11 Top Non-Traditional Real Estate Careers You Should Know

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Non-Traditional Real Estate Careers

A lot of people do not understand what non-traditional real estate careers entail.

Hopefully, in this post, you will discover some non-traditional real estate careers that you probably weren’t aware of.

In addition to the popular traditional options in real estate like sales, and purchase, there are many great options in real estate with handsome pay and job flexibility.

The real estate business grows daily, according to the  National Association of Realtors  about 5.64 million Americans sold their homes in 2020

There are several traditional entry-level real estate jobs as well as non-traditional but in this post, we will be taking a look at the 11 top non-traditional real estate careers.

1. House Flipper

A house flipper is otherwise known as a wholesale real estate investor who strategically purchases a property not to use, but with the intention of selling it off for an added profit.

People that flip houses usually take properties that are not in their perfect state and turn them into something desirable and beautiful enough for anyone who needs a house to quickly buy.

A lot of houses just need a few more touches and fixes to be more valuable and a house flipper’s responsibility is to buy those ”not too nice” properties, add those touches and fixes to resell, and make a profit.

2.  Real Estate Appraiser

A real estate appraiser though one of the non-traditional real estate Careers is very important to the real estate business, in fact, every real estate transaction requires an appraiser. A real estate appraiser is somebody who is hired to evaluate and determine the market value of a property. A real estate appraiser is crucial to the real estate business, and becoming one can be somewhat tasking.

Real estate appraisers can be a little tasking, they take a lot into consideration and must be well experienced in the real estate local market.

3. Foreclosure Specialist

A foreclosure specialist usually hired by a lender is someone who is trained to monitor and manage the foreclosure process for a piece of real estate.

A foreclosure specialist ensures that all aspects of the foreclosure meet federal, state, and local requirements. This will require diving  into financial statements, obtaining title records, and then writing up all the paperwork to properly document the foreclosure

Generally, becoming a forclosure specialist can be very tasking and will require some experience and more learning because lenders are seeking people who can protect their interest and skillfully handles clients

4. Property Manager

A property manager is one who is hired to oversee the daily operations of a unit of a property.

Property managers are hired to deal with leases, renters, contracts, property maintenance, and other related matters. A property manager can oversee and manage any kind of property, be it a house in the suburbs or downtown.

Many real estate agents use property management to bolster their standard commission.

5. Real Estate Investor

Investors in real estate are basically those who invest in real estate. Every investor obviously needs capital to invest with.

If you have some monies set aside for investment, you should invest in real estate, and investing in real estate is not that hard, you can buy a property and then rent them out to tenants and start making high profits, you can also find other ways to easily get started by checking out Real Estate Investment Trust(REIT). You will find companies that gain funding from investors and use those investments to make more money and payout a dividend to investors.

6. Real Estate Inspector

Those called real estate inspectors are a little similar to a real estate appraisers and people often times mistake the two

While a real estate appraiser evaluates and determines the market value of a property a real estate inspector evaluates the current state of the home.

An inspector will examine extensively, discover anything wrong with the property, and also makes an extensive list of every little thing in the property including the electricals, plumbing, etc.

7. Real Estate Developer

A Real Estate Developer is quite similar to a House flipper but in this case, a developer makes more significant changes to the property.

Most real estate developers bulldoze an existing property after the purchase to erect a bigger and more significant property and make a bigger profit.

8. Real Estate Consultant

Consultants in real estate are experienced individuals hired by companies or individuals who have a lot of real estates to effectively track their assets contained in real estate.

Many real estate consultants work with several different companies and give advice and guidance so that these companies’ assets are taken care of.

9. Leasing Manager

Leasing management is an aspect of property management. A leasing manager who handles the documentation associated with leasing multiple apartments. So, while a property manager takes care of a single or few properties, a leasing manager comes in when the property is many and focuses only on the leasing aspect of the property.

The leasing process can be very complicated, therefore, a leasing manager must be organized and dedicated to the process.

Leasing agents need to get a certification from the National Apartment Association

A leasing Manager is a non-traditional real estate careers

10. Real Estate Attorney

Real estate attorneys are attorneys who deal specifically with lawsuits that are real estate-related.  Becoming an attorney can be difficult, but you will easily achieve it if you have an interest in both law and real estate.

Real estate attorneys are usually hired by landlords and companies for legal coverage and dealings like housing court and lawsuits.

They oversee all sorts of real estate transactions and dealings, and very essential in negotiations.

They deal with all sorts of real estate related problems ranging from somebody is buying, selling, developing, or building a property

11.  Real Estate Office Manager

The office manager manages the behind-the-scenes business aspects of a real estate business.

They handle several tasks, from customer service to collaborating with real estate agents, as well as paperwork, advertising, etc.

These managers are oftentimes ex-agents or people who plan on becoming an agent. Almost all the office manager eventually becomes a real estate agent

What Does Real Estate Career Entail?

A real estate career is basically helping people buy and sell properties, office buildings, and industrial property. A career in real estate allows flexibility and freedom to set a personal real estate pace.

A real estate career is also the skills to manage properties, develop lands, mortgage banks, and also provide real estate counseling, appraisal, and research.

Jobs in the Real Estate Industry that Require a License

  • Real Estate Property Manager
  • Leasing Agent
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Residential Real Estate Agent
  • Commercial Real Estate Agent

 Jobs in the Real Estate Industry that don’t Require a License

  • Real Estate Transaction Coordinator
  • Real Estate Assistant
  • Real Estate Investor or Entrepreneur
  • Real Estate Marketing Specialist
  • Real Estate Developer
  • Showing Assistant
  • Real Estate Financial Analyst and Consultant


There are a lot of opportunities in Real estate, real estate careers provide great benefits like good pay, flexible career options, and room for improvement.

There is indeed so much to discover in real estate!

In this post, we’ve identified 11 top non-traditional real estate careers you should choose from if you are pursuing a career in real estate.

For people who are interested in taking up a career in this field, there are many very beautiful options you can choose from including those described in this post

Kindly drop comments or contributions in the comments box below if you have any.



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