Mike Smith Net Worth, Radio Career, TV career

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Mike Smith Net Worth
Mike Smith Net Worth


Popular Name:Mike Smith
Real Name:Michael George Smith
Birth Date:April 23rd, 1955
Birth Place:Romford, Essex, England
Age:59 years old 
Weight:54 kg
Marital Status:Married
Spouse(s):Elizabeth Sarah Greene
Profession:Television and Radio Presenter, Racing Driver, Pilot, Businessman
Years active:1992–2014
Net Worth:1 Million Euros
Last Updated:2022


Welcome here if Mike Smith net worth is what you are searching for!

Michael George Smith popularly called Mike Smith was a 59-year-old English television and radio presenter, racing driver, pilot, and successful businessman born on April 23rd, 1955 in Romford, Essex, England.

In this article, we’re going to let you know exactly what the multi-career man Mike Smith net worth is and in addition feed you with detailed shreds of information like his biography, radio career, tv career, racing career, piloting career as we as his business career so you can know him well.

Mike Smith Biography

Just before we dive into revealing Mike Smith net worth, we would give you a brief biography of Mike Smith as earlier promised.

Michael George Smith popularly called Mike Smith(Smitty) was a 59-year-old English television and radio presenter, racing driver, pilot, and successful businessman born on April 23rd, 1955 in Romford Essex, England.

Mike Smith stands 5 feet high and weighs 54 kilograms.

His Zodiac or birth sign is Taurus.

His father worked at Ford Motor and lived in the early 1960s.

Mike Smith had his early education at Ballyholme Primary School in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Mike Smith attended also Bangor Grammar School shortly after and thereafter left for King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford.

At King Edwards VI Grammar School, Mike Smith served as the resident DJ at the school’s Friday night sixth-form disco.

Some other vital personal pieces of information, especially about his family, aren’t made known to the public not even in any interviews even while he was yet alive.

Concerning relationship and love life, Mike Smith got married to Elizabeth Sarah Greene, a TV presenter.

The couple has no children even till Mike Smith’s death.

Mike Smith suffered major heart surgery complications and passed on in August 2014 in Harefield Hospital, Harefield, United Kingdom, at the age of 59, leaving behind his beloved wife of 25 years Sarah Greene.

Mike Smith Radio Career

Radio career was a major contributing factor to Mike Smith net worth since he earns a good amount of money hosting radio shows.

Mike Smith (Smitty) started his career as a broadcaster at Chelmsford Hospital Radio before he joined BBC Radio 1 in 1975.

Mike Smith joined BBC Radio 1 as a freelance producer and presenter.

Mike Smith’s job included promotions and production for the Radio 1 Roadshow, Quiz Kid, and a majority of daytime network shows.

As a standby DJ that Mike Smith was, he occasionally broadcasted when live outside broadcasts failed.

In June 1978, Mike Smith joined London’s Capital Radio and introduced, and presented a variety of shows that ran up till July 1980 when he emerged as the breakfast show presenter.

Mike Smith returned to BBC Radio 1 in 1982, where he was presenting a weekday early show from 6 am to 7 am and as well a Saturday-morning show.

In 1983, Mike Smith fully took over the weekday lunchtime show which aired from 11.30 am to 2 pm.

Mike Smith hosted the show until March 1984, when he briefly left to present BBC Breakfast Time.

Again, Mike Smith returned to Radio 1 in May 1986 and took over from Mike Read on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show which was aired from 7.00 to 9.30 am.

Mike Smith remained on the show for roughly two years and thereafter left Radio 1 finally in 1988.

During an interview session with Chris Moyles in a BBC documentary that was aired in May 2010, Mike Smith admitted that he really missed being on the radio, but not television.

Mike Smith TV Career

Mike Smith had a successful TV career and hosted numerous shows on tv.

Mike Smith was one of BBC TV‘s presenters at Live Aid in 1985.

He co-founded Comic Relief and presented at several of the charity’s TV shows.

Mike Smith served as a presenter at BBC TV’s Railwatch, which was aired live for five consecutive days in February 1989.

Mike Smith’s other large outside broadcasts included Hospital Watch, Airport Watch, and as well BBC coverage of the Royal Tournament.

While Mike Smith presented for BBC, he was asked to sign a license extension that would allow the BBC to reprise the Top of the Pops episodes that he had previously presented.

