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Prince Kaybee biography

Prince Kaybee biography is about the life of an artist aka Kabelo Motsamai . He is a South Africa based DJ and Musician best known for his songs like “Friend Zone”, Yonkinto” and “Wajellwa”.

Prince Kaybee Age

He was born on 15th June, 1989 at Senekal near Welkom, South Africa. He is currently 29 years old as at today.

Prince Kaybee Family   

He comes from a very large family of 37 siblings. Prince Kaybee was the youngest child of his father and the only child of his mother. He admitted in an interview of not knowing all the name of his siblings and that family politics has further made it difficult for him to meet and know them personally.

He further disclosed that he only met all of them at his father’s funeral where all the children were called up to the stage together; as they grew up in different homes and he grew up alone with his mother.

Prince Kaybee Girlfriend 

Prince Kaybee was rebellious as a child and as a result dropped at of school in grade 11. He ended up impregnating a girl after that and had to move out of home and go to live with a friend. However, he soon ended up on the streets with no food or shelter.

After moving from club to club in search of a job, he later found one at a Nigerian owned club as a DJ. At the club he met a girl who took him in as he wasn’t still making enough to pay rent.

Prince Kaybee got a laptop and learnt how to disc jockey and produce music. He later took part in a DJ competition on SABCI.

Prince Kaybee Music Theft Controversy

Prince Kaybee was accused by fellow DJ and producer Shimza of theft for stealing his hit “Club Controller “ by getting collaborations with LaSoulmates, Zanda and TNS. Kaybee however insisted that nothing of such happened as he started working on the song in June with LaSoulmates and TNS and the song leaked with the wrong title and he has been trying to sort out the mistake since then.

Prince Kaybee Awards    

Prince Kaybee has won about Seven awards some of which are;

  • Song of the year “Club Controller” at DSTV Viewer’s Choice Awards 2018
  • Male artistse of the year at South Africa Music Awards 2018
  • Song of the Year “Banomoya” at Ukhozi FM Awards

Prince Kaybee Songs

  • Love Affair (feat. Thiwe & Usual Suspects)
  • Nondaba – Instrumental
  • Odd Moments
  • Shukuma
  • Shukuma (feat. Phindile)
  • Soul According To Drums – Main Mix
  • Soul Klap
  • Story Teller
  • Story Teller (feat. Zameka)
  • Wajellwa
  • Wajellwa – Guitar Mix
  • Wajellwa – Radio Edit
  • Wajellwa (feat. Shaun Dihoro) [Guitar Mix]
  • Angiyifuni Indoda
  • Baby Please
  • Better Days
  • Kao Rata
  • Nondaba
  • Story Teller
  • Yonkinto (feat. Zanda)
  • Angiyifuni Indoda
  • Baby Please
  • Banomoya
  • Beautiful Girls
  • Beautiful Love
  • Better Days (feat. Audrey)
  • Better Days (Instrumental)
  • Bhiyoza
  • Charlotte
  • Charlotte – Intro Dub
  • Charlotte (feat. Lady Zamar)
  • Club Controller
  • Club Controller – Remix
  • Don’t Give Up
  • Don’t Give Up – Radio Remake
  • Don’t Give Up – Remake
  • Friend Zone
  • Friend Zone (feat. Ziyon)
  • Give Me
  • Give Me (feat. Dr Malinga)
  • Kao Rata
  • Love Affair
  • Wajellwa (feat. Shaun Dihoro) [Instrumental]
  • Wajellwa (Guitar Mix) (feat. Shaun Dihoro)
  • Yebo Yes
  • Yonkinto – Beautiful Girls Dub MixPrince Kaybee Facebook

Prince Kaybee Albums

  • After Hours: Electro Tales, Vol. 7 – 2014
  • Bar St. Luna: Electronica Daze, Vol. 7 – 2014
  • Electro Elements: Winter, Vol. 7 – 2014
  • Silver Rabbit Club: The Electronica Mix, Vol. 6 – 2014
  • DJ Electro Mixology, Vol. 3 – 2014
  • Light of Day: Electronica Mix, Vol. 3 – 2014
  • Ehouse: Electronica Mix, Vol. 13 – 2014
  • Castle Electronica Collection: Home Party, Vol. 10 – 2014
  • I Am Music – 2017
  • Red Mic Xperience (Live In Carnival City) – 2017
  • Black And White 2.0 (DJ’s Edition) – 2015
  • Better Days – 2015
  • Urban House Edition, Vol. 1 – 2016
  • Partylands: Electronica Vibe, Vol. 13 – 2014
  • Electro Elements: Spring, Vol. 4 – 2014
  • Undercover: Electro Imprints, Vol. 10 – 2014
  • Electro Elements: Summer, Vol. 11 – 2014
  • Electronica Confessions, Vol. 6 – 2014
  • Electro Sex Me, Vol. 2 – 2014

Prince Kaybee Net Worth

Prince Kaybee has an estimated net worth of $1 Million earned through album sales, live performance fees, endorsements and other business interests.

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