Mohbad successfully passed NECO in one attempt – Former Principal

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The former principal claims he does not understand why Mohbad joined forces with Naira Marley, as the artist had successfully passed NECO in one attempt.

Abidemi Faboye, the owner and headmaster of Abifab College in Ikorodu, Lagos, where Ilerioluwa Aloba, known as Mohbad, attended, shares his memories of the late singer with GRACE EDEMA.

What can you say about Mohbad?

I first met him when he joined my school in 2013. His older sister, Blessing, had also graduated from our school that year. Mohbad was transferred from a public school, and he was a reserved young boy. He was tall and slender at the time. It was only in the years following secondary school that he gained weight.

How old was he when he enrolled in your school?

He was a 17-year-old student who displayed a level of maturity beyond his peers. In 2015, he successfully wrote and passed the National Examination Council senior secondary certificate exam in a single attempt. During his two-year stay in the school, there was a noticeable transformation in his life.

While I preferred to be addressed as ‘Abifab’ or ‘Mr. Abifab’ by my students, he found it challenging to call me by those names and instead affectionately referred to me as ‘daddy’.

Despite my insistence on being called ‘Abifab’, he would simply laugh it off. As a student in the commercial class, he achieved very good results, although I wouldn’t consider him outstanding, he consistently performed above average.

He had an easygoing nature and rarely indulged in playful activities, choosing to avoid causing any disturbances.

He wanted to study Accounting, and I told him there was no way he could do that without mathematics. So, he improved in mathematics and financial accounting.

Did you know he was a member of the Marlian group?

When I heard that he was a member of the Marlian group, I was surprised. I doubted if he could cope with such group. Although he was mature, I felt he must have mixed with a few others who joined the record label. I prayed that God would be with him, because after he left school, we did not communicate regularly.

Did he show any sign of his musical talent while he was in school?

We were all taken aback, myself included, when we learned about Imole. The news of Uncle Promise transforming into Mohbad came as a complete surprise. Personally, I was not acquainted with afrobeats music until my daughter informed me of the change. Intrigued, I reached out to him on Messenger, and from there, he shared his contact number with me. Imole’s father, a carpenter and pastor, played a significant role in his life as he frequently assisted him and learned the craft of carpentry in the process.

If those of us who were aware of his problems with his record label had spoken to him, I believe God would have made him listen. It is important to note that not all musicians are associated with criminal activity, and he was one of those musicians.

During that difficult period, he was not confiding in the right people. He should have involved his biological parents, especially his mother, who is alive but separated from his father. His father had remarried. However, he did make an effort to reconcile his parents before his untimely death.

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