Mike Smith refused to sign the license extension, the BBC, however, continued to respect his wishes following his death and as a result omitted the episodes that he was featured from the reprise run on BBC Four.

In 2004, Mike Smith founded Flying TV, a company providing aerial filming services to broadcasters which he was the Managing Director till his demise.

Mike Smith throughout his TV career had presented various TV shows among whose notable ones are as follows:

  • Thames TV’s CBTV,
  • BBC1 entertainment magazine, and music chart shows Top of the Pops from 1982 to 1988
  • Show Business in 1983
  • Friday’s People from 1985 to 1987
  • Noel Edmonds’ The Late, Late Breakfast Show from 1984 to 1986
  • That’s Showbusiness (1989 to 1996)
  • Julian Clary’s Trick or Treat for ITV.

Mike Smith Piloting

Mike Smith was a trained and qualified helicopter pilot who has flown different air crafts.

Some time ago, Mike Smith and his then-girlfriend later turned wife, Sarah Greene sustained severe injuries in September 1988 when the Robinson R22 Beta helicopter with registration number G-SMIF he was piloting crashed in Gloucestershire.

Mike Smith incurred an apparent unrecoverable loss of engine power whilst circling to reconnoiter an unfamiliar landing site.

The couple, Mike Smith and Sarah Greene however survived, but Sarah Greene broke both legs and one of her arms while Mike Smith suffered a broken back and ankle.

They weren’t criticized nor exonerated by Air Accidents Investigation Branch as the case may be.

It was however concluded after prior investigations that examination of the helicopter which included flight control, fuel, engine control, dynamic systems, and the engine itself that there weren’t any failures at all to have resulted in a loss of rotor speed.

Mike Smith Racing Career

Mike Smith began driving at the age of 8 and raced at the age of 14 in grass track events, building his own cars.

In 1972, Mike Smith at age 17 passed his test and took up motorsports in racing, rallying, and rallycross.

In 1976, Mike Smith moved further to Formula Ford 2000 with the Patrick Head-designed Sark.

Aside from racing, Mike Smith also served as a motorsport commentator, majorly at Brands Hatch, and also ran the marketing operation while he was 21 years of age as a result that he took interest in broadcasting.

Even while he was still broadcasting, in 1987, Mike Smith raced in several British Touring Car Championship races, driving a newly homologated Sierra Cosworth.

At the British Touring Car Championship in 1988, Mike Smith raced alongside Frank Sytner which whom he had often had a clash with a BMW M3.

Mike Smith won the Willhire 24 Hour at Snetterton in 1986, racing with a Ford Escort RS Turbo.

Mike Smith got some notable commendations from Veteran commentator Murray Walker who in his words remarked that Mike Smith “guaranteed action by the bucket load”.

In 1989, Mike Smith launched a BTCC team he named Trakstar with Robb Gravett and Malcolm Swetnam.

The team ran two Sierra Cosworths, which were imported from the Australian Touring Car stable of Dick Johnson.

In 1990, while Mike Smith was still struggling to recover from his helicopter crash, Gravett fought hard and emerged as runner-up in Group A.

However, in 1990, in favor of Robb Gravett, the loss of a major sponsor was that only one car could be run, and that was raced by Robb Gravett who emerged as champion.

Ever since then and until his death, Mike Smith never competed in any race again.

Mike Smith Business Career

Another factor in Mike Smith net worth is his business career.

Mike Smith in all his careers is as well business minded and had ventured into different businesses among whose notable ones are as follows:

  • In 2004  Mike Smith founded Flying TV, a company aimed at providing aerial filming services to broadcasters.
  • Mike Smith has also served as a Managing Director and has often acted as an aerial cameraman.

Mike Smith Net Worth

There’s no doubt anywhere that Mike Smith net worth was a huge fortune, especially after putting together all his earnings from radio and tv shows, and the cash prizes won while he was still into active car racing.

After he died, some reliable reports had it that Mike Smith net worth was 2 million Euros since that was exactly what he left in his account for his wife.


So many people often described Mike Smith as superman and that is what he really is, being that he was very effective in diverse capacities and careers.

So many people across the globe really felt the impact of his death as they miss his incredible and lovely personality.

Whenever he appeared on any show or host a show, Mike Smith would always portray elegance and beautiful public speaking skills.

The isn’t any doubt that Mike Smith net worth would have really gone up but not for his demise.



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