Online Learning For Coding And Programming

Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph July 25, 2023
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online learning resources for coding


There is a high demand for programming jobs, and the availability of free courses is increasing, making it possible to secure these jobs even without a conventional computer science degree.

If you want to succeed in the realm of computer programming, it’s crucial to be aware of the resources available for free programming courses and collaborate with the top professionals on each platform.

This compilation caters to individuals at all skill levels, whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced coder seeking complimentary online coding courses that offer certificates.

Online Learning For Coding And Programming

BitDegree Platform:

BitDegree is an educational platform that utilizes blockchain technology to provide a wide range of courses related to cryptocurrency and digital skills. These courses, which include coding classes in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, are available in both free and paid formats.

One distinguishing feature of BitDegree is its token-based reward system, where students receive tokens upon completing a session. These tokens can be used to finance future courses and obtain discounts on premium classes.


Udemy, an online learning platform, provides a wide range of more than 170,000 courses that are available both for free and for a fee. It caters to diverse interests and offers instruction in numerous skills, such as music, IT, and software. Among its extensive course selection, the development category stands out with a multitude of options, encompassing web development, data science, and machine learning, among others.

SoloLearn Platform:

Sololearn is an educational platform with a vast user base of over 40 million people. It provides a wide range of online coding courses, including Java, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, among others. Students have the flexibility to learn programming either through the website or the mobile app.

The learning approach of Sololearn involves breaking down the content into manageable sections, with each section focusing on a specific topic.

While the basic access to Sololearn is free, there is also a Pro version that offers additional benefits. These perks include unlimited practice opportunities and an ad-free learning experience.

The Pro version of Sololearn can be obtained for a monthly fee of $12.99 or an annual fee of $5.83 per month.


Coursera is an e-learning platform that collaborates with more than 200 universities and companies to offer a wide range of courses, encompassing diverse topics such as business and computer science.

The platform offers both complimentary courses and a trial period of seven days for its paid courses. Coursera provides different levels of premium learning options, which come with varying degrees of depth and cost.

These options range from guided projects starting at $9.99 to online university degree programs that can cost thousands of dollars.


Similar to Coursera, edX is an internet-based educational platform that collaborates with over 160 universities to offer a wide range of more than 3,000 top-notch courses. These courses cover diverse subjects, such as computer science and data analysis.

edX provides a free audit track, allowing users to access all course materials for a limited period. However, only those who upgrade to the verified track can fully engage in graded assignments and receive certificates. Upgrading to the verified track requires a fee ranging from $50 to $300.

Additionally, edX offers premium programs that include Professional Certificate Programs starting at $299 and Master’s Degrees starting at $10,000.

GeeksForGeeks Platform:

GeeksforGeeks is a dedicated online learning platform that aims to assist individuals in acquiring programming and computer science skills. It provides a wide range of resources such as articles, quizzes, tutorials, courses, contests, and job postings specifically tailored for programmers.

The platform offers courses in three primary categories: live, self-paced, and school. Learners have the option to select their preferred learning method, whether it be through live-streaming sessions with expert instructors, pre-recorded video lessons, or a blend of both. Both free and paid courses are available to accommodate different learning needs.

MIT OpenCourseWare Platform:

The MIT OpenCourseWare is an openly available digital collection of educational resources from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It offers a wide range of course materials from both undergraduate and graduate programs, encompassing over 2500 courses, including a comprehensive computer science program.

These resources consist of various content types such as video lectures, assignments, lecture notes, and online textbooks, providing valuable learning materials to users.

However, it is important to note that while the MIT OpenCourseWare is a valuable resource for self-study and learning, it does not provide formal degrees or certificates upon completion of the courses.

The CodeAcademy:

Codecademy is a platform that provides interactive and top-notch coding courses covering a wide range of programming languages and tech topics, including web development and computer science. It also offers additional learning materials such as code documentation, cheat sheets, articles, challenges, and projects.

Codecademy offers numerous free courses, and for those who opt for the pro membership, there are added benefits like certificates, premium courses, and access to the Career Center. Individuals can choose from two main pro options:

Codecademy Pro, which costs $19.99 per month when billed annually, and Codecademy Pro Student, available at a price of $149.99 per year.

