s gift I pray for more Grace, Anointing upon her life and career
    God richly bless you
    You are a great role model

  • I love her songs. She is well loaded with God’s gift and I pray for God’s abundant Grace, Favour and Anointing upon her life and career
    God richly bless you
    You are my great role model

  • I love u so much Mercy chinwo n I pray God continue to lead u through think n thin. U are forever my role modem?❤️

  • I love her so much and look up to her as NY role model, may God continue to bless you and uplift you ma. Well done

  • I love listening to her songs, Its boast My Spirit. may the good Lord keep’s blessing you with more songs, and attain to all your secret prayers. I love you Darling

  • According to your records, her date of birth you gave us is incomplete. Secondly, you didn’t say anything about her academic success.

    • Hello Walter, thank you for your observations. The date of birth has been updated but we have no credible information on her educational achievements at the moment. We will update as soon as we have this information. Regards EB

  • Shes indeed unique…. I got so much love for her..I’ve watch her performed once at the experience 14…and that was a day I will never forget…..Mercy Chinwo I Love You

  • A phenomenal woman. My role model in gospel music. You have really taught me a lot. I hope to sing alongside you one day. Thank you mercy chinwo. God bless you.

  • Mercy Nnenda Chinwo I love your humility, your charisma and your love for God from your tender age. I respect you. I pray for you today that you will not miss it in life. You will make Heaven. More Grace upon your life in Jesus Name. Keep doing what you know how to do best “Impacting lives positively”. Love the more after Bor Ekom!

  • Mercy Chinwo. U came at the right time and released the songs needed to always make me happy especially that very special song to me CHINEDUM. I no dey play with that song o. It was like u specially dedicated it to me. God i can play that song a hundred times with my phone a day. I love that song and i love u. I also love that Spirit that inspired u and pronounced u to the whole world. Keep doing exploits for Jesus and establish his kingdom here on earth. Seriously we need to depopulate hell sharp-sharp if not satan wont take his chances of stealing more souls lightly and populating hell. God bless u and keep u.

  • Mercy Nnenda Chinwo I love your humility, your charisma and your love for God from your tender age. I respect you. I pray for you today that you will not miss it in life. You will make Heaven. More Grace upon your life in Jesus Name. Keep doing what you know how to do best ” God of heaven and Earth must surely keep you, protect you, preserve you all the days of your life l really love you chinwo

  • I love this lady with passion..that her song omekannaya, excess love and I am that i super great..
    I pray may God continue increasing her spiritually, and abstain her from pride..that she will forever be lifted by heaven..

  • My love for mercy is massive, she is such an anointed and spirit filled minister, I celebrate her greatly. More heights, grace and achievement dear sis.

  • She’s indeed an incredible singer with her angelic voice…..her songs uplifts one soul
    I pray for more grace n God’s blessings on her

  • Its for the very first time as a Piano Lady I fall in love with a singer this bad I just love you sister Mercy and I pray that God guides you all the way your voice is the best ..

  • She was born at Portharcourt, River State Nigeria. Does that imply that she is from my own River state? I would like to know where is is from ie her town and state of origin.

  • I really love mercy, she is my role model, her songs re something I can’t stay without, I really wish I can someday say hi good day my role model to her face to face to her, my sweet role model the sky is ur limits, greater u I pray.

  • She is my best gospel singer. Play her songs back to back and they are soul lifting. Love you my songstar

  • The only thing I can say is that, God is solidly with her, and obviously he wants her to be known via her worship.

    May your oil stay fresh

  • Love her so much. Her Music inspires me a lot n had to look for her details. God bless you Mercy Chinwo

  • Despite i prefer reading comments but i can’t avoid appreciating Gods Grace upon your life. I like her looks, voice and the inspiration that her music comes with, i pray that the almighty God will enlarge your ministry and make your voice a power to reckon with all over the world. Please Mercy don’t forget to stay and remain HUMBLE. Hoping to see you someday. Admin am in Abuja, you can help to update me with her visit to this place. God be with us all.

    • More grace my role model much love i gat for you and your songs. I wish I have the opportunity to learn from you for u to train me up much love may the blessings keep on flowing with you more knowledge to sing

  • She is a super talented person ..who is healing soul and bringing more lifes to CHRIST…..long live Chinwo Mercy

  • Mercy Chinwo u’re my role model, I love your songs and passion for God, u pray for more anointing upon your life in Jesus name amen.

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