11 Best Daytime Part Time Jobs Near Me 

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Daytime Part Time Jobs Near Me 
In this article, we’ll be focusing on daytime part-time jobs near me. Finding a daytime part-time job is difficult. Even after writing a hundred resumes, you still don’t land the job.When you search for “part-time jobs nearby,” a sea of work-from-home scams pops up, terrible part-time jobs that pay poorly.Are you trying to find a simple side job that will boost your income and isn’t too stressful? Various alternatives are available depending on your needs and level of experience.Knowing what is out there and doing one small thing correctly is all that’s required.Before beginning the job application process, it is important to remember that the definition of the “best” or “easiest” job depends on the worker. It all depends on your strengths and what suits you best.

The 11 Best Daytime Part Time Jobs Near Me

The top daytime part-time jobs that can increase your income while keeping your stress level low are highlighted in the list below:

customer service:

A position in customer service is one you should think about if you enjoy assisting others, resolving issues, and debugging problems. There are a variety of occupations available, and many customer service positions allow you to work remotely via the internet. You might be able to easily fit the timetable around your day job or school commitments because it is flexible. statistics show that a customer service representative can earn an average of $14 hourly.

Freelance Work:

A freelance worker is a professional who doesn’t commit to working for one company for a long time. Using the talents you’ve already acquired to freelance can help you increase your income. There are lots of employers who don’t want to commit to hiring an employee, and there are lots of options for freelance workers. You can decide to work as little or as much as you want. If you are unsure of what you could accomplish, look through the job listings on Upwork or Fiverr to gain some inspiration.According to Upwork’s Freelancing in America survey, competent freelancers earn an average hourly rate of $28, which is higher than the median wage for more than 70% of American workers9. Pay varies greatly based on specialty and clientele.

Sport and Fitness:

Do you frequently visit the gym? You can earn money by teaching fitness classes and spreading the word about your healthy lifestyle. As a personal trainer, you might offer individualized instruction or instruct group programs, depending on your skill set. The average hourly income for this position is $13-22 hourly. This is suitable for evening and weekend part-time work.

Delivery Driver:

Do you drive a safe vehicle? Are you fond of driving? Delivering food, flowers, packages, and anything else that is delivered right to a customer’s front door is a plentiful work option.A delivery driver’s job varies depending on the company they work for, delivery drivers may have to plan their routes to make sure that their deliveries go smoothly and record the items they have delivered. this job offers an average pay of $17.50 per hour.

Brand Ambassador:

This position may be a good fit for you if you’re a sociable person with energy and the capacity to think quickly on your feet, and you can work flexible hours, including weekends. Employing a brand ambassador enables a business to reach out to the public with its messages, goods, and brand image. Consider brand ambassadors as buzz-makers who promote a brand by interacting with people and using their social networks. A brand ambassador receives an average of $19 per hour and makes around $32,000 per year.


If you enjoy spending time with children and engaging in activities with them as well as performing less glamorous jobs this is for you. The best thing about working as a nanny is that all you really need to do is make sure the person you are looking after is safe and secure.You may also be responsible for driving kids to and from school or extracurricular activities, in addition to organizing activities, helping with homework, and supervising playtime. The statistic shows that a Nanny earns an average of $20.6 hourly.


A flexible way for college students or teachers to make extra money is to take on tutoring assignments in their area of expertise. You’ll often require academic training in the field of study you want to instruct in order to be hired. In order to establish improvement targets, a tutor asks students about challenging topics or academic areas. Examine recent homework assignments and assessments to go through any questions that the student got wrong. Inform parents or guardians of any problem locations or other matters that need attention. The average hourly rate for a tutor is $17.51-$24.90.

Parking Attendant:

Being a booth attendant, where you hand out or take tickets and collect payments, maybe the easiest parking job there is. The job of valet parking may be for you if you’re a car enthusiast. Although the job only pays about $10 per hour, depending on where you work, you might get to park some extremely unique vehicles. For the majority of positions, a valid driver’s license is required.

Internet sales:

So many people worldwide make a decent living on platforms such as Amazon or eBay. Others use it to increase their earnings by selling online. If you’re a craft man and love making handcrafted goods and vintage collectables, Etsy is the right place for you. Sites like Shopify make it comfortable and easy to sell additional stuff.

Working with animals:

Are you an animal lover? Who doesn’t adore them? If you have space for a company or two, you can earn extra cash from taking care of puppies, kitties, and other pets while their owners are away. This would appear to be the easiest way to do it, but pet sitters can still offer their services by going to the owner’s house, which is also in demand. According to PayScale, sitters make an average of $13.38 per hour. 17 Consider using apps like Wag and Rover for quick methods to get going.


When considering what makes a job simple, also consider what makes a job enjoyable. This might not be your idea of a great job working for a big mainstream retailer, However, there are a few small local businesses that might be a choice. A company like Don’t discount Costco pays a great deal and gives compensation like $401ks and health insurance, even to part-time workers. It would be advisable to do something fun that can also generate cash, like something you know will be less stressful. Consider a bookshop if you enjoy reading, a pet store if you enjoy animals, a liquor store if you enjoy fine wine, or a hardware store if you are handy. The highest-paying hourly jobs range from $9 to $25 per hour.

