Protest in Abuja intensifies as Wike’s Men destroy 470 motorcycles.

admin September 29, 2023
Updated 2023/09/29 at 2:55 PM

In accordance with the law, the Joint Task Force of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) destroyed more than 470 motorcycles in Abuja, the capital city, after they were confiscated for illegal operation.

The operation covered various areas including Carwash Bus Stop, Lugbe, Gosa, Bill Clinton Drive, Trademore Estate, Lugbe Junction, and Kubwa. This comes after a similar operation in August, where over 400 motorcycles were impounded and crushed.

Mr Obokutom Nyah, the Secretary of the Transportation Secretariat for FCTA, stated that the decision to crush the motorcycles was in compliance with the law.

Nyah urged motorcycle riders to follow designated areas for their safety and avoid the city centre due to security concerns. He emphasized that different areas have specific rules for different types of vehicles and commercial motorcycles should only operate in the suburbs.

He emphasized that disobedience to these rules would lead to legal repercussions, stating, “It is important for operators to respect their boundaries, as crossing them will result in severe legal consequences.”

Furthermore, Mr Abdulateef Bello, the Director of the FCT Directorate of Road Traffic Services, expressed his worry over the increasing number of motorcycles in the city.

In order to strengthen enforcement, Bello announced the task force’s plan to extend their operations to nighttime. Currently, the task force impounds around 200 to 400 motorcycles each week. Bello even discussed the potential of arresting residents who use these motorcycles.

For the safety of the residents in the FCT, Bello advised against using motorcycles whenever possible and encouraged short walks instead.

Additionally, the director cautioned individuals against investing in the commercial motorcycle business, as the FCTA would continue to regulate and limit their numbers.

He also cautioned that one tactic to be used in getting rid of commercial motorcyclists from the roads in FCT is to apprehend passengers who engage their services.

The operation also resulted in unintended harm to innocent individuals who were not the target, either due to fear or accidents.

In some alarming incidents, passengers suffered severe injuries, with one person appearing almost unconscious after being thrown across the road by a fleeing motorcyclist at Lugbe junction.

Likewise, food sellers and people passing by panicked and fled when they saw the intimidating joint task force team approaching at Galadimawa roundabout to carry out their operation.

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