FutureLearn Platform

FutureLearn, an alternative e-learning platform, provides both complimentary and paid courses taught by renowned professors from prestigious universities and organizations. These courses encompass a wide range of formats, ranging from brief lessons to comprehensive programs, enabling students to obtain professional or academic recognition.

FutureLearn covers diverse subjects, including IT and computer science, ensuring a broad selection of educational opportunities.

FutureLearn offers three primary subscription tiers: free, upgrade, and unlimited. The price to upgrade varies depending on the course chosen, while an annual billing option allows users to enjoy Unlimited access for a monthly fee of $15.83.

The SkillCrush Platform:

Skillcrush is an online educational platform that aims to make technology accessible to everyone. It offers a range of courses in coding, design, and user experience. These courses are conducted online, allowing learners to study at their own pace. They are structured around practical projects and include mentorship support.

While most courses on Skillcrush require payment, there is an option to participate in a free coding camp by creating an account. Additionally, individuals looking to acquire specific skills can enrol in specialized courses. The prices of these courses vary, and a 14-day money-back guarantee is provided for all purchases.

For those interested in transitioning to a career in the tech industry, Skillcrush offers the Break Into Tech program. This program is designed to assist individuals in making the switch and pursuing job opportunities in the tech field.

The Code Avengers:

Code Avengers is an eLearning organization that offers coding and computer science courses. They have three different programs catering to different age groups and needs. The Junior program is designed for beginners between the ages of five and 14, while the Edu program targets school teachers.

The Pro program is intended for beginners over the age of 15.

Although Code Avengers provides a free trial period, their courses are primarily paid. The Junior program offers three pricing options: the 3 Month Plan at $20 per month, the 6 Month Plan at $14 per month, and the 1 Year Plan at $8 per month.

On the other hand, the Pro program has the 1 Month Plan priced at $29 per month, the 6 Month Plan at $25 per month, and the 1 Year Plan at $20 per month. The pricing details for the Edu program can be obtained by making a request.

Envatu Tus Learning Platform:

Envato Tuts+ is a platform that offers a wide range of online educational materials, aimed at helping individuals acquire new skills. They provide an extensive collection of instructional tutorials, video courses, guides in article format, and eBooks.

The subjects covered span various areas, including coding, web design, and business.

Envato Tuts+ presents a wealth of free learning resources, comprising more than 20,000 how-to articles and tutorials. Individuals seeking access to premium content can opt for an Envato Elements subscription plan.

The subscription starts at $16.50 per month for individuals, while groups of five members can choose the Teams plan and pay $10.75 per month for each team member.

The Upskill Learning Platform:

Upskill is an excellent online platform for novice individuals interested in web development and programming, catering to a diverse community of more than 70,000 students across 150 countries. This training website offers a variety of courses accompanied by high-quality video content that effectively breaks down intricate concepts into easily understandable terms.

Furthermore, Upskill provides valuable lessons designed to assist students in securing their initial IT job, including guidance on locating the most suitable opportunities and preparing for interviews.

By creating a free account, users gain access to a vast collection of over 200 lessons. For those seeking comprehensive learning experiences, there is an option to upgrade to a Pro membership, which allows complete access to all the courses available on the site.

Upskill offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for the Pro membership. Two premium plans are offered: a Monthly plan priced at $19 per month and an Annual plan available at a cost of $189 per year.


W3Schools is a website that offers free web development tutorials, providing a user-friendly and engaging learning experience. The tutorials cover a wide range of topics and difficulty levels, accompanied by numerous code examples. Additionally, W3Schools features an online code editor called Try It Yourself, allowing individuals to practice and experiment with coding before putting it into practice.


Online resources for learning coding empower individuals to select and organize their own educational materials, allowing them to study at their preferred speed. Our extensive compilation demonstrates that acquiring coding skills doesn’t necessarily require a significant financial investment.

We trust that this article has provided valuable insights to assist you in identifying suitable coding learning resources, enabling you to grasp the core principles of coding and embark on your programming journey. Best of luck!

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