Top Sites To Find Daytime Part Time Jobs Near Me


Numerous industries, including but not limited to banking, food service, human resources, marketing, and retail, have part-time job ads on Indeed. Job searchers can focus their search on experience level, region, income range, and job title.In order to evaluate wages and employee experiences among many possible companies, Indeed also offers a salary comparison tool and a section dedicated to company ratings. Retail sales employees make an average of $13.78 per hour, while tutors make an average of $24.98.Indeed is free for job seekers, so there is no charge for using it.


Part-time job ads are available on FlexJobs from numerous industries and degrees of experience. The research team of the website thoroughly examines each listing, making it scam-free and offering job seekers piece of mind. To fully browse the website, apply for positions that interest you, and submit your CV to the site’s database, you must purchase a FlexJobs subscription. Additionally, members receive exclusive offers and discounts on career counselling, laptops, and fitness programs.For a one-week trial, FlexJobs charges $9.95; for a month-long membership, $24.95; for a three-month membership, $29.95; and for a yearly membership, $59.95.


Perhaps you don’t have enough time in your schedule to handle additional work in addition to the travel there and back, or perhaps you’re just sick of the early traffic and crowded buses and subways. Whatever your motivation, an increasing number of people choose remote jobs every year, and Skip the Drive has adapted its offerings to meet the needs of this expanding industry. Skipthedrive provides users with a calculator to estimate how much they will save on transportation each year, as well as a comprehensive list of remote jobs in a variety of industries.


daytime part-time jobs
Numerous part-time positions are available on Snagajob in the areas of food service, customer service, hospitality, retail, security, and warehousing. Depending on the area and industry, these jobs might pay anywhere from $10.00 per hour to more than $20.00 per hour.Job seekers can quickly conduct keyword and geographical searches for positions, and then filter the results by choosing “part-time” on the results page. To browse or apply for opportunities, you do not need to create a profile, but if you do, your information will show up in employer searches you can also visit the site Snagajob


You may quickly filter jobs on CoolWorks by category, season, or location. Although you can find some year-round positions, the majority of seasonal jobs are only available for a particular season. Since most of the employers on CoolWorks are in the tourism and hospitality sectors, the majority of the seasonal employment opportunities are for chefs, bartenders, cleaners, desk clerks, and other administrative personnel.The employer determines how to apply for a position that is open. Some may ask for the standard résumé and cover letter, while others might prefer a phone call. CoolWorks seasonal jobs typically pay between $10.00 and $18.00 per hour.


daytime part-time jobs
Job searchers can use the “internship” or “entry-level” criteria on CollegeGrad and the term “part-time” to search for part-time internships or entry-level positions. The majority of the major industries are covered by listings on CollegeGrad, including those in the fields of hospitality, marketing, IT, law, sales, retail, sales, education, engineering, finance, and human resources. Do well to check out the site Collegegrad.com.

How to Find a Daytime Part time Jobs

There is literally no best way to find a good part-time job; it all depends on what kind of job you are applying for. All you’ll do is follow this simple technique. Use a search engine:Craigslist and indeed.com are always good sources for millions of part-time job listings. Use advanced search tools to narrow your search by area, job title, and kind of employment (part-time). You should consider using Glassdoor. This website not only lists a ton of job vacancies but also provides useful wage information.Walk into stores:Do you frequent a particular shop, café, fitness centre, or salon? Find out if they are recruiting. The best employees can be those who are customers, and you’ll gain favour with the hiring manager.If working from home appeals to you, there are a variety of part-time jobs available in many different industries.Connection: Inform people around you this may including; family, friends, and neighbours, that you are in search of a job that’s less stressful and not too demanding. This can go a long way to help and it’s one of the most effective ways of getting a job.Keep in mind that daytime part-time jobs can be pleasant and also stressful at the same time, so you do well to choose one that will best fit what you are good at so you make money and have fun at the same time.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

What are daytime part-time jobs near me?Part-time employees are those that provide less than a full weekly schedule of 40 hours per week. These jobs are a fantastic way to obtain experience and money while not requiring you to be available full-time. it’s a perfect option for a student who wants to take care of extra related expenses in school and also for parents that want to have a multi-stream of income. How Do Part-Time Job Sites Function?To discover work on a part-time job site, enter “part-time” as a keyword or use precise filters to exclude full-time positions. If you apply for a job and a recruiter or another employee is interested in employing you, they may contact you.Some of the sites let you upload a profile so the employer knows who is seeking the job and can easily contact you for an opportunity.How Much Does It Cost to Use a Website to Find Daytime Part-Time Jobs Near Me?Most daytime part-time jobs near me work websites are free to use, but others charge subscription fees or take a percentage of your profits once you’ve found a job. Prices for subscriptions can range from $6.95 to $49.95 for periods ranging from a week to a year, while sites that take a percentage of revenue can take up to 20%.

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