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Peter Jones Net Worth

Peter Jones Net Worth    £475 million

Popular Name:Peter Jones
Real Name:Peter David Jones
Birth Date:18 March 1966
Birth Place:Berkshire, England
Marital Status:Divorced
Caroline Jones (Divorced)
Profession:Businessman, Reality TV Star, Entrepreneur
Years active:1980s Till Date
Net Worth:£475 Million
Last Updated:2022

British entrepreneur and television personality Peter Jones net worth makes him millions of pounds rich. His wealth has come by his involvement in several business ventures and investments down the line of his profession life. Jones has proved to the world that dedication can thump any obstacle in life.

Having had the dream of entering business since childhood, he put in a lot of efforts towards making his dream a reality. From a small scale, he transitioned to bigger ambitions, opening his own firm dealing with computers.

Though the business was successful enough to get him his own car and accommodation, it soon faced hard phases and the young man was forced to end the venture, but his confidence was not thwarted by this.

The illustrious businessman moved on and started his new enterprise called ‘Phones International Group’. This venture did particularly well, and has been declared as one of the firms which have shown drastic growth.

Not only has he made success in his life. His story has inspired many that he has appeared on a number of hit television shows, including “Tycoon”, “Dragon’s Den”, and his own idea, ”American Inventor”, Peter Jones has presently invested in a range of companies, which deal with food, television, and even publishing.

He also strives to provide assistance to young aspiring business students in order to help them achieve their dreams through the “Peter Jones Enterprise Academy”.

Peter Jones’ Early Life

Peter David Jones was born on 18 March 1966 in Berkshire, England, in a family that wasn’t particularly economically sound. His father maintained a small business, and since a young age, Peter picked interest in following the footsteps of his father.

He was initially enrolled at a private school before joining an institution for secondary education called ‘Desborough College’ located at Maidenhead, Berkshire, before eventually rounding up his higher education from ‘Windsor Boys’ School’ where he played Tennis and developed an interest in Economics.

Peter Jones’ Career

By the time he was twenty-something, Peter Jones had founded a firm that made and sold computers. His business was successful for a time but he soon abandoned it becomes of lack of patronage. He then ran a restaurant that specialized in serving cocktails, but that didn’t record much success and he was forced to sell the business at a £200,000 loss.

Having been drained of most of his wealth, he not only gave up his car and home, but also started working for a company, called ‘Siemens Nixdorf’. After working here for some time, he elevated on the ranks quite quickly, made some cash, and got back his confidence.

He then established the business venture ‘Phones International Group’, in 1998. This new enterprise flourished, and raised a turnover of nearly £44 million in a period of just two years. This thriving venture provided mobile phone services to different customers. The supply route used was rather simple, and was known as ‘Single Brand Distribution’.

From 2004 – 2008, Peter Jones, now a thriving entrepreneur, expanded his business, establishing the online company ‘’, the recruitment consultancy, ‘Celsius’, and the subsidiary firm, ‘Generation Telecom’.

He turned to television in January 2005,  starred in the British television show, “Dragon’s Den”, based on a Japanese television programme, where contestants contest to sell their business plans to a team of judges.

He has also been seen in other shows such as “Top Gear”, “The Magicians”, “Tycoon”, and his own idea, ”American Inventor”. He has replaced Gordon Ramsay as brand ambassador of telecom giant, ‘BT Business’.

The ‘Peter Jones Enterprise Academy’ was established in 2009, in a bid to train young students in the United Kingdom to become successful business people. The educational institution spreads across several campuses located in places like Amersham, Oxford, Manchester, and Sheffield.

Awards & Achievements

Peter Jones is a celebrated entrepreneur. He received the title of “Commander of the Order of the British Empire” from the government in 2009. He has also won several prestigious awards, including Times/Ernst & Young’s “Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year” Award.

Personal Life & Family

After having a son named William and a daughter, Anabelle, Jones split from his wedded wife Caroline, and has been in a relationship with Tara Capp since 1997. They have three children between them, namely Isabella, Tallulah, and Natalia.

He is the founder of the charitable organization, ‘Peter Jones Foundation’. This group strives to motivate the youth to develop the right mentality, think creatively, and contribute positively to the economy of the society. It also stresses on the need to enlighten school students on the nitty-gritties of running a business.

Age & Physical Features

At 54, Peter Jones weighs 85kg. He is 176cm tall and maintains a good body build which can be connected to his healthy lifestyle and diet plans.

Peter Jones’ Net Worth

Most of Jones’ wealth has been earned from his firm, ‘Phones International Group’. He has been on the path of business since his early twenties.

After several trials, we can say that he finally got it right and established himself as a rich businessman and an influential person in the society. Let’s highlight his financial statement and salary from his ventures below.

Salary & Earnings

It’s said that the yearly turnover of his “Phone International Venture” is more than £150 million. His earnings are also attributed to his appearances on various television shows. He also earns from other smaller but significant undertakings which also account for Peter Jones net worth.

In 2011, this impressive entrepreneur earned £38 million from selling a subsidiary of his ‘Phones International Group’ named ‘Wireless Logic’. Two years later, he took over ‘Jessops Europe Limited’ the retailing firm, and served as its CEO.

His venture ‘Phones International Group’ is his most successful business so far. He started the company with the intention of providing phone services to their clients. In less than 2 years, it went on to generate £44 million in revenue and has been named among the fastest developing enterprises.

Peter Jones is £475 million rich today. He is living his dream lifestyle after attaining this massive level of wealthiness which has been accompanied by global fame and much-deserved accolades and honours.


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