Migrating your Data from on Old iPhone to your new one

admin May 22, 2018
Updated 2020/12/06 at 7:27 AM
Migrating your Data from on Old iPhone to your new one

The dream of most mobile phone users is to plan for an upgrade of their current mobile device to the latest one mostly due to varying motives, a need for better camera features, more battery power, faster processing speed, larger screen display or simply luxury. It is only normal to see existing users of the Apple iPhone crave for an upgrade to keep enjoying more smash innovations from the stable of Apple Co. and hence would ordinarily move data between the old and new iPhones. Here’s how:

One can either use the iCloud backup, which has been made available to iPhone users since 2011, especially when it was activated on the old iPhone device. It comes very handy in ensuring that your personal content is continuously backed up to the cloud. But the iCloud backups have most times proved a little tedious while restoring / transferring it to a new phone even over solid network broadband.

Migrating your Data from on Old iPhone to your new one

For today, we will be learning to transfer data via iTunes on a computer running Windows OS or MacOS.

  1. Get your old phone and new phone nearby and a fitting cable for sync. (N/B: If you bought the new phone second hand, you would need to ensure the former owner has logged out of iCloud since Apple uses iCloud logins as a form of theft protection. This means that until the erstwhile owner logs out, the iCloud functionality would be locked out to you.
  2. Back Up your Old iPhone device on your computer by launching iTunes in your PC and plug in your old iPhone with the cable to sync into a USB port on the computer. You will typically get two messages if you’ve previously connected your phone on your computer or created backup before, a) Set up as a new iPhone or b) Restore from this backup (if there are backups on the computer already).

Ordinarily, the first option allows you to create a new profile in iTunes for your phone.

  1. Look for the mobile device icon in the navigation bar and tap on it. Under this, some options would appear, search for the Backups section. In this section, make sure you check the Encrypt iPhone Backup in the markup box by the left hand side before clicking Backup Now. This is to ensure that your data is backup up appropriately.
  2. Once you have clicked on Back Up Now, wait a few minutes as iTunes stirs through your device and backs up your data to the hard drive. Once the process is completed, “safely remove” your old phone.
  3. Next step, plug your new phone using the sync cable, and wait for it to be recognized by iPhone. You will see your new phone would be registered as a new device. In the Welcome to Your New iPhone screen, click on the option “Restore from this backup” and check that the selected backup is the one you made of your old phone. Tap Continue as soon as you have confirmed the correct backup.
  4. Now wait for all your old data to be copied into your new phone. Once the process is complete, a pop up message would come up indicating that your device will restart.
  5. After the restart, iTunes will some checks to ensure your iOS is up-to-date and other health checks. Once done, you’re good to start using your new phone with all your contacts, personal data and apps now on your new phone.

I hope this helps, Cheers!!

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