How To Get National Open University Course Materials.

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How To Get National Open University Course Materials

National Open University course materials are readily and easily obtainable but many students don’t know this. This article makes this task easy for students who wish to.

The National Open University Nigeria (NOUN) has seen many years, founded in the year 1983, suspended in the year 1984 and reopened in 2002, it has had many turbulent years but presently thriving successfully and will do so much in the years to comes.

The National Open University offers admissions into undergraduate and Post graduate courses giving relevance to 6 main  fields of study under the headings; School of Science and Technology, School of Education,. School of Management, school of law, School of Arts and Social Sciences and lastly the School of health Sciences.  It is also a center for Life-long learning and Workplace training as well as Academic Certificate programs.

You can gain admission  into the National Open university regardless of your JAMB score as all you require is basic SSCE certificates in form of WAEC or NECO or you can use a National Diploma certificate.Thus University is specially formulated for workers to ensure that you gain access to more knowledge while keeping up with your working schedules.

The National Open university Course material are available for your use; and comes with the added advantage of allowing you access them whenever you wish to use them. This is because they are easily downloadable.

Requirements for getting your National Open University course materials

To get your course material all you require is an internet enabled device, you can use a smartphone, or computer to make this downloads. if you would like to download it to a hard-copy, it will be more easier to use a computer to access the download page.

Steps to getting your Course materials

It is quite easy to procure National Open University course materials; all you need do is simply follow the instructions below:

  • Simply visit the using your internet device
  • On the dashboard, you will see “Resources” click on this button to access the drop down menu ; and then click on the button ” Open Course Ware”
  • You will be redirected to the Course ware page, here you will have to filter through to save time and access only the courses you require.
  • to filter and get your relevant courses you will be required to input the following keywords
    1. Host Faculty e.g Health Sciences
    2. Level e.g 100
    3. Semester e.g 1
  • after selecting all of this, click “Apply”
  • You will instantly view your course material, to download. Do so by clicking on the course code at the right hand corner of the page to access the button ” Download Course material”
  • You should note that all files are in PDF format; and therefore you must have a PDF reader before you can view them.

The National Open University course materials are available online and the University allows you access them at your convenience; take advantage of this opportunity and improve your wealth of knowledge.

If you do need any more information, please place a comment below.


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