Scholarships For African Students Pursuing Degrees In Music

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph February 22, 2024
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music scholarship for African students

Going for a college degree can come with a hefty price tag, especially for those studying music. Music students might face extra expenses such as instrument maintenance for instrumentalists or special vocal training. Graduating high school seniors can cut costs by exploring various scholarships offered by colleges or universities.

Here’s a roundup of scholarships tailored for music education students to kick start their academic journey in music.

There are diverse scholarships available, including full-tuition scholarships, an art grant, and financial aid programs for deserving students seeking assistance to pursue higher education. Explore further for scholarships and resources aimed at supporting your pursuit of a music education.

What Do Music Scholarships Entail?

Music scholarships are monetary grants provided to students pursuing music studies, whether they are focusing on performance, education, or business aspects of the field. Recipients may include music education or music business majors, instrumentalists, vocalists, as well as students enrolled in performing arts, music composition, choral music, or related programs at the college level.

High school seniors aspiring to pursue a music education or performing arts degree face a unique application process. Unlike other majors, they must apply separately to both the college or university and the music school.

This means they not only have to pay regular application fees but also contend with additional expenses related to preparing for and auditioning for the music school.

To mitigate these financial burdens, music scholarships play a crucial role, especially when multiple auditions are required. These scholarships provide vital support in covering the extra costs associated with pursuing higher education in the field of music.

What Constitutes Eligibility For A Music Scholarship?

A music scholarship is any scholarship designed specifically for students in the field of music. Typically, these scholarships involve presenting an audition piece to demonstrate the student’s musical talents, although there are also opportunities that may require essays or alternative types of submissions.

Different Kinds Of Scholarship Available For Music Students

There are various avenues through which music and performing arts students can secure financial assistance. Some scholarships cater specifically to those in the field of music, while others are open to all students.

Merit-Based Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded based on a student’s skill and talent rather than financial need. To qualify, students must demonstrate exceptional musical abilities. For instance, choral music students may provide a record of their participation in various musical groups, such as music clubs or church music ministries, or undergo an audition process.

Private Scholarships

These scholarships are funded by businesses, organizations, or clubs to help cover educational expenses. They may be available at the local, regional, or national level, depending on the sponsoring entity’s scope and reach.


In academia, despite focusing on music studies, aspiring students must adhere to the university’s application procedures for music schools. Consequently, they remain eligible for academic scholarships offered by their institution. These scholarships are contingent upon the student’s scholarly accomplishments, typically determined by their GPA or standardized test scores.

Scholarships For African Students Pursuing Degrees In Music

Scholarship In Music And Arts Honoring Patrick Copney

This scholarship, dedicated to commemorating Patrick Copney’s profound passion for music and art, aims to award two students with $1,000 each. Eligible applicants must be first-generation college students pursuing a degree in music or the arts (specifically music majors), and they must be African-American high school or undergraduate students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in New York.

Scholarship For Music And Art From The WCEJ Thornton Foundation

This scholarship aims to foster an inclusive artistic community where the talents of every artist are valued, irrespective of their background or cultural heritage. In pursuit of this vision, it offers financial support of $1,000 each to five high school seniors transitioning to college, who are pursuing arts education at the higher level.

The Carl Scholarship For Music’s Importance

This scholarship aims to inspire graduating high school seniors with musical aspirations to follow their creative ambitions. It will grant one student $1,000 to assist with college or university expenses.

Scholarship In Memory Of Jacob Naumann

This scholarship aims to support dedicated college students who are committed to pursuing a future in music or music-related programs, as a tribute to Jacob Naumann’s life. Eligibility extends to high school seniors, juniors, and graduate students currently attending a college or university in Missouri or Illinois, as well as undergraduate students in Missouri or Illinois. The scholarship offers a $2,000 award.

Scholarship In Memory Of Grant Woolard

The intention of this scholarship is to commemorate Grant Woodard’s passion for music by granting $1300 to a student who is studying music or a foreign language. Eligibility extends to high school students, undergraduates, and graduate students enrolled in a music education program.

Scholarship By Bold Optimists

Are you able to maintain a cheerful demeanor despite challenges? If so, you could win $500 as a reward for your positivity. This scholarship, perfect for last-minute applications from high school seniors, requires a brief essay.

Scholarship By Affordable College Prep

Requesting scholarships and financial assistance can be a time-consuming endeavor, particularly for those new to the process or those who have not yet had success in securing scholarships. For high school students who have yet to receive a scholarship, this particular opportunity entails composing an essay discussing insights gained from the application experience, offering a chance to win $500.

The MHM Scholarship

Leaders may encounter challenges as well. This scholarship aims to assist students who have addressed their mental well-being and participate in community activities. It offers $500 and is open to high school, college, or graduate students who have faced and conquered mental health difficulties.

The ProjectGiveBack Scholarship

This scholarship aims to recognize young Black women who have shown outstanding leadership abilities and a dedication to supporting the Black community. Two deserving recipients will be selected by a panel of Black women to receive a $2,000 financial prize, divided equally between them.

How Can One Discover Scholarships For Music That They Can Apply To?

Searching for scholarships can be a daunting and time-consuming task, particularly if you’re unsure where to begin. Fortunately, there are numerous resources available to assist students in finding scholarships for which they are eligible.

The internet serves as a prime starting point for those seeking scholarship assistance. Various websites specialize in compiling and presenting scholarships tailored to students in need. These platforms offer valuable features such as filtering options, allowing users to narrow down their search and focus on scholarships that align with their qualifications.

Your academic advisor, faculty members, or fellow students in your field of study can also serve as valuable sources for discovering scholarships. They are often knowledgeable about both school-sponsored scholarships and those that are less widely known, increasing your likelihood of success in securing funding.

Suggestions For Securing Scholarships In Music

Now that you know where to find scholarships, the next step is ensuring you stand out as a candidate. While there’s no guaranteed method for winning every scholarship, you can boost your chances.

For scholarships involving auditions, meticulous preparation is key. Ensure all aspects, from your appearance to travel arrangements, are carefully arranged beforehand.

When tackling essay-based scholarships, focus on fully addressing the prompt. Avoid unnecessary tangents and ensure your writing is both clear and captivating. A dull or confusing essay risks losing the sponsor’s interest, so aim for clarity and engagement throughout.


Utilizing online platforms presents a convenient method for pursuing scholarships. It allows you to discover and refine your search for relevant scholarships, manage applications efficiently, and benefit from fellow students’ recommendations on promising opportunities.



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