Reasons Why Some Smartphones Have Multiple Cameras

admin May 28, 2018
Updated 2019/11/27 at 4:46 AM
Multiple Cameras

Modern Day High-end smartphones almost always feature multiple cameras module and lenses design that is sometimes aimed at trying to be unique amongst other competitors. Dual lens rear camera is usually seen as a luxury feature inherent in most expensive phones e.g. the Famous iPhone X. This article aims at enlightening its readers on the essence of configuring dual lens cameras as against the conventional mono-lens. There are varying reasons why manufacturers would configure a Duo-lens rear camera design and we would want you to learn these.

Reasons Why Some Smartphones Have Multiple Cameras

  1. Optimal Color sensors and Monochrome

Two different cameras, in some phone models, are usually dispensed to take color and monotonous images. It doesn’t result in two images but a single photo with optimum balance in color tones (Black &White and color).  This is possible through the image processing software inherent in the phone which achieves most of the background magic. The varying properties of the monochrome camera can also allow the phone to focus better and adjust the preview accurately to get clearer and finer picture detail.

Examples of phones that have multiple cameras that multitask in such ways are: Huawei P9, P10 P20 and P20 Pro, Honor 8 and 9 etc.

  1. The Binary Zoom Capability

Most average smartphones produced at least from 2years ago till date have been configured with remarkable new capabilities but not super zoom proficient. The multiple cameras lens feature can assuage this matter to a good extent. The secondary lens in high-end smartphones can be set to a somewhat further than average zoom level and is typically set at different F-stop rate which is the ratio of the aperture to the diameter of the camera lens. Here, image processing software combines multiple images and through a special inherent Artificial intelligence property, is able to produce sharp photos even when captured with the furthest zoom level.

Examples of Phones that fall under this category: Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus and X, LG G4, G5, G6 etc.

  1. Combo for Better Productivity

We would all agree two is better at performing a given job for time efficiency and better results. Dual Lens cameras are better at varying tasks while a long lens can better capture objects in a far distance, a wide-angle lens with low-aperture would capture a sharper image placed close by. Therefore when configured together, they can work simultaneously to produce both a clear image that is placed in a close distance and another placed in a far distance. This is also achieved with the inherent image processing software, which combines its prowess with the fortes of both lenses to give a resultant image that is clearer, sharper and well-toned that either lens would not have achieved alone.

Examples of Phones that fall under this category are: iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S9, Huawei Honor 8 etc.

These are the basic reasons why you have multiple cameras installed on modern day smartphones, simply to achieve better image results and especially with the expertise of the image processing software integrated in the mobile device.

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