Oyedepo offers advice to universities on increasing research to tackle societal issues.

admin September 30, 2023
Updated 2023/09/30 at 11:56 AM

African leaders must see leadership as an avenue to provide solutions to societal problems rather than just occupying a position. It is not productive to always seek solutions from outside sources.

During the 18th convocation ceremony of Covenant University, Bishop David Oyedepo emphasized the importance of leadership and problem-solving. As the Chancellor and Chairman of the Board of Regents, Oyedepo urged African leaders to prioritize finding solutions to the issues facing their respective nations.

In his speech titled “Looking Ahead,” Oyedepo highlighted that leadership is not determined by the position one holds, but by the solutions they offer. He emphasized the significance of thinking about others, the future, and providing innovative solutions to problems. Oyedepo encouraged leaders to be creative, focused, and dedicated to making a positive impact on society.

Ultimately, he underscored the notion that African leaders must recognize their purpose in solving societal problems and refrain from relying solely on external remedies to address the continent’s challenges.

“The immobility of plants is what allows them to effectively solve their problems and obtain the resources they need.

“Our forefathers were not residing in trees when the colonial masters arrived. They already possessed the knowledge of cooking and taking care of their health, which they did not learn from the colonialists.

“Our ancestors had effective methods of defending themselves against intruders, resulting in Covenant University being primarily made up of indigenous students.

“Universities should contribute positively to society, and I am pleased that Covenant University is fulfilling that role,” stated Oyedepo.

In addition, Bishop David Abioye, the Pro-Chancellor, advised the graduating students to be prepared to start small and strive for greater achievements in their chosen paths.

He emphasized that beginning with a solid foundation brings numerous advantages.

Prof. Abiodun Adebayo, the Vice Chancellor, announced that a total of 1,175 students graduated from the university, with 283 of them achieving a first-class degree, a record-breaking number in the university’s history. Furthermore, he revealed that 57 individuals received doctorate degrees, another milestone for the institution.

Adebayo proudly proclaimed that the university was ranked the best in Nigeria, West Africa and seventh on the entire continent by the prestigious Times Higher Education (THE) in 2023. This recognition solidifies the university’s outstanding academic reputation.

Dr. Chris Mayaiki, the Acting Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC), commended the university for its remarkable progress and achievements since its establishment.

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